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PART I: Projects
Directions: Please complete the following tasks. Be sure to read the directions carefully. When you have completed all parts of the Homework Assignment, create a zipped folder containing all files, then upload this .zip file to iBoard.
1. Press Release Project:

  • Start Word, click the Open Other Documents link, open the file WD B-2.docx from the location where you store your Data File, then save the document with the filename WD B-PAOS 2016 PR.

  • Select Your Name and replace it with your name.

  • Display paragraph and other formatting marks in your document if they are not already displayed.

  • Use the Cut and Paste buttons to switch the order of the two sentences in the fourth body paragraph (which begins “New group shows…”).

  • Use the drag-and-drop method to switch the order of the second and third paragraphs.

  • Adjust the spacing if necessary so that there is one blank line between paragraphs, then save your changes.

  • Save the file as part of the zipped folder to be uploaded to iBoard.

2. Apps:

  • Start Word, open the file WD B-6.docx from the location where you store your Data Files, then save it as WD B-References. This document contains the questions you will answer about the Web reference sources you find and Apps for Office. You will type your answers to the questions in the document.

  • Replace the placeholder text at the top of the WD B-References document with your name and the date.

  • Use your favorite search engine to search the Web for grammar and style guides, dictionaries, and thesauri. Use the keywords grammar, usage, dictionary, glossary, or thesaurus to conduct your search.

  • Complete question 1 of the WD B-References document, making sure to format the website names as hyperlinks to the websites.

  • Read question 2 of the WD B-References document, then move the insertion point under question 2.

  • Click the Apps for Office button in the Apps group on the INSERT tab, then click More apps in the Apps for Office.

  • The Office window opens (note: you may see Office Store instead of More apps). Explore the apps available on the Apps for Word 2013 Web page that opens in your browser.

  • Switch to the WD B-References document in Word. Close the Apps for Office window if it is still open.

  • With the insertion point below question 2, click the Screenshot button in the Illustrations group on the INSERT tab. The Available Windows gallery opens.

  • Read the ScreenTip for each thumbnail in the gallery, find the Apps for Word - Office.com window thumbnail in the gallery, click it, then click Yes in the dialog box that opens. A screenshot of the Apps for Word 2013 is inserted in the WD B-References document.

PART II: Essay
Directions: Write an essay that summarizes what you have learned in this section of your textbook and lecture notes. Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length, utilize APA style, and include a cover page and a bibliography. Your paper should be written in your own words and not copied and pasted from the Internet or directly from the textbook and/or lecture notes. Your summary must include all of the following topics:

  • Cut and paste text

  • Copy and paste text

  • Use the Office Clipboard

  • Find and replace text

  • Check spelling and grammar

  • Research information

  • Add hyperlinks

  • Work with document properties

Download 19.42 Kb.

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