Milton Business Alliance Scholarship Application

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Milton Business Alliance
Scholarship Application

The Milton Business Alliance $500.00 Scholarship is designed to recognize worthy children of members of the Alliance. To be eligible for one of the two $500.00 scholarships, you must either be a high school senior with intent to pursue a post-secondary four year degree or continue your pursuit of a post-secondary degree.

Unlike many scholarships which give the majority of weight upon grade point average, the MBA scholarship will be based on an impartial committee decision of the most worthy applicant based on all criteria submitted. In addition to GPA, we will look at your extracurricular participation in academics, athletics, community service, and the arts. Our only one overriding requirement is that your parent be an active member of the Milton Business Alliance at the time of the award.

Please note that if you are the successful candidate you are only eligible to receive this scholarship once.

The completed application with any letters of recommendation is due by 4:00 PM on Friday, April 3, 2015. Application must be scanned, mailed or delivered to:

Dale Jackson

Windward Law Group, Inc.
12600 Deerfield Parkway
Suite 125
Milton, Georgia 30004


Applicant First Name



Street Address



ZIP Code



Date of birth

Parent who is an MBA member:
Father’s Name Mother’s Name

Parent’s Contact info:
Cell Phone Email Address

High School(s) Attended and Years of Attendance:

College Currently Attending and Years and Major and Minor:


*Please list what you feel are your most significant achievements during your high school years. Activities should include teams, clubs, community organizations, service projects, paid jobs, and/or other co-curricular or extra-curricular activities in which you have been involved. Remember: We are looking for involvement in academics, the arts, athletics, and/or service to the Milton community!




Notable contributions, leadership positions, etc.

9 10 11 12


9 10 11 12


9 10 11 12


9 10 11 12


9 10 11 12



Please attach the following to your application:

  • One required essay: As someone about to embark on a college experience, or one already experiencing higher education, what results are you seeking from the college experience and what possible benefits might they have to the Milton Business Community?

(Not to exceed 500 words, 12pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced, include name)

  • Two Recommendation Forms – One must be from a teacher or professor focusing on your work in the classroom (CLASSROOM ACHIEVEMENT). The second must be from someone, not a peer, who has known you for at least two years and can speak as to your focus on an extracurricular activity.

Be sure to include your full name on each essay.

List colleges you are or may be attending. Attach copies of letters of acceptance you have received.


GPA _____ SAT______ ACT ______

Scholarship Affidavit

The undersigned student by this affidavit does declare that they are currently enrolled in High School and are eligible to graduate either at the end of this semester or at the next high school commencement. That the undersigned has an equivalent cumulative grade point average of a B, or an 80, or better;

That they are currently enrolled as a full time student in a four-year college and if attending a state of Georgia institution and is receiving Hope. If enrolled out of State their cumulative grade point average at the end of last semester is equivalent to a B average or better. Further said applicant intends to continue their full time college education in the upcoming semester;

If the candidate is in High School, that they have been accepted into a four year college for the upcoming semester;

That they are a United States citizen or legal resident;

That said candidate is of good moral character, exemplifying excellence in behavior and attitude amongst their peers, teachers and other education professionals;

That if chosen the recipient of the Milton Business Alliance Scholarship, said recipient will utilize the funds for a scholastic purpose; and,

That all information contain in this application is true and correct.

Printed Name:

Signature: Date:

Affidavit of Parent/MBA Member

The undersigned is currently the parent of the above applicant;

The undersigned has not prepared this application, but has reviewed it for accuracy;

That this application is a true reflection of their eligible child; and,

That they will insure that the funds received are utilized for the scholarship purposes to which it was intended.

Printed Name:

Signature: Date: Page

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