Cte: Sequencing Assignments Characteristics of Effective Writing Assignments

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CTE: Sequencing Assignments

Characteristics of Effective Writing Assignments

  • Assignments are provided and explained in writing.
  • Writing assignments are linked to significant course objectives.
  • Notices of assignments specify the purpose for writing, the audience to be addressed, the mode or form of the writing, and its length.
  • Assessment criteria are specified.
  • Longer writing projects are organized in stages.

Incorporating Sequencing Into Your Curriculum

  • Include “versions” (i.e. revisions) of the present writing assignment as part of the next writing assignment.
  • Start by “packing” a complex writing task as a series of smaller tasks.  “Unpacking” the subtasks helps students understand the larger task.

Guiding Questions for Developing Assignments

  • What course objectives do you hope to advance by the writing assignment?
  • What learning or critical thinking do you expect students to do?
  • What elements of the "writing situation" should be reflected in the assignment?
  • What form should the writing take?
  • How can the writing process be segmented to enable feedback or additional instruction? How will you assess the process and the final product?
  • Does the assignment require pre-teaching of course concepts, technical vocabulary, research skills, or writing skills?
  • Will Information and Library Services need to be informed of your assignment, and will you need to schedule an introduction to the library for your class?

When we write, we have a conversation with our research, our teacher, and our classmates to the assignment.

  • Human beings participate in a CONSTANT CONVERSATION.
  • All our prior knowledge and mental frames of reference join the conversation.
  • When we read, we have a conversation with the author. What’s the theory?

What is the FRAME/CASE method for structuring an essay?

  • You will use one text (frame)to analyze, explore another text, (case), and discuss how the second text is seen with a new perspective. Because of the ideology/theory of the frame text, you have new viewpoint of the case.
  • Recovery means more than getting over an ideal
  • How does the term recovery change the way I look at the essay?
  • . I look at recovery from the view of grandmother and governement
  • Vocabulary: recovery, barriers, . what’s the theory of recovery?
  • The grandmother faced barriers with recovery and understood her barrier with her treatment of Opal’s condition. The grandmother garnered personal strength to just jump right over it and move ahead with her life. When she gained this strength when she “trusted the primary care pediatrician” (Brody 108) and she recovered well because she is able to face and acknowledge her barriers of other physicians and trust the one expert who she knows is on her side. The grandmother grows and learns from her ability to understand her barriers in her social class and recovers for herself and benefits Opal.
  • Governmental agencies face a harsh recovery to help the grandmother’s assistance with Opal. The grandmother relies on a male companion, a truck driver to give her relief she does not receive from the government. Her social status leaves her with many unpaid bills which also hinder Opal’s recovery. Yet, the grandmother has difficulty trusting other experts because of the way she is treated by social agencies. “They consider the grandmother to be pathologically attached to Opal (Brody 118). Without the support of the government agencies, the grandmother struggles to support Opal’s care. Government programs are more to blame for the lack of proper care for Opal, not the grandmother.
  • My frame is my academic understanding of the term recovery- I define it the way I learned it and how I see it. Then I parallel it to the text to create a new idea to explore._
  • This is my analysis in the paragraph. She benefits Opal and recovery is a step that can be employed to help find this benefit. The text didn’t say this. I DID!

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