Curriculum Night cta-liberty 5th grade 2014-2015 2 Academic Blocks

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Curriculum Night

  • CTA-Liberty
  • 5th grade
  • 2014-2015

2 Academic Blocks

  • Block 1-A.M. : 8:10-11:15 (specials during block 1)
  • Block 2-P.M. : 12:00-2:40
  • Math, Science, Social Studies – Mrs. Gonzalez & Ms. Rinne
  • Language Arts – Ms. Battani & Mrs. Smedstad
  • Questions should be addressed with your child’s specific subject area teacher.

Reading (ELA)

  • Accelerated Reader
    • Individual point goals per quarter
    • Reading comprehension scores
    • Students must read 30 minutes daily at home
    • Check AR Home Connect to monitor progress with AR
    • AR has changed this year
      • It will no longer be on the report card as percent of goal, and percent correct
      • Not meeting personal AR goals will result in students having lower marks on their behavior grades
        • makes good use of time
        • completes classwork as assigned

Reading (ELA)

  • Literature Studies that may be used (district approved)
    • Hatchet
    • My Brother Sam is Dead
    • Where the Red Fern Grows
    • Elijah of Buxton
    • Freak the Mighty
    • Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (Common Core Required)
  • Journeys Textbook
    • This is new the reading program that replaced Open Court

Phonograms (ELA)

  • Phonogram practice will be spaced out to promote long-term memorization
    • Weekly
      • 20-30 phonograms orally
      • 12 phonogram written quiz
    • Monthly
      • We will assess all 70 phonograms

Oral Presentations (ELA)

  • Quarterly Poem Recitations
    • 2 per quarter
    • Focus on eye contact, volume, memorization, and fluency
  • All major reports have an oral presentation component

Writing (ELA class)

  • Q1- How-To and Narratives
  • Q2- President Report
  • Q3- Expository and Persuasive
  • Q4- State Reports
  • All year long: narrative, informative, informative-narrative, business letters, friendly letters, journal writing, persuasive essays.
    • Students will be taught and assessed using the “Six Traits of Writing” and “Write from the Beginning”
    • Thinking Maps

Spelling (ELA Class)

  • Spelling words are taken from the Extended Ayres word list. We are starting in section “T”
  • We input 30 words per week. Please check their spelling notebooks each night.
  • We test a week behind every Thursday.
  • Spelling activities will be assigned on Monday and are due on Friday.
  • Spelling City will be used later in the year

Grammar (ELA Class)

  • Main three sources in teaching grammar:
  • The Writing Road to Reading-Spalding
  • Easy Grammar
  • All grammar is reinforced during the writing lesson.


  • Saxon Math (6th grade) & Common Core (5th grade)
    • Number and Operations
    • Algebra
    • Geometry & Measurement
    • Data Analysis and Probability
    • Problem Solving
  • Cumulative practice and assessment after 5 lessons
  • Math Facts: 100 problems in 2 ½ minutes – assessed monthly (appear in Infinite Campus, but not factored in overall Math grade)
  • Students must show work


  • The Scientific Method
  • Science Fair – 2nd & 3rd quarters
  • Matter, Atoms, & Molecules
  • Forces and Motion
    • Roller Coasters
  • Human Body Systems
    • Skeletal and Nervous Systems
    • Human Growth and Development
  • Earth and Space Science

Social Studies

  • Time Line project (due August
  • Geography/Regions
  • States and Capitals – 3rd Quarter
  • American History (Exploration-Civil War)
    • All year
  • Major reports correspond with writing

Classroom Business

  • Tuesday Folders
  • Behavior/Homework Logs (Friday section of agendas)
    • No/incomplete homework
    • Behavior infractions
    • Tuesday folder not signed/returned
    • 3 or more marks – student misses TDA
  • Weekly Assessment Sheet
    • Filled out on Friday and sent home in following Tuesday folder (1st one will come home August 5th)
  • TDA
    • Art/indoor games, outdoor games/varying activity, study hall


  • Student’s responsibility to check over their work for accuracy - Parents check for completion
  • Homework is NOT given ahead of time
    • Work can be picked up at the end of the day of absence. Teacher must be emailed prior to pick-up; work will be sent to the office at 2:40
  • Per CTA policy, students have one day per day’s absence to complete and turn in work


  • Check class websites to stay updated on what’s going on –
  • Checking Infinite Campus to keep track of child’s grades – Register for Infinite Campus:
  • Teacher messenger: all email from is a non-reply address to reply, please contact the teacher utilizing the teacher’s school email address.

Technology (cont.)

  • BYOT – bring your own technology:
    • Kindles
    • Nooks
    • iPads / tablets
    • NO iPods or cell phones
    • To be used for AR reading & any specific teacher directed activities ONLY
    • Must complete and return BYOT form (sent home in this week’s Tuesday folder)
    • Abuse & lose 

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