Test Breakdown Friday 5/5

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Test Breakdown

Friday 5/5

  • Show up at small gym at 7:15
  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • Bring at least 2 #2 pencils and 2 black/blue ink pens/ID card
  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Bring a sweater/pull over/hoodie/light jacket in case it is cold

Friday 5/5

  • No matter what…fight for every point…DON’T GIVE UP

Friday 5/5

  • You don’t have to ace every essay to get college credit
  • Be mindful of the time and fully complete all 4 SAQs, 1 DBQ, 1 LE
  • I am proud of each of you and more importantly I respect each of you for taking this class

Studying for Tonight and Tomorrow

  • Review mnemonics
  • Watch Jocz Review Videos for Content
  • Go over Rubrics
  • Watch LIVE YOUTUBE Review Thursday at 7p.m
  • Don’t stay up late
  • Don’t eat any unusual food


Multiple Choice

  • Read questions first and think of an answer BEFORE you look at the documents
  • LOOK at the source on the document to help you with the question (author, date, and where it was published)
  • Answer all of them, there is no penalty for wrong answers

Short Answer Questions

  • Be brief but specific and ANSWER the QUESTION
  • 2 or 3 sentences per part are good solid answers
  • Clearly label which part you are answering. A) B) C)
  • The readers are looking for specific, historical evidence from history, NOT from the documents themselves

Tips for DBQ/LE

  • When writing, set aside the initial time to plan and prepare. It will result in more efficient and organized writing. On the essays your time will be clumped together. You will get warnings when you’re nearing
  • the end of the DBQ, but you won’t be forced to move on. Stick to the assigned amount of time, if you
  • have time left over in the end, revisit the essays.

DBQ Planning (15 minutes)

  • Read prompt 3x times and underline key words.
  • Put prompt into your own words.
  • Brainstorm Contextualization (Background - 3-4 sentences of information)
  • Complete HIPP on each of the 7 documents (Historical Context, Intended Audience, POV, Purpose). Must do at least 1 aspect of HIPP for each document!
  • Write down Synthesis (connection to another time period in US History)
  • Write your thesis statement and be sure to address the prompt (document analysis and paragraphs)

Quick DBQ Overview

  • 1st paragraph
  • -Contextualization (1 point)
  • -End of 1st introduce your super awesome complex thesis (possible 2 points)
  • Body Paragraphs
  • -Proving your thesis with historical evidence
  • *use of at least 6 docs to support your thesis (1 point)
  • *specific HIPP analysis of at least 4 docs (1 point)
  • *outside information (1 point)
  • Closing Paragraph
  • -Synthesis (1 point)

Quick Long Essay Overview

  • 1st paragraph
  • your super awesome complex thesis
  • 2nd paragraph
  • Change (Periodization, CCOT)
  • Causes (Causation)
  • Similarities (Compare/Contrast)
  • 3rd paragraph
  • Continuity (Periodization, CCOT)
  • Effects (Causation)
  • Differences (Compare/Contrast)
  • 4th paragraph
  • -Synthesis

Rapid Recall

  • 2015

Author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin

  • Harriet Beecher Stowe


  • Missouri Compromise

Court case of 1803

  • Marbury vs. Madison

Reducing of Cold War under Nixon

  • detente

Created the Great Society

  • LBJ

Court case that requires police to inform an arrested person of his right to remain to silent

  • Miranda vs. Arizona

Zimmerman Telegraph

  • WWI

Author of the Liberator

  • William Lloyd Garrison

1831 slave rebellion

  • Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion

Attorney General for JFK

  • Robert Kennedy

This amendment was created in response to FDR

  • 22nd amendment

Father of the constitution

  • James Madison

Turning point in the revolutionary war

  • Saratoga


  • Jamestown

City where bus boycott takes place

  • Montgomery, Alabama

Muckracker that exposes meatpacking industry

  • Upton Sinclair

Compromise that removes soldiers from the South

  • Compromise of 1877

Cold War Tension with Castro

  • Bay of Pigs

This causes U.S. to enter space race

  • Sputnik

Created in response to NATO

  • Warsaw Pact

Leader of the Soviet Union during the late 1950s

  • nika khrushchev

Senator that investigated communism

  • Joseph McCarthy

Convicted of selling atomic secrets to the Soviets

  • Rosenbergs

Parallel Line for the Korean War

  • 38th Parallel

Fires General MacArthur

  • President Truman

Gave the Iron Curtain speech

  • Winston Churchill

Wrote How the Other Half Lives

  • Jacob Riis

Created the Tuskegee Institute

Author of Common Sense

  • Thomas Paine

We must be the great arsenal of democracy

  • FDR

Created by Jane Addams

  • Hull House

Samuel Gompers was the leader of this

  • AFL

First attempt by the government to break up trusts

  • Sherman Anti Trust Act

Attorney General that investigates the Red Scare

  • Mitchell Palmer

Area in California where riots took place

  • Watts

Name of the organization started by Betty Friedan

  • NOW

President during the Indian Removal Act

  • Jackson in 1830

Tries to stop communism in the Middle East

  • Eisenhower Doctrine

If one country falls to communism, all surrounding countries will fall

  • Domino effect


  • Korean War

President for the Highway Act of 1956

  • President Eisenhower

Ends the War of 1812

  • Treaty of Ghent

Speak softly and carry a big stick

  • Teddy Roosevelt


  • Bacon’s Rebellion

Owner of large steel corporation

  • Carnegie

Tried to assimilate American Natives in 1887

  • Dawes Severalty Act

Leader of a political machine

  • Political boss

Group of farmers that protest high railroad prices

          • Grange


  • Pearl Harbor


  • Dred Scott


  • Seneca Falls Convention


  • Reconstruction

Controversial idea tried by FDR

  • court packing

A 1911 fire in this company, where over 140 women workers died, led to new laws regulating work hours, working conditions, and fire codes

  • Triangle Shirtwaist Company

She authored a book on pesticides

  • Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring 1962

Chief justice that expands rights of accused

Authors of the Federalists Papers

  • Madison, Jay, Hamilton

Immigrants that weren’t given a fair trail in the 1920s

  • Sacco and Vanzetti
  • Progressivism

Tariff passed in the U.S. in 1930

  • Smoot Hawley Act

3 causes of the Great Depression

  • excessive debt, overproduction of consumer goods, weak farm economy, gov policies

This group controlled American propaganda and strengthened popular support for the war

  • Creel Committee

Started the “back to Africa” movement

  • Marcus Garvey

Famous jazz musicians from the 1920s

  • Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Bessie Smith
  • I

Seward’s Folly

  • 1867 Purchase of Alaska


  • Louisiana Purchase

Author on Civil Disobedience


  • Corrupt Bargain

Name given to the massive attack by the Viet Cong in 1968

  • Tet Offensive

hatred of immigrants

  • Nativists/KKK


  • Sherman Anti Trust Act
  • WWI

Famous court case that dealt with evolution

  • Scopes Monkey Trial

Founder of the NAACP

  • W.E.B. DuBois

This 1925 case involved a Tennessee law against the teach of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools

  • Scopes Trial
  • Roaring 20s

This colorful Louisiana Senator started the "share the wealth" movement

  • Huey Long
  • New Deal

This federal agency, established in 1934, regulates the stock market and prevents the abuses practiced during the 1920s that led to the Great Crash in 1929

  • SEC
  • The Growing National Crisis: The 1850s

This Catholic priest made radio broadcasts denouncing the New Deal even though he was an earlier supporter of FDR

  • Charles E. Coughlin
  • New Deal

The New Deal government agency that paid subsidies to farmers to reduce the acreage of basic crops which would increase prices and, hopefully, increase farm incomes

  • AAA
  • New Deal

It was during this period that many New Deal programs were forced through an overwhelmingly Democratically-controlled Congress

  • Hundred Days
  • New Deal

This economist was a proponent of deficit spending by the U. S. government in times of acute economic difficulties. His ideas influenced many New Dealers

  • John Maynard Keynes
  • New Deal

Attempts to conciliate an aggressor by making concessions to him

  • Appeasement
  • Diplomacy in the Inter-War Years

These laws were enacted by Congress in the 1930s to prevent the U. S. from becoming involved in the growing conflicts in Europe and Asia

  • Neutrality Acts
  • Diplomacy in the Inter-War Years

FDR's view of the U. S. role in World War II as a supplier of war materials to countries fighting the Nazis and the Japanese

  • Arsenal of Democracy
  • WW2

He was the scientific director of the secret Manhattan Project that created the first atomic bomb

  • J. Robert Oppenheimer
  • WW2

The U. S. military strategy during World War II in the Pacific in order to reach within striking distance of Japan

  • Island hopping
  • WW2

The U. S. policy, proposed by George Kennan, that attempted to prevent Soviet power and Communism from expanding into non-Communist nations

  • containment
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

The State Department official who was convicted of perjury in the celebrated "pumpkin papers" trial during the Second Red Scare

  • Alger Hiss
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

The southern, conservative wing of the Democratic party who were bitterly opposed to Truman's civil rights agenda

  • Dixiecrats
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

He was executed along with his wife for transferring atomic secrets to a Soviet spy

  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

This federal law greatly reduced the power of labor unions, forcing unions to wait 60 days before striking and also forbade them to contribute to political campaigns

  • Taft-Hartley Act
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

The practice of recklessly accusing someone of supporting or belonging to the Communist Party

  • McCarthyism
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

A special House committee that investigated those whom the committee suspected of being Communists or disloyal Americans

  • HUAC
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

President Truman relieved him of his command because this general failed to implement the President's policies in Korea

  • Douglas MacArthur
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

The policy of giving U. S. economic aid to the nations of Europe to help them rebuild their war-torn economies

  • Marshall Plan
  • Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War

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