Hrm project on abbott

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HRM Abbott report group 1-1
Alina 27086 IBF report final

HRm project on abbott

SUbmitted to: Miss Tayabba fasih

Syeda Laraib Shahid
Dost Muhammad
Zulekha Adnan
Alina Amir
Syed Ali Masood

Table of Contents

Executive summary 2
Introduction of the company 3
Mission and Vision statement 3
Management style at Abbott Pakistan 4
Training & Development 4
Analysis 5
Discussion/ findings on the selected HR process 7
Training 7
Sales Representative Training 7
Office Employees orientation program 7
Skill Development Training for Current Employees 7
Training Need Analysis at Abbott 7
Analysis 7
Design 8
Develop 8
Implement & Evaluate 8
Online Trainings Due to COVID Pandemic 8
Leadership Assessment 8
Appraisals and Performance management 9
Career management (Turnover and retention) 9
Organizational Change Programs 9
Conclusion 11
Recommendation 12
Questionnaire 14

Executive summary

This report revolves around the human resource department of Abbott and is specific to employee training and development. Abbott is not a Pakistani company, rather is a Multinational Company. It is an American company and is recognized worldwide. It was the first pharmaceutical company in Pakistan. It came in 1948 that’s why the license number of Abbott in pharmaceutical industry is on number 1. The employees at Abbott are extremely motivated and the company has many incentives for them. The management works very intensely and extensively on training and keeping their employees motivated through perks and benefits.
In this report, we have discussed how the company trains and develops its employees, manages their performance and appraisals and manages careers and retention. This report includes an in-depth research done by taking an interview from the Pharmaceutical & Affiliate Lead for Talent Acquisition and Learning & Development. We have also analyzed the history of the company, given an analysis of the problem area, discussed about our findings and given appropriate recommendations for the company to overcome the problem.
This report further provides an overview of the questionnaire which was used in the interview. Based on our research, it can be stated that for the most part, employees at Abbott are contended with their job and salary even after the hit of Covid-19, where most of the people were either laid off by their organizations or were not paid their salaries. Yet, there are a few problems that the organization faces such as delayed promotions, no quota systems and others which are mentioned in this report. We have provided a few recommendations for the company which can be considered in order to overcome the problems and for a higher employee motivation.

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