Beowulf : Essay

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Mr. Amaral!

Beowulf : Essay
Due Dates: If you are absent, you are still responsible for all due dates. No late work is accepted for any of the due dates.
Pre-Writing Guide & Thesis Statement Due (10 points): __________________

  • Pre-Writing guide on following pages

  • Includes web, outline, thesis, quotes

WRITTEN Draft Due (10 points): ____________________

  • Must be hand written on lined paper

TYPED Draft Due (10 points): ______________________

  • Typed and double-spaced, at least TWO full pages

  • Include introduction, conclusion, and all body paragraphs

Final Copy Due (100 points): _________________________

  • Bring proof of prewriting, drafting, revising

  • Bring rubric to attach to final copy


Prompt: Respond to your assigned prompt in an insightful and textually supported essay…

  • Argue how Beowulf’s desire for glory can be perceived as either a character strength or weakness based on the traits it causes him to develop.

      • Avoid simply re-telling plot here…you are analyzing strength/weakness of character

  • Analyze how the universal theme of good versus evil is depicted through religious allusions, imagery, and symbolism in the epic poem.

      • Connect each idea back to the concept of good versus evil

      • Avoid overuse of the words “good” and “evil”

  • How does the epic poem reveal the values, traditions, and beliefs of the Anglo-Saxon culture through the portrayal of Beowulf and the other warriors?

      • Possible ideas to address: concept of fate, importance of reputation, religious beliefs, death and mourning rituals, celebration rituals, etc.



  • Final paper must be at least TWO FULL pages and no more than THREE pages

  • Paper must be typed and follow MLA standards

  • Refer to rubric for specific criterion

Formal Paper Rubric

Focus (5) ______

___thesis shows minimal evidence of topic

___thesis is off-topic/lacks awareness of specific task
Content (40) ______

___superficial and/or minimal content

___lacks sufficient development of points/ideas

___use of repetitive ideas or repetitive evidence

___insufficient use of textual (primary) support

___quotes are missing or are superficial

___quotes are not properly introduced and/or explained, clarified

___introduction needs to be stronger and/or further developed

___conclusion needs to be stronger and/or further developed

___content does not adequately support the thesis

___content lacks academic quality
Organization (10) ______

___paper does not have an introduction, body, and/or conclusion

___arguments do not follow order of ideas presented in thesis

___transitions are needed to link paragraphs

___transitions are needed within paragraphs to link ideas
Style (20) ______

___paper fails to consistently use the third person point of view (use of “I, you” etc.)

___when discussing literary work, paper fails to use present tense

___need to use strong, descriptive, active verbs (too much “is” etc.)

___need to vary sentence structure (too many simplistic sentences)

___need to use more sophisticated/academic wording (avoid slang, informal terms)

___limited word choice, repetitive wording or phrasing

___paper contains awkwardly or unclearly worded sentences

___contains run-on sentences

___contains sentence fragments

/ 100 points

Conventions (20) ______

___contains spelling errors or typos

___contains errors in capitalization

___contains comma usage errors

___faulty subject/verb or pronoun agreement

___incorrect citation of quotes * Will lose points if missing evidence

___possessive errors of the writing process

___use of contractions

Format (5) ______

___incorrect MLA heading

___incorrect or missing title ___not double spaced

___spacing errors ___incorrect margins

Pre-Writing Guide
Prompt: ___________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Brainstorming: In the space below, create a web, list, or chart to organize your ideas. Be sure to include at least three main points for your argument and numerous specifics from the text to support each main point.

Rough Outline: Based on your brainstorming, create a rough outline for your paper below. Be sure to have at least three supporting ideas for each main point.

THESIS STATEMENT (What are you trying to prove?): _____________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Textual Support: Locate quotations in the textbook that illustrate your points. Have a balance of quotes for each main point in your argument – you may choose to include more than just six…this is only pre-writing. Include line numbers for each quote.






Download 43.5 Kb.

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