Formatting an apa style Paper Using Microsoft Word 2010

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Formatting an APA Style Paper

Using Microsoft Word 2010

In order to save yourself time when writing an APA paper, you can create a template that can be used for every paper.

Open up a new document by clicking on All Programs, then select Microsoft Office, and select Word 2010. You now have a blank document.

Setting the font

The default for Word 2010 is Calibri, font size 11, but APA format requires Times New Roman, size 12 font. To change the font,

On the Hometab, select Times New Roman, Size 12 from the dropdown menu.

Set the margins and spacing

Click the Page Layout tab

Click Margins

Select Normal (1 inch on all sides)

Your margins should now be set correctly.

In the Paragraph group, click the arrow in the lower right corner.

The Paragraph box will appear.

Under Spacing, the default setting for “After” is 10. This will cause the spacing after a hard return, such as at the end of a paragraph, to be almost triple-spaced rather than double-spaced. Change the 10 to a 0.

Under Line spacing, choose Double from the dropdown menu.Click OK.

Download 205.04 Kb.

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