Writing an Opinion Essay

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Writing an Opinion Essay

  • Theory, illustration and practice
  • What is an opinion essay?
  • An essay in which you have to present your personal opinion on a particular topic.In such an essay, you must state your opinion clearly and support it with appropriate reasons and examples.Your arguments must be really good ones.
  • This is the type of essay you are supposed to present at the graduation exam, for the second type of subject.
  • Don’t forget that the content of the essay must be as important as the form of the essay ( you must have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion).
  • This is the first paragraph of your essay, in which you are supposed to introduce the subject and to state your opinion clearly.
  • To state your opinion, these are the language structures you may use:
  • I believe/feel/think that… From my point of view…To my mind/way of thinking…As far as I am concerned…In my opinion/view…I am totally against…I completely disagree with…I don’t agree with..It seems/appears to me that…I (completely) agree with/that...
  • In the following paragraphs, you have to sustain your opinion with more than one argument.Each paragraph should present a different point of view, supported by reasons and examples.In the last paragraph, you should present the opposing opinion, supported with arguments and examples.
  • For arranging your ideas and arguments, you may use the following language structures:
  • First of all/Firstly,…
  • Second of all/Secondly,…
  • Moreover/ What is more,…
  • Last but not least/Finally,...
  • This is the last paragraph of your essay and this is where you should reestate your opinion, using different words.
  • To do this, you may use the following language structures:
  • In conclusion,…
  • To conclude with,…
  • Briefly,…
  • On the whole,...
  • -don’t forget to plan carefully;questions like:What is your opinion on the topic?What is your first/second argument?Do you have an example for this argument? What is the opposing point of view?How will you restate your opinion?
  • -to introduce examples, you may use language structures like:for example, for instance, to illustrate this, etc.
  • -try to use formal language, not slang or colloquial;
  • -try to avoid contractions (use the long forms: is not, have not, could not etc.)
  • A. First of all, schools have a responsibility to educate children in all areas.For that reason,it is just as important to provide Physical Education training for the professional sportsmen as it is to provide academic training to those who will go to university.
  • B. In addition, students these days spend long hours studying or working at their computers.Therefore, they need the opportunity to do some physical activity during the school day.
  • C. In conclusion,I strongly believe that sports and Physical Education should remain a key part of the school curriculum.All students have the right to a balanced education and this means the opportunity to learn how to play sports.
  • D. On the other hand, some people believe that the purpose of schools is to develop skills that the students will use in their future jobs.Consequently, schools have little time to devote to less important subjects as Physical Education.
  • E. The ancient Greeks always thought that a healthy mind in a healthy body is the key to a well-balanced life.Nowadays, many schools are decreasing the amount of time given to sports and Physical Education and some schools are removing it altogether.Although academic subjects are certainly a very important part of the school curriculum, I am strongly opposed to the complete removal of sports and Physical Education classes.

And now it’s your turn to write an opinion essay!

  • Express your opinion on the following statement:”People who practise sports and have active occupations are healthier”. Bring examples to support your arguments.
  • An Opinion
  • Essay
  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Ending

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