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AP Course Guide 2015-2016


AP Course Guide


This guide contains a description of the AP Courses offered at Pope High School for the 2015-2016 school year. Courses are listed alphabetically by the course title.

General Overview of the Pope AP Program

Advanced Placement Is:

  • A Rigorous Program-college level curriculum

  • National curriculum culminating with a national exam in May

  • Yearlong commitment*****

  • Designed for self motivated, self- starting students

  • About the curriculum and NOT the quality point

  • For qualified students, i.e. all prerequisites met

  • Require a significant time commitment, a good deal of outside reading and often study group participation

For more information about AP courses and AP exams visit.


“Choose AP

Are you ready for a unique learning experience that will help you succeed in college? Through AP's college-level courses and exams, you can earn college credit and advanced placement, stand out in the admission process, and learn from some of the most skilled, dedicated, and inspiring teachers in the world.”

A Different Kind of Class

From the moment you enter an AP classroom, you'll notice the difference—in the teacher's approach to the subject, in the attitude of your classmates, in the way you start to think. In AP classrooms, the focus is not on memorizing facts and figures. Instead you'll engage in intense discussions, solve problems collaboratively, and learn to write clearly and persuasively.”

AP courses are rigorous and require a substantial amount of outside class preparation. As you talk with your students about making class selections, please help them to set realistic goals so that they can be successful in all their courses.

Download 453.63 Kb.

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