Honors 10 English Ms. Brewington

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Honors 10 English

Ms. Brewington



Welcome to Honors English 10. This course will challenge you in ways you’ve not been challenged before, and the challenge will be different for each of you. You will have homework every night and every weekend. You will read a variety of literature and learn how to analyze it for it elements, themes and social applications. You will learn to write analytically about literature, including fiction and non-fiction. I encourage and will incite you to debate ideas and question each others perspectives, but you must always do so in a respectful manner. You will be expected to present your research and ideas to the class on a regular basis; I want you to demonstrate your artistic talents and develop new ones. Finally, you will be asked to think about your own academic strengths and weaknesses and focus on those differently for each assignment. Our most significant growth most often comes from challenge or what seems “hard” at times. Every year of your academic career will stretch you in new ways; learn to embrace and anticipate challenge and all the lessons it brings you through both success and failure.

Course Description: Honors English 10 is a course designed to develop advanced language, literature, and analysis skills. Students will study all aspects of literature including Shakespeare, poetry, non-fiction, short stories and drama. Literary analysis, expressive writing, persuasive techniques and a proposal for the 11th grade AP/IB extended essay are required. This course will engage students in the MYP programme, prepare students for the AIMS test while building the foundation to move on into the 11th grade Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate English class, and prepare students for the AP Language exam. Evidence of higher-level thinking and independent work is expected and required.

Three-ring binder

Lined paper


Posit Notes for annotating

Blue and black ink pens for timed writings and essays



Email address for turnitin.com

Required novels (during the time they are being discussed)

Mythology by Edith Hamilton

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Othello by William Shakespeare

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens
It is recommended, but not required, that you purchase personal copies of the literature novels we read this year. You will find it increasingly useful to write/annotate in your books as you read, and it is nice to have them as a resource as you begin to prepare for the AP or IB tests in future years.

Late Work:

Late work will not be accepted. If you do not complete an assignment, I will ask you for a full piece of paper on which you will write, “I did not do my homework,” including your name and the date of the assignment. However, formal essays and large projects will be accepted late with the following point reductions:

1st day late = 25% off grade

2nd day late = 50% off grade

3rd day and beyond = no credit
If an emergency arises and you need an extension on an assignment I expect you to come to me before the day it is due and outside of class time. I will grant extensions on an individual, emergency basis only.
Homework Stamp Sheets:

I will collect the stamped assignment sheets after approximately eight completion assignments. If you lose the sheet you will not receive credit for the assignments I have checked. This is very damaging to your grade, so whatever you do; DO NOT LOST THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET! This is one of many reasons you do not want to throw away work we complete throughout the semester.


Administration and Security will be sweeping students who are not in class on time.

If you are ‘caught in the sweep’ and you missed a quiz or a test:

  • You must make up the quiz/test after school the same day in or your test grade will result in a zero. You must show up to right at the end of the school day to take the quiz/test.

If you are ‘caught in the sweep’ and an assignment is given or checked in:

  • You must make live contact with me (an email or note does not count) the day you are swept to find out the given assignment and to check in the assignment from the previous class.

  • It is your responsibility to check with a classmate and get all relevant notes, examples, and/or homework corrections from the day you missed before the next class.

*The above procedures also apply for days spent in ISD, evening school, or if you are going on a field trip.

Make-up Policy:

You are responsible for any and all make-up work you miss due to an absence. School policy will be followed as to the number and label of absences. Quizzes and tests must be made up within one week or the grade will become a zero. In addition, if you are home ill and know how to use a phone or a computer, you can check schoolwires, call me or email during the school day and get the assignments so you don’t fall behind. In order to make up missed work, the absence must be excused. The student has the same number of days absent to make up any missed work. Any work assigned before the absence will be collected on the due date or the first day of the student’s return. When the student returns from an absence, it is his/her responsibility to get make-up work

Attendance Incentive Program

Students who have no more than 4 absences (one tardy or sweep counts as one absence) in the class and a grade of 75% or higher, and who are present in class on the final exam day, may elect to be exempt from taking the final exam. School sponsored events are not counted as an absence.


Grades will be figured on a traditional semester, cumulative basis, with a comprehensive final exam at the end of each semester. The final will count for 20% of your grade. I DO NOT ROUND GRADES. Everything to the right of the decimal point will be ignored.

Grades are figured on a percentage basis so that the work we do at the end of the quarter/semester counts as much as that we did at the beginning. The percentage breakdown is such:

These percentages are subject to change.

Essays 30%

Homework 20%

Quizzes 25%

Tests 15%

In-class/participation 10%
It is on rare occasions that extra credit will be given; you earn you grade by the consistent completion of each assignment and showing mastery of objectives on quizzes and tests. Effective study habits and self-discipline will also be advantageous for success. Do not rely on extra credit to reverse inconsistent work completion or poor study habits throughout the semester.

Cheating and Plagiarism:

We will discuss and define cheating and plagiarism. Neither will be tolerated and any assignment or assessment found to be not your original, genuine product will be given a zero and cannot be made up. In addition, egregious offenses may also warrant an academic referral.

Extenuating Circumstances

If you have an extenuating circumstance (meaning something that has not been addressed through administration, the health office, or attendance) that will affect your attendance or ability to turn in assignments, please let me know so that I can make appropriate arrangements if necessary. Extenuating circumstances and applicable modifications are the responsibility of the student, i.e., you must communicate with me immediately or within a reasonable amount of time. An extenuating circumstance may be, but is not limited to, one of the following: a family emergency, health issue, transportation issue, or academic issue. Let me know as soon as possible (if it is something personal you do not need to divulge details) and I will work with you to manage your missed/missing homework and assignments.
These circumstances will be evaluated and implemented on an individual basis, and the instructor maintains the right to employ and/or deny them as these will be extensions that allow students time beyond what is allocated by Chandler Unified School District.

Homework Buddy System:

You will select one student to serve as your homework buddy and another to be your alternate (in case your buddy is unable to help you). Throughout the year, should you need to be absent from class for any reason, it will be your responsibility to contact your homework buddy before you return to class to get notes and assignments you missed that day. I do not repeat lessons for absentees nor do I chase them down to give them their homework.

As the homework buddy, it will be your duty to have this information ready for your partner. When you see that your partner is missing from class, pick up any extra handouts and assignments he or she will need. Be sure to take especially thorough notes so that you will be able to fill your buddy in on the lesson he or she missed.
Remember: keeping up with missed lessons is not the job of your teacher; it is the responsibility of you and your buddy.
My homework buddy is __________________________________________________________

Their # and email are____________________________________________________________

My alternative buddy is __________________________________________________________

Their # and email are_____________________________________________________________

Honors 10 English Syllabus Acknowledgement Form

Ms. Brewington

Please sign and date below after you have read the syllabus. In doing so, we all agree you and the student are aware of my classroom expectations and the school policies set forth by CHS. If he/she does not follow the expectations, we are also aware of the sequence of consequences.
Please sign and return to Ms. Brewington by the next class period. Thank you.

____________________________________________ ________________________

Student Signature Date

____________________________________________ ________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature Date

If you have any additional concerns or comments that you would like to share with me concerning your son/daughter, feel free to call me anytime or leave a note here:


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