Cfa institute – june 2009 exam scholarship application

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CFA Ireland is awarding scholarships on behalf of the CFA Institute.

What is the Award?This scholarship will waive the Enrollment fee and all but $220.00 of the Registration fee. The chosen scholarship candidate will be responsible for this fee. If you have already paid the registration and enrollment fees, CFA Institute will refund all bar $220 of the registration fee to you.
This application will be considered only if all information required is supplied. Please type or print legibly.


Candidate No. _______________________

Applicant Name _________________________________________________________________\_____________________
Business Address_______________________________________________________________________________
Home Address___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone_________________
Email Address_______________________________________________________________________________
Are you a member of a CFA Institute Society? No [ ] Yes [ ]

If yes, name of society: _________________________________________________________________________________

Are you currently employed? No [ ] Yes [ ] If yes, please check one: Part-time [ ] Full-time [ ]

Employer’s Name_________________________________________________________________________________

Job Title ______________________________________________________________________________________
Department in which you work___________________________________________________________
May we contact your supervisor? No [ ] Yes [ ]

If yes, name of supervisor ___________________________________________

Are you currently a student? No [ ] Yes [ ] If yes, please check one each: Part-time [ ] Full-time [ ]

Undergraduate [ ] Graduate [ ]

Name of undergraduate college or university _______________________________________________________________________

Name of graduate college or university ____________________________________________________________________________

Highest degree held ______________________________________________________________________________________

If no degree is held, when do you expect to receive your degree? _______________________________________________________

Current field of study ______________________________________________________________________________________

2. WORK HISTORY, EDUCATION, & OTHER – Please attach curriculum vitae to this application.
3. TWO ESSAYS – Please provide your responses to Questions A and B as essays. Each response should be a maximum of 200 words.

A. Why are you interested in obtaining the CFA designation?

B. CFA Ireland is comprised of investment professionals in Ireland who are dedicated to advancing investment management and research. Describe how you plan to contribute to this “advancement”?

I authorize the release of all scholarship materials, including references and financial information (if I wish to be considered for need-based scholarships), to the members of the selection committee. In the event I am awarded a scholarship, information on this page may be released (except financial information) to the media. I certify that I have read and complied with the directions and deadline dates for applying for the SIAI Study Scholarships. I have attached the required essay for the scholarship for which I am applying. I certify that I am not eligible for reimbursement from my company for the enrollment and registration fees.

Signature of Applicant Date
SUBMISSION - Please email the completed application form , along with essays and CV to Siobhan at . Applications must be RECEIVED BY cob 16th January 2009. Winners will be notified by 27th January 2009.

******Please note that any candidate who has received a scholarship from CFA Ireland previously but failed to pass the exam is not eligible for a second scholarship******

Download 216 Kb.

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