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The info below is a list of scholarships and bursaries that may be available for grade 12 students. You are expected to also do your own research as this list is not a complete list of what is available.


Indspire Indigenous Bursaries & Scholarship Awards www.indspire.ca

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership http://www.tdcanadatrust.com/products-services/banking/student-life/scholarship-for-community-leadership/index.isp


Burger King Scholars Program www.bkmclamorefoundation.org/whatwedo/scholarsprogram


Herbert H. Carnegie Future Aces Foundation Scholarship & Citizenship Award www.futureaces.org


BCCPAC Educational Award http://bccpac.bc.ca/bccpac_educational-award

BCSSA Grade 12 Essay Scholarship http://www.bcssa.org/scholarships/

BCGEU Scholarships www.bcgeu.ca

Kin Canada Bursaries http://www.kincanada.ca/apply

Terry Fox Humanitarian Awards www.terryfoxawards.ca


Anderson Family Flight Training Scholarship www.bcaviationcouncil.org

BC School Trustees Association Student Citizenship Awards www.bcsta.org

BC SoccerAssociation Scholarship www.bcsoccer.net/scholarships

Envision Financial Education Awards https://www.envisionfinancial.ca/Personal/Community/EducationAwards/Scholarships/

Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/awards

RE/MAX Quest for Excellence www.remax.ca

Retail as a Career Scholarship Program www.retaileducation.ca


BCSS zone scholarships and Dave Gifford Memorial Scholarships http://www.bcschoolsports.ca/recognition

BC Hockey Scholarships http://www.bchockey.net/Awards/Scholarships.aspx

BCTIA BC Technology Scholarships http://www.bctia.org/scholarships

The Colonel Douglas H. Gunter History Awards http://www.warmuseaum.ca/education/programs/the-colonel-douglas-h-gunter-award/

Public Guardian and Trustee Educational Assistance Fund http://www.trustee.bc.ca/services/estate-and-personal-trust-services/pages/pgt-educational-assistance-fund.aspx


BC School Sports Subway Soccer Scholarships http://www.bcschoolsports.ca/recognition

Betty Spaldon Scholarships www.roadbuilders.bc.ca

Bert & Greta Quartermaine Badminton Scholarship http://www.bcschoolsports.ca/recognition

The Federation of Community Social Services of BC Bursary http://www.fcssbc.ca/about/youth-bursary

Monsanto Canada Opportunity Scholarship Program www.monsanto.ca

UFCW & OFG Joint Diversity Scholarships www.owfg.com/diversity


APEGBC University Entrance & Engineering Transfer Scholarships www.apeg.bc.ca

Jack Farley Youth Sports Achievement Award http://www.bcsportshalloffame.com

Muscular Dystrophy Canada Scholarships & Bursaries www.muscle.ca


BC Electrical Association Bursaries http://www.bcea.bc.ca/scholarship_bursary.php

BCPVA Scholarship http://www.bcpvpa.bc.ca/node/10

CUPE Aubrey Burton/Reg Ford Memorial Scholarship http://www.cupe.bc.ca/resources/bursaries

Luke Santi Memorial Award for Student Achievement www.lukesantiaward.ca

June Callwood Harmony Scholarship www.harmony.ca/scholarships/

National Union of Public Employees www.nudge.ca

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