Step by Step…Drafting your Essay…Step by Step… Step One

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Step by Step…Drafting your Essay…Step by Step
Step One: ‘Set the Stage’ by Preparing for your Analysis

  • Identify what the main components of your Analysis will be by completing the ‘Developing the Main Points for your Evidence &Analysis’ Worksheet. This should be completed in class.

SIGN OFF: _________________________________ Date: _________

Step Two: Craft your Thesis

  • Restate the central question in a way that is true to your beliefs and that presents the point of view that you will defend (this will, probably, be the last sentence or two of your introduction). This thesis should incorporate the major points you will explore in your essay that you’ve identified on the ‘Developing the Main Points for your Evidence &Analysis’ Worksheet.

  • Write your thesis statement here: ___________________________________________________



SIGN OFF: _________________________________ Date: _________

Step Three: Prepare your Evidence & Analysis

  • Develop the Evidence & Analysis to support your Thesis by outlining your ideas. Complete an Outline of Ideas and Notes Worksheet for EACH of your 4 Evidence & Analysis Points.

  • At this point, you will need to be Searching for Evidence from the articles, readings, and literature you’ve read to support your points (be sure to include these sources on the worksheet!!)

  • Don’t forget to look through what you have ALREADY written, reflected upon, and drawn conclusions about in your Composition Book and Scrapbook of a Witness to help you!!! You should NOT be starting from scratch on any of this…A lot of this work should already be done!!!

SIGN OFF Analysis #1: ______Date: _____ SIGN OFF Analysis #2: ______Date: ______

SIGN OFF Analysis #3: ______Date: _____ SIGN OFF Analysis #4: ______Date: ______

Step Four: Prepare your Introduction

  1. Review ALL of the reflective writing you have already done about Night, Elie’s Acceptance Speech, the Facing History Assignments, Life is Beautiful, and the Universe of Obligation Activity and Notes…what are the messages that most stand out to you and that connect to your main ideas? (Different parts of these writings will become the introduction and conclusion to your essay.)

  2. Drawing from the writing and work you have already completed, write an extensive introduction that explores the themes and concerns that your paper will address. This introduction should be a broad overview and make connections to your personal experiences and observations.

(2 paragraphs)

  1. Be sure to include your Thesis statement in the Introduction (probably the last 1-2 sentences).

SIGN OFF: _________________________________ Date: _________
Step Five: Draft the Body of your Essay

  • From your Outline notes, draft and type your body paragraphs.

  • Each analysis point should be at least 2 paragraphs (a guideline would be to think about the front page of your Outline of Ideas for one paragraph, the back page for the 2nd paragraph…)

SIGN OFF: _________________________________

Step Six: Prepare your Conclusion

  • Again, review the main points in your paper and the reflective writing you have done in your classes. From these notes, and thinking about the main points you make in your essay, write a conclusion that

    1. draws strong conclusions about the themes and concerns addressed in the essay

    2. poses further questions and applies your conclusions to current events

SIGN OFF: _________________________________

Step Seven: Complete a Bibliography


SIGN OFF: _________________________________

Step Eight: Final DraftEdit/Spell

Read through your essay

Edit and spell check your work

SIGN OFF: Essay Submitted: ___________________________ Date: _________

Humanities Essay: Drafting Steps and Sign-offs

Download 14.13 Kb.

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