Essay 3 (20%) Due Dates: Rough Draft: April 10th Final: April 24th Assignment

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Essay 3 (20%)

Due Dates:

Rough Draft: April 10th

Final: April 24th
Assignment: For this assignment you will write an argument essay. The purpose of this type of essay is to persuade the reader to reconsider his/her opinion on a particular topic.
You’ll have two options:

1) Find a nonfiction argumentative article online, in a newspaper, or in a magazine. Read the essay and then write your own essay which argues against the original thesis. For example, if you find a sports editorial in Newsday which praises Tim Tebow and the Jets, you can write an essay which criticizes this stance. If you find an article in favor of the Occupy Wall Street movement, you can write an essay against the protest. In short, find an article and argue with the author. Turn in the original article with your essay.

2) Consider a topic that does not get much popular attention, or a subject that many people look down upon. Write an argument essay describing why this topic/subject deserves more attention, or should be taken more seriously by the public in general. You can perhaps write about a controversial issue, a taboo, a supernatural concept or an obscure idea that deserves more serious attention. Some possible ideas could be: atheism, fortune telling, space exploration, ghosts, veganism, aliens, acupuncture, graffiti art, polygamy, recreational drug use, surfing, communal living, humanism, Tibetan monks, raw foodism, yoga, independent music…etc. In short, argue in favor of a topic/practice/belief that the majority of the country does not support/follow/understand fully.

Quick Tips:

-If you aren’t 100% sure about what you want to write on I can help you. You may need some help brainstorming or you may just want to have your topic OK-ed before writing.

-Proofread out loud. Your ear will catch mistakes that your eyes miss.
Formal Essay Requirements:

-Essays must be at least three full pages in length (750-1000 words).

-Essays must include at least two legitimate outside sources.

-For our peer critique session, please bring TWO copies of your rough draft, one for your peer and one for me. I will review your draft and return it to you with comments and suggestions.

-Hand in your rough draft with your final draft.

-You must cite your information using MLA, parenthetical citations, and a Works Cited page.


-Properly format your essay: all rough and final drafts must be typed, double-spaced and

stapled in the upper left hand corner. Your last name and the page number (ex: Verspoor 2) should be in the upper right hand corner. 1" margins all around. Please use Times New Roman 12 point font. Papers written in Comic Sans, or any other wacky font will not be accepted. You can also not use Courier, even though it usually adds an extra page to your paper.Make sure your paper has the proper heading (your name, my name, the date, the assignment).

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