Introduction Statement

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Breakfast is The Most Important Meal

Antonio Spadaro

00227-1: Consumer Health Decisions

Dr. JoAnne Bullard


Rowan University

Introduction Statement:

Ever since college students were children people have been telling them that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why skip it? Everyday more and more college students across the country skip breakfast. They come up with excuses to try and justify skipping it, such as, “I do not have any time to eat in the morning” or “breakfast is not that important if I eat a big lunch”, some have even said “I had a big dinner last night so I am not hungry in the morning”. These are all excuses that Rowan students have said. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast can jumpstart a student’s day, and make them feel better throughout the whole day (Lepkowska 2015). This essay is going to go into detail about why Rowan Students skip breakfast and how eating breakfast can affect their day for the better.

Research Question:

Why do student’s at Rowan University skip breakfast?

Significance Statement:

This study is important to my research because it is going to give an idea of why students at Rowan University do not eat breakfast. It is going to give an understanding of why students think skipping breakfast is okay. The essay will also contain research about the effects eating breakfast has on the body. This research will help Rowan University student’s be healthier because hopefully after reading it they will realize that breakfast is important, and that they should start to eat it. Students are going to understand exactly why jump starting their day with breakfast will lead to a healthier lifestyle.

Review of Literature

First off, eating breakfast jump starts your day. In the morning when a person wakes up their body immediately wants to eat something. It wants to “break” it’s fast. By eating and breaking the bodies fast you are putting fuel back into the body. This restarts your metabolism which wakes the body up. By eating to start the day you have a more energetic start to your day. By having more energy to start the day you will instantly become more productive. According to an article published by Jet, eating breakfast can improve a person’s endurance and attitude when it comes to work (Jet, 1996). For a student, this means they will be happier and fuller throughout the day. This will have a positive effect on the body because if the body is not worried about eating, it will be able to focus more. Whether you are starting off a school day or just a weekend day, you will end up feeling more alert and focused just because you ate breakfast.

Next, eating breakfast directly affects a student’s school day. According to an article from the British Journal of School Nursing, “not eating breakfast has been proven to affect a student’s ability to learn” (Lepkowska, 2015). If a student goes to school on an empty stomach, they are less likely to pay attention. The only thing that they are going to be thinking about is how they are hungry. This directly affects the student because they, not knowingly, are not paying attention. This will have a negative effect on a student’s grades as well because they are not going to be learning the information in the classroom. Not eating breakfast has also been linked to having more behavior problems in school (Lepkowska, 2015). If a student goes to school hungry they are more irritable and are easily bothered due to the fact that they are hungry. Also in a study done by the National Restaurant Association found out students who eat breakfast have overall higher test scores then those who do not eat breakfast (National Restaurant Association, 2014). Thus proving furthermore that just by eating breakfast, a student can improve their school work.

Although there has been all this research about how eating breakfast can better your day, there is also information out there that goes over the negative effects of skipping breakfast. Not eating breakfast can actually cause you to be more over weight. You would think that eating less would keep you skinnier. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfast are actually more likely to have higher fat intake (Van Wess, 2006). By not eating in the morning you are my prone to eating more fatty and sugary foods. When a person skips breakfast they become hungrier, and by doing so they grab the closes thing to eat. When this happens they are just choosing food that is convenient, and everyone knows that most “convenient” food is just unhealthy food.

Even though this essay topic is based on college students it is important to know where the habit of not eating breakfast comes from. According to Beatrice Hunter, an author of multiple books about nutrition, in America breakfast is the most neglected meal of the day. Hunter claims that because parents are always rushing in the morning, they themselves do not eat breakfast, and it sets the example for their children. In a survey done by Hunter showed that 25% of elementary school students do not eat breakfast (Hunter, 1994). So these children grow up not thinking that breakfast is important. Then by the time they are college students they already have a nasty habit of skipping breakfast. As for young adults, “37% skipped breakfast, and then 66% of that consumed a snack before lunch” (Nicklas, O’Neil, & Myers, 2004). This shows that the number of people not eating breakfast does get higher as they get older. What is also bad about this is that people are skipping breakfast but then snacking before lunch. This goes back to eating something that is convenient because you skipped breakfast.



I plan to study a group of Rowan University Student’s. I will find these students around campus. I plan to survey half male and half female. The criteria they meet to be researched was that they are enrolled as a student at Rowan University.


I plan to collect my data by handing out the survey I made (attached at the end). I came up with the questions by trying to answer the question Why do Rowan University Students skip breakfast? I am trying to understand why they think they do not need to eat breakfast.


The plan is to start handing out my survey to Rowan students as soon as it has been approved by my professor, this way it can quickly get the filled out. The survey will be handed out to the students that are in my classes, club meetings, and my housemates.


Attached on next page

Breakfast Survey

Please circle or write in the best answer

Are you a: Male or Female

Do you live on or off campus? On or Off

In your opinion, What is the most important meal of the day?

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Do you like eating breakfast? Yes or No

On average, how many days a week do you eat breakfast?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Do you Skip breakfast? Yes or No

If YES, Why do you skip breakfast?

What time do you usually eat lunch?

Do you tend to rush in the mornings? Yes or No

Survey Results

For the survey, 20 Rowan University Students were surveyed. They ranged from sophomores to seniors. 10 males and 10 females were surveyed. For the first question, 60% (12) of the students lived off campus, and 40% (8) lived on. Next, 50% (10) of these students thought breakfast was the most important meal of the day, 30% (6) thought dinner was, and 20% (4) thought lunch was. 95% (19) of students said that they liked eating breakfast, only 5% (1 student) said they did not like breakfast. Next, the students were asked if they skip breakfast. 90% (18) of them said they skip, and only 2% (2) said they eat breakfast. Next question was on average how many days a week do you eat breakfast? And these were the results:

1 Days

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

6 Days

7 Days









For the last survey question, students were asked if the rush in the mornings, and 80% (16) of them said they rush in the morning, and 20% (4) do not rush. Also, students were asked 2 questions that required a write in answer. When asked why they skip breakfast the majority of the students wrote down that they have no time in the morning, or that they feel rushed. Also, theses students were asked what time do they usually eat lunch. 20% (4) of students said they eat lunch at 11:30. 10% (2) said they do not eat lunch, and 65% (13) of them said they eat lunch between 1-3pm. And 5% (1 student) said they eat lunch at 5pm.


After reviewing the survey there were a few things that really stood out. First, the students that lived on campus tend to skip breakfast less often. This probably tends to happened because the on campus students have easier access to quick food. Second, the majority of students said that they usually eat lunch at 2 pm. Next, No student eats breakfast every day, there was 2 students that ate 6 days a week, but no one ate every day. Lastly, the majority of students who skip breakfast skip because they have no time or are rushing in the morning. College students are always in a rush, and they cut out the things they think are not important.

If the survey had to be done again, the only thing that should be done differently would be to survey more students. The survey answered the question of why do Rowan Students skip breakfast.

Reference Page

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