Tips For Writing Scholarship Essays

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  • The following are tips to writing a good essay. You may not need to use every point but definitely use the tips that have a star next to it.

  • START working on your essay early. Re-visit it several times to edit it.

  • PROOFREAD - Ask others to proofread your first draft and ask for feedback.

  • BRAINSTORM to describe activities and relate them to your future academic or career plans. Think about what makes you stand out from others.

  • DESCRIBE academic achievement and why it is important to your future.

  • DESCRIBE contributions to community or CTRA and how the experience has contributed to your personal growth.

  • WRITE about an experience or experiences from your own life and how it influenced your development.

  • EXPLAIN THE REASONS you deserve this scholarship by telling what you are proud of in your life, family, school, or work.

  • * DESCRIBE in your essay how after receiving this scholarship you will “pay it forward” either immediately or after you have learned new skills to help someone else.

  • * AVOID BEING DISQUALIFED - Essay should be between 300 – 400 words.

  • USE COMPLETE SENTENCES and check for spelling errors.

  • USE YOUR OWN VOICE but consult thesaurus to make it interesting.

  • USE GOOD SEQUENCING and write so the reader understands your train of thoughts.

  • USE TRANSISTION words when describing your thoughts or there is a change in your story or you are making a new point.

  • AVOID SLANG and clichés - Use appropriate formal language.

  • AVOID REDUNDANT SENTENCES, fillers, phrases or fragment sentences.

  • AVOID GENERIC STATEMENTS – Produce distinct images by using vivid language to describe your thoughts and ideas.

  • Example: Being captain of the crew team made me more mature.

  • Better: As captain of the crew team, I learned to motivate and encourage others effectively when the situation seemed hopeless.

  • FINALLLY - Write passionately about what you know best (yourself).


Download 6.1 Kb.

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