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C Co

6 Mar 11
From: Candidate Jones, R. T. 2nd Platoon Charlie Company

To: Platoon Sergeant Gunnery Sergeant Rodriguez

1. This example shows all the elements that will appear on a candidate essay. An essay will not exceed 300 words nor will it be less than 300 words. Each word over 3 letters will be underlined and numbered consecutively as they appear. All lines will be double-spaced. Every essay in the company will utilize the same format without any deviations. At the top right hand corner you will have the same information as the example. The only thing that will change is the date. Drop down two lines and to the left margin to begin your from line. The from line is the candidate who is writing the essay. Just below that, is your to line. This is the Marine that the essay is going to. Drop down two lines to begin your subject line. Which is the title of your essay. Notice the subject line is in all CAPS. Drop down two lines and starting with paragraph one, begin writing your essay. All pages will be in head to toe format. Staple all addition pages together. At the conclusion of your essay, go down four lines and center to sign your name.
2. Be advised that candidates that fail to use this format when writing their essays can be subject to formal counseling due to failure to follow simple instructions. In closing, the essays that you produce will be read by the individual that it is addressed to. Your essay is a reflection of your commitment to the program and your individual professionalism. Essays are not just a time consuming task, but another means for the OCS staff to evaluate you as a potential LEADER OF MARINES.

Robert T. Jones


Note: All essays will be written in black ink and all words with 3 letters or less do not count in the total.

Download 6.66 Kb.

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