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Persuasive Essay

Money. It’s what holds our economy together. Perhaps too much money is a bad thing. This question had lead to a lot of confusion and questions to be answered (Appendix). I believe too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing, do you? I think I will please you with all the questions answered below.

Morrissey states money has a grand role on children. If the parents spend a lot, kids will think money grows on trees. Teaching kids about money will teach them to be a fantastic financial manager. Too much money makes a child think they can buy what they want; when they want (Mary Lou Morrissey) and buy the new toy they saw in the store, or the Apple product that just came out that they so “desperately need.” I agree that a spoiled children’s growth to adult makes their mind think they do not need a job in the future and they can continue inheriting money from their parents. Being a parent for a child that is very rich teaches the child money can be achieved by doing nothing. (Web article 2) When those children gradually become parents they’ll have children that they will teach bad financial habits to. This will continue until someone puts an end to it. Now, I’m not saying buying unnecessary items is bad, it is just you have to earn the money to buy it and still have money for basic necessities.

Too much money will have an immense effect on working habits. With a lot of money you’re brain thinks a job is not necessary (Web Article 3). Having a reasonable amount of money will teach you the meanings on having a job and to finance. When people think of money, we think of how to earn it and spend it wisely. To wealthy children, all they do is ask their parents for some money. Kids of wealthy parents don’t search for ways to find money; they just have it when they want it. This majorly affects their brain. It’s simple, they see something and then “poof!”They get it, and NOT earn it.

With sudden wealth comes a lot of responsibility and maturity, but with a majority of affluent people we can all agree they have little or no restrain towards spending all of the money. Winning the lottery is a big reason for sudden wealth because in a “Snap!” you can be worth millions of dollars. They think they can live off that money for a long time so they quit their current job. Never holding millions of dollars in their hand they spend all that money frantically, and in a flash their life ends in debt (ABC Directory paragraph 5). You may not think about it, but this will affect their social life (ABC Directory paragraph 4). The riches they have make them only want to talk to people in their high class level. Another portion of those people are high paid actors or actresses. Getting paid millions or possibly even billions of dollars to star in movies is to get wealthy. These people are usually followed by paparazzi and getting a little time for privacy (Anti Essays Paragraph 2).

All people are different, and we spend different to. Kids will spend more money than save it when they witness wealthy parents spend. An adolescent with wealthy parents will develop the trait of spend and not save. Work for the adolescent or parent is not the choice they will want to take.


Too much money is a good thing. This is because you can pay for medical insurance for the safety of your family. You can also pay for retirement for when you’re at that age when its time. Money also gives you the ability to donate to charities in need.

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