Lesson Plan: Figurative Language

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Leslie McGinn 12.6.10

Lesson Plan: Figurative Language

Lesson Plan Title:

Figurative Language Review


Descriptive and Language


Language Arts

Grade Level:

8th Grade

Amount of time for the entire lesson:


Approximately 50 Minutes


Identifying Figurative Language

Lesson Objectives:

(specific, observable and measurable)

(1) Students will be able to identify figurative language

(2) Students will be able to demonstrate examples of figurative language (3) Students will be able to include figurative language in essays and other writing samples.

Sunshine State Standards:

LA. The student will identify and explain an author's use of descriptive and figurative language (e.g., personification, similes, metaphors, symbolism), and examine how it is used to describe people, feelings, and objects; and

Materials and equipment needed: (include technology needs if appropriate)

Figurative Language PowerPoints and Handouts, overhead visuals and Teacher Tube video.

Teacher Preparation:

Make enough copies of worksheets and handouts, upload video.

Instructional Strategies Used:

Scaffolding: Direct Instruction, Class Discussion, Guided Activity, Small Group Collaboration. Class Review.


Anticipatory set, hook, attention grabber, etc.

Figurative Language Can Be Fun Video!

Lesson Procedures: (include activities)

1. Students will review with teacher the different figurative language terms and examples.

2. Students will review descriptive language strategies and usage.

3. View PowerPoints and Discuss as Read-Alouds

4. Metaphor and Simile partner activity

5. View Teacher Tube Video

6. Various Worksheets

Assistive Technologies:

(as needed)

IEP students will have additional assistance or extra time to complete worksheets. ESOL students will have additional instruction and assistance as needed.


(based on objectives)

Worksheets and activities will be graded in class through self-assessment and authentic peer review.

Internship Lesson Plan December 6, 2010

Download 16.91 Kb.

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