Paper 2: International cooperation to solve humanity’s biggest challenges March 26 (Monday)

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International Relations, Spring 2012

Paper 2: International cooperation to solve humanity’s biggest challenges

March 26 (Monday): Your essay due in hard copy and by e-mail by the start of our class.

The syllabus states that you must write at least one of the two unit-end essays assigned in this class. If you write both papers, the grades will be averaged for this component of your course grade. If you did not write the first paper, you must write this one.

Please respond to the prompt listed below with an essay that is at least 1750 words (approximately 6-7 pages), excluding a title page, citations, and bibliography. Your essay should be double-spaced, have numbered pages, use standard page margins and fonts, include page-specific and properly formatted citation. Your title page should list the paper's word count.
Your essay should center on the reading materials and film covered in this course unit. Because this assignment is designed to help you learn how to analyze the specific types of source materials I have assigned, please do not use any outside readings unless you specifically have cleared doing so with me (i.e., you may not use the internet, unassigned authors, or any other student's work, to help you write the exam). Without exception, instances of plagiarism (cases where a student attempts to gain academic credit by submitting an essay in which a significant portion of the writing has been copied or paraphrased without proper citation and quotation marks where required will be reported and punished according to university policy.
Before beginning your essay, you need to review carefully the handouts on the course website addressing citation requirements and paper grading criteria. The paper's citations and bibliography should carefully follow one three formats most used in the social sciences: University of Chicago, the APA, or the APSA. For your convenience, my website provides a handout with many formatting examples using the APSA style as well as a chapter from a political science writing manual with examples of APSA citation.
Paper 2 Essay Topic:
To what extent can underdevelopment within countries in the global South be attributed to decisions and actions taken by countries in the North? What are the most important international financial organizations in the world today, whose interests do they best serve, and how effective have they been bringing countries together to address the main sources of global misery and underdevelopment?

Download 6.56 Kb.

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