Instructions for 2017 1 Complete all line items on the application form

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ASQ Madison Section 1217

Donald Ermer Education Scholarship Program

Scholarship Application Instructions for 2017
1) Complete all line items on the application form.
2) Obtain signature of sponsoring ASQ Madison Section 1217 member, as well as his/her ASQ membership number and telephone number (see item 6 for eligibility details).
3) Address a business sized envelope to:

ATTN: ASQ Scholarship Chair

Tedd Snyder

1886 S. Quam Dr.

Stoughton, WI 53589
4) High School Students: Provide completed application and essay, along with the addressed envelope, to your high school counselor and request that they mail in these materials, along with a copy of your academic record.
College Students: 1) either obtain an official copy of your transcript and mail it, together with application and essay materials; or 2) mail in your application and essay materials to Scholarship Chair and make arrangements to have a copy of your transcript sent separately to same address.
Electronic Option: The completed and signed application and the completed essay may be submitted as PDF files to:

Please Note: The electronic option is only for submitting the application materials and essay. The academic record or official transcript still must be mailed to the Scholarship Chair at the address provided in item 3 or your application will not be eligible for scholarship consideration.
5) Mailed Application Materials: must be postmarked no later than by April 28, 2017.

Electronic Option Materials: must be submitted via email by 11:59 PM April 28, 2017.

6) Eligibility –

Applicants must be one of the following:

Applicants must attend, or plan to attend, an accredited college or university.

Applicants must be sponsored by a current member of ASQ Madison Section #1217 (see application form for required information and signatures).
A section member may sponsor any and all eligible members of their immediate family. In addition, a section member may sponsor no more than one non-family applicant.

Members of the Section Leadership Team may sponsor an applicant. However, that Leadership Team member is then ineligible to participate in the remaining scholarship process.

Previous ASQ Madison Section #1217 Scholarship Recipients may not re-apply.

7) Applicants must submit a short written essay along with their completed application. The essay should explain why they should be considered for this scholarship (see criteria in item 9), what it would mean to them should they receive it, how Quality relates to their course of study, and how they might apply principles of Quality to achieve success in their chosen field.

8) Selection of Scholarship Recipient – Copies of all verified, eligible applications will have name and other identifying information blocked out so scoring remains unbiased. These copies will be distributed to those members of the Section Leadership Team who are eligible to vote. Team members will evaluate each of the applications and submit their votes to the Scholarship Chair for final scoring and determination of recipients.
9) Applications are evaluated and scored on the following:

  • Academic Performance and Qualifications

  • Written Essay

  • Financial Need

  • Additional information: e.g., honors, awards, recognitions, non-academic-activities (sports, music, theater, etc.), and community involvement.

10) Scholarship recipients and their sponsoring section member will be notified by email. The scholarship recipients will be asked to attend either the May 10th or June 14th section meeting to speak to attending section members regarding the benefits of receiving the scholarship. In addition, an announcement of recipients, along with presentation photos, will be posted on the section website. All applicants – both recipients and non-recipients – will be notified of the final scholarship selection results.

11) Scholarship checks will be issued to the recipients upon proof of registration at an accredited college or university; submitted to our Section Treasurer.
11) Questions and Final Determination - Any questions or concerns should be directed to the ASQ Madison 1217 Section Chair prior to the May 2017 meeting. The decision of the Scholarship Chair and Committee shall be considered final.
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