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Geography - The Real Deal on DBQs

Global History and Geography Name: _________________________

E. Napp Date: _________________________
Writing a DBQ is easy if you learn to see some simple clues!
Clue #1: The first page of any DBQ has the words: Historical Context written on it. Following the historical context is one or perhaps several sentences.
Historical Context is just a fancy way of saying: The Big Idea!

In other words, the historical context is the big idea of the DBQ. It will also be the big idea of the essay you will eventually write.

So, let’s try it: What’s the big idea of the following DBQ?
Historical Context:

The geographic factors of location and availability of resources have affected the history of Great Britain and Japan.

The big idea of this DBQ is (in your own words, please): ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Clue #2: After we understand what the essay’s big idea is, we need to find the word: TASK. The task will tell us what we have to include in our essay.
If you know where you are going, you have a better chance of getting there.

  • Compare and contrast the effect of geographic factors such as location and availability of resources on the political and economic development of Great Britain and Japan
.S. The box underneath the word task will list the essay’s directions. So, let’s practice.

So, what do you have to do? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Clue #3: Now, calmly open the DBQ booklet. Relax! You know what you’re looking for and you know where you’re going. It’s just a matter of time before you get there.
Now, read and analyze each document carefully. Answer each document using the document. Please answer in your own words.
And let’s begin!
Document 1

1. What did Great Britain export along the Atlantic trade routes? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Document 2

In comparing the advantages of England for manufactures with those of other countries, we can by no means overlook the excellent commercial position of the country — intermediate between the north and south of Europe; and its insular situation [island location], which, combined with the command of the seas, secures our territory from invasion or annoyance. The German ocean, the Baltic, and the Mediterranean are the regular highways for our ships; and our western ports command an unobstructed [clear] passage to the Atlantic, and to every quarter [part] of the world.”

Source: Edward Baines, History of the Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain, A.M. Kelly
2. Based on this document, identify two ways England has benefited from its location.


Document 3

. . .England, however, has grown great in both respects. She is both a great colonial power and a great industrial power. And she has been fortunate in possessing the natural conditions necessary to success.

For industry and commerce, no less than the command of the seas, are limited by natural conditions. Modern manufactures cluster round coal-fields, where power can be had cheaply; the possession of good harbours is essential to maritime trade; a country where broad and gently-flowing rivers act as natural canals will have advantages in internal communications over a country broken up by mountain ranges. . . . When we recognize that England is rich in these advantages, that she has coal and iron lying close together, that her sheep give the best wool, that her harbours are plentiful, that she is not ill-off for rivers, and that no part of the country is farther than some seventy miles from the sea, we have not said all. . . .”

Source: George T. Warner, Landmarks in English Industrial History, Blackie & Son Limited
3. According to this document, what are two ways Great Britain has benefited from its geography?

Document 4

4.   What does this map show about the extent of the British Empire in 1910?

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