Homework Assignments for Earth Science Marc Daniels

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Homework Assignments for Earth Science

Marc Daniels
P and S wave Assignment

This is an assignment to get students familiar with P and S waves. The assignment will require them to locate and determine which wave is the P-wave and which is the S-wave. They will also be required to determine the P-S time interval, and whether or not if the wave is a compression or dilation based on the first motion of the P-wave.
Group Mini Project

This will take place during the last lecture/lesson, in which after watching clips about the hazards due to earthquakes, students will be given the opportunity to discuss the hazards seen, possible hazards, as well as create their own evacuation plan for people living in the area. Students will be given about 2 to 3 days to formulate their ideas, and will give a short presentation of them for the class.
Historical Earthquake Short Essay

This assignment will allow students to do research on an earthquake of their choice. They will be required to discuss where the earthquake occurred, the damages due to the earthquake, as well as the time at which the earthquake occurred. They will also be asked why they chose their particular earthquake to research. Since not all students may have the resources to research about an earthquake, 2 to 3 days will be spent in the library of the school.

Earth Science
P and S waves

(A ruler that measures in centimeters is required)

  1. Locate and label the P-wave and the S-wave.

  2. Using a centimeter as an interval of 10 seconds, find the P-S time interval.

  3. Based on the first motion of the P-wave, determine if the wave is compression or dilation.




Earth Science

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