Scholarships finding the Funds for your Future! Types of Scholarships

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  • Finding the Funds for your Future!

Types of Scholarships

  • University/Institution Specific
    • Go to the school you are applying to and look at their financial aid/scholarship webpage.
  • National Scholarships
  • Local Scholarships
    • These are through local companies or organizations who have ties to the community.

Scholarship Essay Quick Tips

  • Don’t avoid scholarships that have an essay component.
  • Make sure you answer the question they have asked.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions. If it says no more than two pages, then do not turn in three.
  • Analyze the organization before writing your essay. What are their values? Why are they giving the scholarship? Understand their mission statement.

The Writing Process

  • Begin by writing down the essay question highlighting key words and instructions.
  • Break the prompt down into sections looking for the specific elements required in each prompt and the required information.
  • Determine if the essay should be based on research or self-analysis.
  • Identify the purpose of the topic and what the audience (judge) is looking for.

Essay Writing 101 – Getting Started

  • Create a strong introduction that pulls the audience in by raising a question or creating surprise.
    • Here is a possible opening for a discussion of a student’s work with a Habitat for Humanity Project.
    • “I am a Habitat for Humanity volunteer. I did not decide to do this work because studies report that 444,000 may experience homelessness or because 39% of these people are children. My reason for becoming a Habitat for Humanity volunteer was much simpler; I was one of those children.”

Essay Writing 101

  • Use present tense and optimistic phrases to demonstrate community and civic involvement and highlight your personality.
    • Weak: I have worked with several health care agencies. Stronger: I currently enjoy interacting with patients as a volunteer Nurse’s Aide at Flower Hospital and delivering food for Meals on Wheels.

Essay Tips 101

  • Use active verbs, precise nouns, and be concise.
    • Weak: I really like medicine, so for a long time I have worked with the Red Cross and at the Toledo Hospital.
    • Stronger: I am passionate about medicine, so for over three years I have volunteered thirty hours a month, administering screening questionnaires at the Red Cross Blood Bank, and conducting patient orientations at the Toledo Hospital.

Essay Tips Continued

  • Create logical transitions
    • Show the reader where he or she is going next and why it’s a logical next step.
    • Don’t use standard transitional phrases like, “Secondly” or “As a consequence.”
    • Try repeating the prior thought and connecting to the next task.

Concluding an Essay

  • Develop a compelling conclusion as in the introduction; don’t summarize.
    • Re-emphasize the main point or circle back to the beginning and tie the loop. “I continued my weekly visits to the ten shut-ins for over two years. Over that time period I became very attached to the men and women on my route and looked forward to listening to their stories. Through my visits, I learned the importance of giving, but more importantly the value of the human contact.”

Make it F-U-N

  • Your essay should be fun to read.
  • Take time in between revisions.
  • Get a couple of people to read and edit your essay.
  • Get started early. Deadlines sneak up!

FCHS Counseling Webpage

  • Click on “Student Services”
  • Click on “Counseling”
  • Click on “Scholarships & Opportunities” tab


  • Information for this power point was taken from this website.

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