Instructions for afcea scholarship Program

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2016 ArkLaTex Chapter of AFCEA Scholarship Application

Instructions for AFCEA Scholarship Program


General Information


  • Scholarships are awarded for tuition and fees, books are excluded, at an accredited college or university. Each awarded scholarship is paid directly to the institution named by the student.

  • Applicants must be planning to pursue a degree in Electronics, Electrical or Communications, or Computer Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science or Information Technology or closely related field. Biomedical Engineering or Criminal Law/Cyber Forensics would be examples*. (* - ArkLaTex Chapter of AFCEA Executive Council members reserve the right to determine if any selected degree program is eligible.)

  • The ArkLaTex Chapter of AFCEA Executive Council determines the number of scholarships awarded and the amount of each scholarship based on funds available and the number of eligible applicants. The number of and amount of each scholarship will be announced at the scholarship awards ceremony.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be attending a High School in counties/parishes along the I-20 Corridor from East Texas vicinity Marshall, TX east along I-20 through Northern Louisiana up to and including schools in Ruston, LA and Monroe, LA. We will also consider high schools in Southern Arkansas vicinity Texarkana, AR and the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches, LA. Students must be candidates for graduation in the class of 2016.

  • Applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative high school GPA based on a 4.0 scale. Additionally, applicants must have a combined 3.0 GPA for all math and science courses taken.

  • Any applicant who accepts a full 4-year scholarship, an appointment to a service academy or a full ROTC scholarship cannot be awarded an AFCEA Scholarship.

Application Requirements

  • SAT and/or ACT scores must be included on the AFCEA Scholarship Application

  • The high school counselor will confirm all student data.

  • Three short letters of recommendation from adults (non-relatives) who have a firsthand knowledge of the student. Letters should indicate the length of time the student has been known and the relationship to the student (teacher, counselor. principle, pastor, employer, etc). The letter should address the recommender’s knowledge of the moral character of the student, the student’s tenacity, and determination (needed to complete a difficult four year college curriculum), and overall justification as to why the student should be provided the scholarship. Contact information for the person making the recommendation must be included on the recommendation.

  • Completed application to include essay.


  • Applications should be typed (full scanned documents will be accepted: send to, add to subject line: AFCEA HS Scholarship nominee - NAME OF NOMINEE).

  • Complete applications must be received no later than Friday, 19 February 2016

  • Packaged Application mailing address is:

Barbara Schleben

Executive Vice President

ArkLaTex Chapter of AFCEA

PO BOX 133

Bossier City, LA 71110-0133

Part 1 Identification and Intent

To be completed by student

Applicant’s Name: ________________________________

Parent’s Name: __________________________________

Current Home Address: ___________________________


City_____________ State___________ Zip________

Home Phone ( ) ________________________________

Applicant’s Cell Phone ( ) _________________________

Parents’ Cell Phone ( )____________________________

Applicant’s Email Address____________________________

Parents’/Guardians’ Email Address_____________________

Anticipated College/University: _______________________

Anticipated Major/Minor Course of Study:

 1st Choice: _______________________________________________________


2nd Choice: _______________________________________________________


 Check box if you applied for a full 4-year scholarship, an appointment to a service academy or a full ROTC scholarship. (Immediately notify Scholarship Committee if you are offered a scholarship.)

Part 2 High School Achievements

To be completed by student

Continue on a separate sheet as necessary be sure to identify the section(s) being continued.

1. AWARDS/HONORS (grades 9-12): Be specific.

2. HIGH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: List activity and any offices/positions held (e.g., soccer team captain).

3. EMPLOYMENT DATA: During grades 9-12 (chronological starting with most recent).

Employer Position Title Hrs/Wk Dates Employed (mm/yy)

4. COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTIONS: Volunteer & Non-school activities (i.e., church, scouts, sports, etc.).

Position/Description Hrs/Wk Grade (9, 10, 11, or 12)

Part 3 ESSAY

To be completed by student

In 250 – 500 words (1 – 2 pages) explain the reason you have selected your field of study and what impact you believe you will make or the contribution you will add to the field. Essay should be double spaced. Format margins to 1” (1 inch) on all sides. Font should be Times New Roman 12 point or Arial 10 point. The essay will be primarily assessed on the student’s ability to justify or explain his/her statements as to why they have chosen their major and the impact/contribution they believe they will make. However, language skills (vocabulary, punctuation, structure, etc.) and compliance with these instructions will also be considered during the assessment.

Part 4 Counselor Validation of Eligibility

To be completed by High School Counselor

Counselor, though we would prefer your input typed, we appreciate your busy schedule and typed or printed will be accepted and not held against the applicant.

Date: _______________

Student’s Name: _____________________________ Student’s SSN: ___________________

SAT Math:_________ SAT Verbal:________ SAT Total:________

ACT Score Composite:__________________

GPA: ____________ Math/Science GPA: _________

Class Rank ________ of ________

High School _______________________________________

Address: _______________________________________


City_______________ State_____ Zip ________

I have read the ArkLaTex Chapter of AFCEA College Scholarship 2016 eligibility requirements and to the best of my knowledge, ______________________________ meets all eligibility requirements

(Student’s Name)


Signature: __________________________________

Counselor’s Name: ___________________________

Work Phone: ________________________________

IMPORTANT: A copy of the student’s official transcript must be attached. In lieu of a transcript, a listing of the student’s entire High School math and science hours (classes) and the grades for these classes may be provide on school letterhead, and certified by the counselor as true and correct.

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