Two Parts to Proofreading an Essay Part I proofreading for Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

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Two Parts to Proofreading an Essay

Part I - Proofreading for Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

Directions: Make corrections in the following short essay. There are 15 errors in this essay. Think about proofreading grammar, punctuation and capitalization errors.
Dear Mr. Morgenthau,
As you know, me and some of the other ninth graders have been tutoring sixth-grade

students after school. We have spent a lot of our tutoring time on mathematics, science and social studies. I am writing to ask you, our Math teacher, to consider giving us extra credit for our tutoring work.

I think this request is sensible, and fair. I has discovered that I am learning a great deal about math by teaching it to others. With the sixth-graders I have to describe concepts several different ways, review facts I might have forgotten, or reconstruct accepted theories in a simple way. This helps me think about old ideas in new ways. I hope you agree that teaching was an experience that is challenging and educational. By giving us extra credit. You will make this experience even more rewarding.
By offering extra credit, your students will find tutoring even more appealing. For the entire sixth grade, there is only four tutors each of whom puts in almost five hours a week. That was fine at the beginning of the program. When only a few students wanted tutors. Now that the program is becoming more popular, we need more tutors. Students aren’t willing to take on extra work, to spend valuable hours, and to volunteered their expertise without some reward. Extra credit could be the perfect reward.
We are not ask for lots of extra credit, just enough to change a B+ to an A– or an A– too an A. Thank you for considering our proposal.

Velma Montgomery

Part 2 – Proofreading to Help Improve the Writing

Directions: Read the following essay. Using your notes on argument essay writing, make five suggestions to the writer on how they could write a stronger argument essay.
Some have argued that watching television after school has adverse effects, but I

disagree. Watching a small amount of television helps people relax, keeps them up-to-

date on current events, and stimulates the imagination.
What do most adults do when they come home from work? To unwind, they often watch a half-hour of television. What they often don’t realize is that going to school can be stressful too, and watching TV helps students relax after a hard day of learning. Personally, after school I like to go to the park or play games, or basketball with my friends. However, when my friends have other obligations and I have to keep myself amused without them, I am often tempted to turn on the television.
Television is the easiest way to keep track of current events. Before sitting down to watch TV, I always check the program guide with the goal of watching the news or an educational program.
Good television can also be very stimulating. Watching a high-quality television

show is not much different than attending a play or lecture, especially if you watch networks like PBS. Television can introduce new worlds and challenge old ideas.

My own curiosity and intelligence prompt me to choose quality programming. As with anything else, watching television every day after school may not be ideal. However, occasionally it can be an effective way to relax and to learn more about the world around us.
*Write five suggestions to improve this writer’s argument (they really need your help!):

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