University Positions

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Kamau Kemayó
University of Illinois at Springfield, UHB 3055

(217) 206-8248,

University Positions

University of Illinois at Springfield 8/04 - current

Associate Professor, African American Studies

Convener/Chair, African American Studies

Associate Director, Whitney Young Minority Fellowship Program (8/07--)

Campus Lead and Liaison The HistoryMakers/U of I Collaboration (8/07-5/10)
James Madison University 1/99 – 5/2004

Assistant Professor, English (African American Literature)

Special Program Writing Instructor, African American Male Academy 1999—2004, 2006-2007
Western Illinois University 8/98 – 12/98

Assistant Professor, African American Studies
Harris-Stowe State Teacher’s College 1/98 – 8/98

Adjunct Lecturer; Education and English Departments
Saint Louis University (American Studies, Ph.D. program) 8/94-5/99

Minority Graduate Fellow, Competitive - teaching/research not required 8/95 – 5/98

Graduate Assistant, Teaching, research or administrative duties as assigned 8/94 – 5/95

Adjunct Lecturer, School for Professional Studies 1/97 – 5/98

University of California – Santa Cruz (UCSC) 10/87 – 6/93

Faculty Advisor/Lecturer, Oakes College instruction, advising, administration

Residential Preceptor, Merrill College programming advising, on-call 9/88 – 8/91

Lecturer, American Studies lecturing/instruction, 1-2 graduate TA’s Spring 90 – 93

Lecturer, SAA/EOP Summer Bridge facilitation of one section, learning skills 1992
University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) 9/83 – 6/85

Minority Fellow, African American Studies Department 9/83-6/85

TA/Section Leader, Intro to Psychology [Psych 10], Freshman Summer Program, 5-8/84

Head Research Assistant, Civil Rights Project under Dr. H. Fairchild, 10/84 – 5/85


St. Louis University, 1999: Ph.D. American Studies

Dissertation: An Afrocentric Theory of Literary Criticism Applied to Three African American Novels

Director: Professor Elizabeth Kolmer, A.S.C. Committee: Dr. Paul Shore, Dr. Donald Matthews

· University Teaching Certificate (1998)
UCLA 1986: M.A. Afro-American Studies, Concentration: Education & Psychology

Stanford 1980: B.A. Psychology, B.A. African & Afro-American Studies, focus: Performing Arts


Ogletree, Charles. Presumed Guilty. 2010. Contributor to the Appendix of events involving professional Black men and harassment by the police.

Kemayo, Kamau The Ritual of Lying in African American Literature and Culture. The Griot Spring 2008
Overview of the Chapter on “Work.” Gale Daily Life: Slavery in America. Gale/Thompson, 2007
Kemayó, Kamau. Ancestral Communion in Contemporary African American Literature. In Gordon, Jacob (Editor.) Africa and African Americans. Trenton: Africa World Press, 2004.
Kemayó, Kamau. Emerging Afrikan Survivals: An Afrocentric Critical Theory. NY: Routledge. 2003.
Kemayó, Kamau. Long Lost Kin: Niyi Osundare through an African American Lens. In Na'Allah, Abdul-Rasheed (Editor.) Trenton: Africa World Press, 2003.
Fairchild, HH, Kemayó, K, Black Singles: Gender Differences in Mate Preferences and Heterosexual Attitudes Western Journal of Black Studies, 9(2), 69-73.
Kamau. dancsinging: poetic expressions. Menlo Park: ONELOVE Productions, 1982.
Book Reviews

Certifiable Mordecai, Pamela for Macomere (2003)

The Butterfly Way: Voices from the Haitian Dyaspora in the United States.

Danticat, E. (Editor) for Macomere (2001)

The Debt. Robinson. Randall, R. for Black Issues Book Reviews

The African American Predicament. Foreman, C. (Editor.) for Black Issues Book Reviews
In process
Voices from the Margins: The Fiction of John A. Williams. A monograph. 3 chapters complete

Educational and Research Projects
Can Black Women Raise Black Boys to Be Black Men. Video Documentary. Norman Calmese, Director Producer. 2011.

The HistoryMakers and University of Illinois Collaboration [Springfield Campus Rep & Steering Committee

Member. 12/06—5/10. Data collection/reporting. Fine-tuning archived video oral histories

for consumer use and assistance with the ongoing productions. Supervision of RA and student employee.

PROJECT W.I.T. [a ONELOVE Production] 6/03—ongoing. Curricular supplement for critical thinking, verbal,

research and test-taking skills.

The Denson Model [Consultant: Black Pages Foundation, St. Louis, MO] 6/93—10/93. 112 page unpublished

document. Reviewed multicultural education literature and pedagogical practices. Study efficacy in long-term linking students with teachers practicing "proprietary concern."

University and Community Service

University of Illinois at Springfield

Search committee: Member, Chancellor and Vice President, Summer 2010-Spring 2011

Capital Scholars Steering Committee, 3/05—2009

Reader’s Theater, Welcome Week, 2008

Salute to Academic Achievement, 12/07 Moderator

General Education Working Group, 2004-5

College Liberal Arts and Sciences, College Personnel Committee 2004-5, 2008-current Chair 2010--

Steering Committee member, African Literature Association 2008 Annual Conference (Macomb, IL)

Search committees: Member, Chancellor and Vice President; Chair, AAS, History & Gender; English, Post-Colonialist; AcademicAdvisor; Ass’t to the V. C. for Student Services; AAS, GA-5; The HistoryMakers, RA-2

The Exonerated. Reader’s Theater, 11/13/07

Faculty Advisor & member, World Percussion Ensemble, 2005-2006, 9/2007--current

Faculty Advisor, Sankofa/Black Students Union 2005-2006

Guest Lecture to CAP 111 The -emics and -etics of African American Popular Culture, 10/31/05

Ujamaa Mentor, Owen Marsh Elementary School, January 2007—present

Curator and Lecturer, Art is a Way of Life: The Mobile African Art Museum. Lee School, 2/27/07

Reader, Feishans-Edison Magnet School, 2/07/05, 3/02/06

Consultant, New Philadelphia Association, 5/2005—10/2006

Guest speaker, ROAD, 10/12/04

We Have Known Rivers (panelist), Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, 10/14/04

Western Illinois University’s Creative Writers Society Fall 2004 visiting writer,

The Experience of a Black Writer: Culture, Language and Globalization 12/9/04

Coordinator/Contributor, “In Celebration of Black History Month” February 2005, 06, 07

James Madison University:

Steering Committee Member, Furious Flower Poetry Conference (2004)

Committee Member, General Education Cluster II. 4/99-current

Special Program Writing Instructor: African American Male Academy 1999-2003

Freshman Reading Program: Facilitator: Home, '00; Hope in the Unseen, 01, 02, Things They Carried 03

Conversations with Faculty: 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003

Focus Group Leader--Nguzo Saba CMISS 12/00

Judge, Annual Homecoming Stepshow, 1999, 2000

Direction & Production assistance* for Spring 99 Amen Corner *Emergency stand-in

Faculty Advisor 1] Choice JMU 2] The DJ Collective 3] Brothers of a New Direction 4]What the Deal.

Western Illinois University:

Production/direction of student ensemble production of African American literary expressions.

Afrocentricity in Contemporary Black Studies Scholarship (guest of Dr. Womack) 12/98

Educating African American Youth (Guest of Dr. Caroline) 10/98

Afrikanity in US Society (Guest of Dr. Welsh) 9/98

University Courses Taught

University of Illinois at Springfield

Independent Studies (AAS 499) [three students] The African American Novel. 8-10 contemporary novels

Overview of African American Studies (AAS 425)

An introduction to the discipline. Texts: Karenga; Hayes; and Urban League’s State of Black America

Overview of African American History (AAS 427)

Texts: From Slavery to Freedom; When and Where I Enter

Overview of African American Literature (AAS 429)

Primary text: Norton Anthology of African American Literature.

Equiano to present, a survey of the complex range of African American literary (and oral) expressions.

Courses Taught, continued

Harlem Renaissance (AAS 450)

Texts: Hughes’ Selected Poems, Lewis’ Harlem Renaissance Reader; Hurston’s Mules and Men, and others.

Black Women Writers (LSC 429)

Selected novels, short stories, poetry, and criticism by and/or about Black women writers. Including Bambara,

Butler, Campbell, Christian, Clifton, McDowell, Morrison, Naylor, Alice Walker, S. A. Williams & others.

African American Popular Culture (LSC 430) [Peoria campus]

Survey and analysis of significant media (film, popular fiction, comedy, TV, music, fashion, sports, etc) Texts: G. Dent/M. Wallace; B. Kitwana; G. Tate, plus selected readings

Who Am I? (CAP 112)

Team-taught Capital Scholars Program seminar. The Truth about Stories; Kindred; Long Way Gone

What is Power? (CAP 226)

Team-taught Capital Scholars Program seminar. Texts: Andersen & Collins Race, Class and Gender; Maasik & Solomon Signs of Life in the USA; M. Freden Ideology; M. Steger Globalization

Eastern Illinois University

Negritude to Afrocentricity (AAS 4100)

Departmental syllabus. Selected Black intellectual writings. Texts: M. Asante Kemet, Afrocentricty, & Knowledge; Asante, et al, (Eds) Black Intellectual Heritage; F. Fanon Wretched of the Earth.

James Madison University (Assistant Professor)

Honors Theses (ENG 495) [four students]

Independent Studies (ENG 499) [twelve students]

Black Women Writers (ENG 412J) Seminar.

Selected novels, short stories, poetry, and criticism by and/or about Black women writers. Including Bambara,

Butler, Campbell, Christian, Clifton, McDowell, Morrison, Naylor, Alice Walker, S. A. Williams & others.

Psychological Perspectives of African American Literature (ENG 412J—seminar & 302P—lecture)

Used the theories of Erikson, Bronfenbrener, Maslow, Cross, Thomas, Jones, Parham, as a foundation to analyze

selected works by Campbell, Naylor and Baldwin. Interdisciplinary, participatory.

Major American Writers: The Genius of James Baldwin (ENG 510—graduate level, ENG 410B) Seminar.

Offered two times. Selected novels, essays, plays, and poetry by Baldwin. A variety of criticism. Multimedia.

Major American Writers: Toni Morrison/Gloria Naylor (ENG 510—graduate level, ENG 410) Seminar.

Selected novels by these two masters and various criticism. Also Playing in the Dark.

Major American Writers: Alice Walker (ENG 410A) Seminar.

Selected novels, short stories, poetry and essays by Alice Walker.

Major American Writers: James Baldwin/John A. Williams (ENG 410) Seminar.

Selected novels, essays and short stories by these two masters.

Crossing Boundaries: African American Science Fiction and Detective Fiction (ENG 360A) Seminar.

Surveys the works of Butler, Delany, Himes, Mosley, Neely, Wesley. Subtitled “Crossing boundaries” as texts and

selected criticism were assessed to analyze whether or not (or how well) these authors/novels fit within the genres

of science fiction and detective fiction, or within “the norms of African American fiction writing.”

Major Black Writers: Fiction (ENG 360A)—African American Fiction (ENG 361) Seminar, three sections.

Selected novels and short stories by Bambara, Naylor, Campbell, Margaret Walker, Reed, Charles Johnson,

Morrison, Sherley Anne Williams, Baldwin, & others.

Major Black Writers: Poetry (ENG 360B)—African American Poetry (ENG 362) Seminar, offered four times.

An intensive exposure to contemporary African American poetry and poets. Furious Flower, Every Shut Eye Ain't

'Sleep plus selected readings, videos and audio recordings.

African American Experience (ENG 302A) An interdisciplinary overview of African American essays and social

thought. Primary texts were Turbulent Voyage, Black Women in White America, The Black Family (Staples) and

Introduction to Black Studies, plus supplemental readings.

Harlem Renaissance (ENG 302H) Seminar. Multimedia. An interdisciplinary survey of the literature, criticism, music

and history of this pivotal era of African American expression. Texts: Lewis' Harlem Renaissance Reader, Hughes'

Selected Poems, Their Eyes Were Watching God, plus selected readings.
Courses Taught, continued

Black Poetics (ENG 302P) Seminar. An overview of African American cultural expressions with particular focus on

recurrent imagery, symbols and popular culture. Afro-American Literary Study in the 1990s, Crossing the Danger

Water, plus selected readings.

Survey of African American Literature (GENG 260) General Education course. Lecture/discussion. Offered eight

times. Multimedia. Primary text: Norton Anthology of African American Literature.

Equiano to present, a survey of the complex range of African American literary (and oral) expressions. Includes

criticism/essays, autobiography, one novel, short story, folklore, music, sermons, speeches, poetry, and drama.

Survey of American Literature since 1865 (GENG 248) General Education course. Lecture/discussion. Offered

six times. Used Norton Anthology twice. Switched to the Heath Anthology b/c of its multicultural focus.

A survey of U.S. writing, including criticism, poetry, drama, short stories and one novel.

Western Illinois University (Assistant Professor)

Psychology of Race and Education (AAS 475) Seminar.

Primary text: Jones’ Black Psychology. Supplemented with a variety of autobiographical readings and theoretical

essays or excerpts including Fanon, Freire, Kunjufu, Kawaida theory, Woodson among others.

Introduction to African American Studies (AAS 0100) General Education. Lecture/discussion. Two sections.

An interdisciplinary overview of African American essays and social thought. Primary texts were Turbulent Voyage, Black Women in White America, and Introduction to Black Studies, plus supplemental readings.

Harris-Stowe State Teacher’s College (Adjunct Lecturer)

English/American Literature (Eng 0207) General Education. Seminar. Two sections.

Contemporary focus. Primary text chosen by department: Being and Becoming.

Introduction to Multicultural Education (Educ 0212) Seminar/practicum. Multimedia.

Designed to provide prospective teachers with exposure to multicultural theory as well as specific content. Students

developed lesson plans on topical areas: African American, Latino/a Chicano/a, Asian/Pacific Islander American,

and Native American culture, history and contributions to the U.S. multicultural milieu.

Introduction to Black Studies (Educ 0100) General Education. Seminar.

Departmental syllabus. Actually a course on African American history. Primary text: From Slavery to Freedom.

Saint Louis University, School for Professional Studies (Adjunct Lecturer)

Psychology of Oppression (Psych 433) Seminar. Three sections.

Various approaches to stigma, learned helplessness, self-esteem and identity issues, and Black psychology.

African American History & Culture (HSA 493)

Primary texts: From Slavery to Freedom, Souls of Black Folk, Jubilee, The Chaneysville Incident.

Introduction to African American Studies (AAMA-200)

An interdisciplinary overview of the field of African American Studies. Primary texts were Turbulent Voyage, Black Women in White America, and Introduction to Black Studies, plus supplemental readings.

University of California Santa Cruz (Lecturer)

Values and Change in a Diverse Society, (Oakes 80) Writing-intensive seminar. Team taught. Course reader.

Using multiculturalism as a unifying theme, students produced a variety of essays, epistles and a research paper.

The Afro-American Experience, (American Studies 25A or 80A) Major lecture, 80-100 students. Four sections.

An interdisciplinary overview of African American essays and social thought. Primary texts were Black Women in

White America, Introduction to Black Studies, Tar Baby, The Chaneysville Incident, and There is a River.

Independent Studies including: Senior Theses [eight students]; African Tutorial Project (ATP); Ceremonies of Dark Old

Men; College Success Seminar; ISAKE: Black Performing Arts Workshop; The Port Chicago Incident; Theory,

Practice, & Prod of Gospel Music (African Gospel Ensemble); T P & P of Black Arts (Celebration)

UCSC Student Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Program, (Core Instructor)

Writing instruction designed to prepare special admit/at risk SAA/EOP students in the Summer Bridge Program for college level writing and critical thinking.

Courses Taught, continued

University of California Los Angeles (Teaching Assistant)
Introduction to Psychology [Psych 10], Freshman Summer Program 1984. Full responsibility for discussion section.

A survey of general psychological theories and principles. Primary text: Psychology and Life.

Conference Presentations and Appearances

Beyond Freedom & Literacy Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Research Symposium, UIS 4/9/10

The HistoryMakers Archives & Proquest ASALH, 10/09/09, Cincinnati

Buses & Trains: The HistoryMakers Archives NCBS, Atlanta, March 19-21, 2009

Issues of THEMpire: Retrenchment in English & Language Studies The Purpose of English, UIS 10/20/2007

Opening Remarks ON THE MOVE: Movement and Change in HipHop Culture, Springfield, 4/27/07

Implications on Education and Leadership for Young Black Males PASLC, 2/24/2007

Chair—Student Panel, Respondent—African Comparative Literature SCAASI, 2/ /2007

Black Power in John A Williams’ Novels Black Power Conference, UIUC 4/2006

HipHopping into the Next Generation Pan African Student Leadership Conference [PASLC], 2/25/2006

Elluminate and Diversity: Collaboration with CSU OTEL Mini-symposium, UIS 11/3/05

A report on the grant and Elluminate’s potential as a tool in the classroom, an online or hybrid course.

Color Me Blue: Ralph Ellison’s Non-fiction and Invisible Man. Ralph Ellison Symposium, TSU April 2005

Dare to Dream: Civil Rights Movement as reflected in John A. Williams’ Fiction SCAASI February 2005

Excerpted one chapter in progress from a larger monograph on Williams

Adinkra Poetry in the New World Furious Flower Poetry Conference, September 2004

Surveyed US and Caribbean Black poetry for elements of the West African Adinkra form.

An Afrocentric Literary Theory NCBS National Conference March 2004

Excerpted parts of Emerging Afrikan Survivals dealing with a model of Afrocentric literary theory.

Strangers in the Temples of Our Familiar: Notions of Exile in Alice Walker & Paule Marshall

Exile Conference JMU 10/25/02

Excerpted from a longer project that analyzes how Paule Marshall and Alice Walker treat issues of exile and

displacement, the effects on identity, and reference group orientation within and across the diaspora.

Literature and Psychology: A Pedagogical Perspective AIS Conference, Roanoke, VA 10/4/01

Discussed the challenges associated with a Black studies scholar and a psychologist co-teaching a course cross-

listed with Psychology and English Departments. The course, Psychological Perspectives on African American

Literature, was very well received by students from both majors. But both sets came into the class lacking specific

disciplinary skills or knowledge.

Jacob's Moral Dilemma NCBS Conference, Charlotte NC 3/23/01

John A. Williams’ little-known novel Jacob’s Ladder presents the dilemma of an African American raised in

Africa who must make a decision between his responsibilities as a military officer, his status as a Black man in a

White world and his friendships with the Africans who were his extended family.

John A. Williams' Heroes SCAASI Conference, Greensboro NC 2/23/01

An analysis of four of Williams’ novels: The Man Who Cried I Am; Captain Blackman; Sons of Darkness, Sons of

Light; and Jacob’s Ladder. Each novel has a character who revises traditional representations of the heroic type.

Afrocentric Literary Criticism Black Writers Conference, Jackson State University 10/28/00

Presents an overview of my theory that proposes extended family and storytelling, ancestral communion and

expanded awareness (“magic realism”), and Afrikan consciousness as cultural markers that are emerging in

contemporary African American literature.

Diversity in the Workplace Table Moderator JMU, 9/22/00

Niyi Osundare Through an African American Lens ALA Lawrence KS 4/15/00

Proposes a cultural and poetic kinship with West African poet Niyi Osundare and compares his work with African

American poet Haki Madhubuti (Don L. Lee.) Functioned as a tribute to Osundare and he was in the audience.

Featured an impromptu percussion session during introductory poem “Akoben.”

Transformative Poetry Madison Conference--Panel Moderator: JMU March 2000

Conference Presentations and Appearances, continued

Nationalism in Baldwin's Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone Howard University 2/11/00

Assesses the Black Nationalism present in Baldwin’s novel. In the light of Baldwin’s associations with the Civil

Rights Movement, this raises some questions about the origins of other texts like Evidence of Things Not Seen.
The Black Underbelly of Blues Poetry CLA Fayetteville, NC 4/17/99

Traces the musical heritage of blues poetry through the sixties and seventies. Uses Henderson’s concept of "Black

Linguistic Elegance" in conjunction with traditional toasts, HipHop music, H. Rap Brown, and Funkadelic.

Ancestral Communion in Contemporary African American Literature SCAASI Houston TX 2/18/99

Traces the motif of contemporary African American characters that find, follow or revisit their ancestors’ lives and

in some manner replicate them in their own lives. Surveys ten novels from 1972 to 1991.

Rites of Passage in Mules and Men and Mudbone SCLA Conference (9/97) UGA, Athens GA

Grad Student Conference (5/97), Simmons College, Boston MA

Multicultural Literature Conference (4/19/96) San Antonio College, TX

Black Studies in the Predominately White University: Afro-centricity in the “Multicultural” Classroom,

NCBS National Conference, Oakland CA June 1-5, 1995

Assesses the problem of a multiculturalism that threatens to undermine Afrocentrism while professing to be “for”

diversity. The result looks more like the “mainstream,” is less threatening, and moves both ideas and people out of

academia because of competition for limited resources. Divide and conquer? Institutional sabotage?

90’s Women: Superwomen or Set Up? NACADA Pacific Region Conference S.F. CA 4/16-17/93

The majority of students requesting approval for excessive units are female. While this may represent an

aggressive motivation, it also sets these women up for failure as grades, health and general well being suffer when

they have bitten off more than they can chew. As advisors and administrators, what are our responsibilities to this


Invited Lectures and Workshops

The Hip Hop Generation (Co-Presenter) NAACP Statewide Conference October 13, 2007

Co-Facilitator, Youth Empowerment Luncheon NAACP Statewide Conference October 13, 2007

The Man So Loved a Woman: Implications of Gender and Politics New Philadelphia Association, July 2006/2007

Free Frank and New Philadelphia in its Political Context Illinois State Museum, June 2006

Free Frank and New Philadelphia in its Political Context New Philadelphia, July 2005

Rites of Passage: Lying in Popular Culture, Black History Month Brown-bag Speaker LLCC 2/10/05

The Experience of a Black Writer: Culture, Language and Globalization WIU Creative Writers Society 12/9/04

Poetry reading and lecture AME Zion Church, Nelson County VA February 15, 2004

Why College should be in your Future Harrisonburg Young Achievers December, 2003
The Who Am I? Pie Guest lecture/workshop for Sociology course “Race and Ethnicity” November 18, 2003

The Who Am I? Pie Workshop with Potomac Dormitory (JMU) April, 2003

Emergent Myths in Contemporary African American Literature JMU Honors Brown Bag Series 3/03

Codes, Sign, & Signals: Communication Patterns in the Underground Railroad Blue Ridge 2/21/2002

Daddy, Read Me a Story—Read Your Own: Literacy & Parenting Shiloh Optimist Club JMU 12/1/01

An Everyday Success African American Education Conference Blue Ridge College 4/20/2001

Harlem Renaissance Poets Blue Ridge College 2/13/01

A New Set of Eyes: Diversity & creativity in Prison Education Virginia Prison Educators 6/5/00

Toastmasters Special Awards Ceremony -- Staunton Correctional Facility May/2000

Black History Month Lecture & Poetry Reading -- Staunton Correctional Facility 2/2000

Invited Lectures and Workshops, continued

Black History is Everyone’s History Keynote--SLU Women’s Commission Luncheon 2/17/98

Folk Ways, Folk Wisdom Laney College (Oakland, CA) October 1998

Sheroes & the Metaphorical Other (Panelist) SLU Women’s Commission Luncheon 2/19/97

An Everyday Success National Co’ Negro Women- BHM Lecture, 2/15/97 St. Louis Juvenile Detention Center

Four Paradigms in African American Cultural Phenomena Laney College March 1996

The Who Am I? Pie & Cultural Pursuit Multicultural Education (guest of Dr. Beard) SLU, Fall 1995

St. Louis Afro-Centric Education Summit, Panelist, Community Forum, Black Expo 8/19/95

Afro-centric Education in Real Life & Beyond School, Panelist, University City Library, 8/22/94

Afro-centric Education’s Relationship to Desegregation Issues, Panelist, Black Expo 8/20/94

The Chaneysville Incident Black Books/Black Writers Series, Walnut Park Library 4/2/94

MLK and His Legacy: How It Affects You Today Centennial Church, St. Louis, 1/16/94

Aspects of African & Afro-American Oral Tradition Santa Cruz County Recreation Dept 8/14/93

Poetry & Politics: Signifying or Solutions? Lecture, Afro-Am Dept CSU Chico 3/26/93

Civil Rights Movement: It’s Effects On You Today NAACP San Jose Youth Chapter 3/13/93

Kwanzaa: “Kujichagulia” Televised News Feature 12/27/92

Rap Music & Historical Aspects of African Oral Tradition Berkeley High School, CA 3/12/92

Lectures, Presentations, & Workshops
We Have Known Rivers (panelist), Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, 10/14/04

Emergent Myths in Contemporary African American Literature JMU English Dept Research Group 11/02

John Williams' Heroes James Madison University English Dept Research Group 7/2/02

The Role of Creativity in Transformation JMU Honors Program Brown Bag Series 10/4/00

JMU Conference on Diversity Roundtable Facilitator Sept, 2000

A Tribute to Black Womanhood: a multimedia presentation Alpha Phi Alpha March/2000

Spinach for the Corporate Culture: Diversity in the Contemporary Workplace 12/7/99

The African American Oral Tradition: A lecture and reading CMISS October/99

Black Love, Black Family and the Next Millenium AKA Sorority lecture/forum, 2/22/99

Ngugi Wa Thiongo’s A Grain of Wheat Black Voices (guest of Dr. Knipp) SLU, Fall 1995

Education & Liberation mock class/lecture, SAA/EOP pre-admission visit, UCSC 4/15/93

Recruitment/Retention of African-American Students Statewide A/BSA Conf’ UCSC 4/25/92

Mo’ Better Blues lecture/forum on Spike’s Lee’s films, College Eight 2/28/91

Racism 101/Cultural Pursuit: Combating Racism Merrill Residential Staff, 9/16/90

Workshops on the Business of Being Black (Dr. Pat Canson, primary facilitator): Black Male Concerns on

Campus; Black Male/Female Relationships; and Blacks at Major Institutions

Awards, Memberships, Credentials, and Certificates

China Faculty Exchange Scholar, 2011 (Summer)

Summer Curriculum Grant 2010 Liberal Studies America 2000—American Popular Culture

National Association of Multicultural Education (NAME)

Grant: Chicago State – University of Illinois at Springfield Online Teaching Partnership, Spring 2005, collaboration with Dr. Sandra Jackson-Opoku, CSU

Trainer, ADL World of Difference/A Classroom of Difference

Member, College Language Association (CLA)

Member, Southern Conference on African American Studies, Inc. (SCAASI)

Member, National Council of Black Studies (NCBS)

Editorial Board, Collegiate Press consulting on Turbulent Voyage

Member, N’COBRA Washington D.C. Chapter

Member, St. Louis Region Coalition for African Centered Education (ACE),

Member, Southern Comparative Literature Association,

University Teaching Certificate – St. Louis University’s University Teaching Seminars 1996

Northern UC Representative, National Association of Academic Advisors, Pacific Region

Certificate of Appreciation for Service to the Community 1992 African American Grads (UCSC)

Josie King Award for Community Service, UCSC June 1990

Certificate of Achievement: Academic Excellence 1984 Ass’n of Black Faculty & Staff, So Cal Chapter

Founder/Treasurer, Stanford Black Psychology Student Association 1977
Volunteer Activities
I participate in Springfield District’s Real Men Read program and have worked in its Ujamaa Mentoring Program. continue to deliver Kwanzaa, African and African American Folklore lectures, readings and presentations in local schools in addition to various presentations/workshops on diversity issues, Black History, drug awareness and positive lifestyle choices. I regularly provide Black history and cultural materials to public and private school teachers, churches and civic groups like Harrisonburg's Young Achievers. My diversity workshop, The Who Am I? Pie, has been adapted and facilitated in Santa Cruz CA, St. Louis MO, Richmond VA, Harrisonburg, VA and Springfield, IL.

Kamau Kemayó, vita/page

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