Cla undergraduate Internship Grant Instructions and Application This document contains application instructions and

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CLA Undergraduate Internship Grant Instructions and Application
This document contains application instructions and the application form. Please read through the instructions before filling out the application form section. At the end of the document, you’ll also find a helpful checklist. Refer to it before you submit the application form.


The College of Liberal Arts strongly believes that internships are essential for gaining practical experience outside the classroom. Quality internships connect academic learning to real-world work experience, offer skill development, and give students the opportunity to begin building a network of professional contacts. Each semester (three times a year: fall, spring, summer), several CLA students are awarded $1,200 grants to help support their unpaid internship experience. The following competitive $1,200 awards are available:

CLA Undergraduate Internship Award (General Grant): Several (typically 2 to 4) general grants of $1,200 are awarded each semester to CLA students with a wide variety of undergraduate majors and internships.
Elden Johnson Award: The $1,200 Elden Johnson award is granted to a student working within the field(s) of public archaeology and/or museums and/or American Indian Studies. The frequency of the Elden Johnson Awards is dependant upon the number of quality applicants interning in the aforementioned field(s).
Paul Taylor Award: This $600 supplemental grant is awarded to an English major (or a BIS/IDIM degree seeker with one of their areas of emphasis as English) working in a writing-intensive internship. To be eligible for the Paul Taylor Award, students must first be a recipient of the $1,200 CLA Undergraduate Internship Grant. (This is the general grant listed first here). The final decision regarding this award is made by the Department of English.
FINANCIAL AID NOTE: If you're awarded one of the $1200 grants, please note that this $1200 grant will be considered part of your financial aid package. Contact One Stop ( with any questions about this.
Students are automatically considered for each grant for which they are eligible. You do not need to designate on the application form that you are applying for a specific award.


To be eligible for the internship grant, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Be an already-admitted, degree-seeking student in the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, of sophomore standing. (That means you’ve completed at least 30 credits.)

  • Not have previously received this grant.

  • Already be doing the internship (or have been accepted into the internship) for which you are applying for the grant. The internship must fulfill the following requirements:

    • You will intern for a minimum of 120 hours total during the semester in which you apply. (That averages out to roughly 8 hours per week for 15 weeks).

    • The internship must be off-campus and not directly connected to a University department/unit or to a University faculty/staff member. (However, off-campus internships with an on-campus class component are typically considered eligible. Check with the grant coordinator if you have questions.)

    • The internship must be unpaid. Modest stipends of less than $100 total and/or other minor perks do not count as salary.

    • For the duration of your internship, you must have an assigned supervisor at your internship site who will verify your hours and help you have a meaningful and productive internship experience.

Application Deadlines

A small number of grants are awarded each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). Semester deadlines are as follows:

  • For a Fall Semester internship:
    4th Wednesday in September

  • For a Spring Semester internship:
    2nd Wednesday in February

  • For a Summer Session internship:
    2nd Wednesday in June

Applications must be submitted by 4:30 p.m. on the deadline day. No late applications will be accepted—no exceptions. Submit six (6) copies of the completed application to the CLA Career Services office (formerly called Career and Community Learning Center) in 135 Johnston Hall.

The Grant Process

  1. Getting the Right Internship

In order to be eligible for funding, you must first secure an appropriate internship. If you need help, visit the CLA Career Services office in 135 Johnston Hall office. There you’ll receive tips about how to search for an internship that’s right for you, given your academic and professional goals, and how to apply for an internship.

  1. Applying for a Grant

The grant process is competitive. You must submit six (6) copies of your complete application to be reviewed by the Grant Selection Committee. The Grant Selection Committee is made up of faculty members, CLA academic staff, and a former grant recipient. (See the next section, “Components of a Complete Application,” for more on application requirements).

  1. Grant Notification

After the committee has met and selected award recipients, the grant coordinator will contact you with the decision that has been made regarding your application. The notification process typically occurs within 2 or 3 weeks after the application deadline. Applicants will be notified of their status via e-mail.

  1. If You are Awarded a Grant

If you are awarded a CLA Internship Grant, you will be asked to develop and submit a detailed learning contract. The learning contract helps you structure your internship and provide a framework for reflection and learning. After you submit the learning contract (and revise it, if necessary), grant recipients receive their $1200 award. Please understand that this award will be considered part of your financial aid package. Students should contact One Stop with any questions regarding how winning this award would affect their aid package.
5. All grant recipients are expected to attend a reception where we will honor your work. Each grant recipient will give a brief presentation of their internship experience. More information will be sent closer to the date of the event.
Components of a Complete Application

The application process is rigorous. The application must be completed in full (6 copies) and include all additional materials or it will not be considered by the Grant committee. All application materials should be computer print-outs. Do not submit hand-written materials.

[See next page for required application materials.]
A complete application includes six (6) copies of the below items:

  1. The Grant Application form, which can be found farther below in this document. (It is acceptable to submit one form with original signatures and five photocopies.)

  2. The grant application essay (600-700 word range; not to exceed two pages double-spaced)

  3. An unofficial copy of your transcript(s) or a current Academic Progress Audit System report (APAS)

1. Application Form

See the 2-page “Application” section below on pages 5 and 6. This form is a Word document that must be filled out on your computer, then printed and submitted. (6 copies)

2. Application Essay

Your essay should be in the 600 to 700 word range (not to exceed 2 pages double-spaced and typed using 12 pt font). Your essay is a major component of your application. To help you decide what to write, review the “Essay Selection Criteria” directly below. The Grant Committee will use these criteria to help them assess the quality of your essay.

** Essay Selection Criteria** Your essay must include content on all three criteria!

  1. The extent to which you draw appropriate and thoughtful connections between your academic work, your career goals, and your internship. (See below for additional information).

  2. The extent to which you articulate clear goals for your internship and describe realistic strategies for realizing those goals. (See below for additional information).

  3. The level of responsibility in your internship and the impact your work has on the company or organization. (See below for additional information).

How you choose to address the selection criteria is up to you, but you may use the following questions to help guide your thoughts:

  1. The extent to which you draw appropriate and thoughtful connections between your academic work, your career goals, and your internship:

  • What specific academic concepts and/or theories will you learn about or test in your internship?

  • How does the real-world work of your internship enhance/expand/explore what you are learning through coursework in your major or degree program?

  • What is your long term career objective, or your best guess at what your career might look like down the road? How will this internship help you take the next step toward that goal?

  1. The extent to which you articulate clear goals for your internship and describe realistic strategies for realizing those goals:

  • What specific goals do you have for your internship?

  • What concrete and measurable strategies will you use to achieve these goals?

  • What specific skills would you like to develop and how might you do this in your internship?

  1. The level of responsibility in your internship and the impact your work has on the company or organization:

  • How would you describe the level of responsibility you have in your internship?

  • What makes you say that? Can you give examples?

  • How will the project/organization/individual with whom you interned be positively changed as a result of having you as an intern?

Would you like feedback about your essay? It is suggested, though not required, that you meet early with the Grant Coordinator for essay feedback, or for any other assistance. The Grant Coordinator is an impartial third party who serves as a liaison between grant applicants and the selection committee. Applications generally improve significantly after a meeting with the Grant Coordinator. To make an appointment, please call the CLA Career Services office at 612-624-7577 and request a meeting with the Internship Grant Coordinator.
3. Unofficial Transcript or APAS

Attach an unofficial copy of your University of Minnesota transcript. (The unofficial transcripts that can be downloaded and printed from the Web are acceptable). Students who have studied elsewhere also need to provide unofficial copies of transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended for a semester or more. If you have studied somewhere other than the U of M, and do not have easy access to unofficial transcripts from that institution, you may substitute a current U of M APAS report in place of your unofficial transcripts. It is acceptable to submit the APAS that can be printed from the Web from the OneStop site ( Please note: if you are submitting an APAS, you do not need to also attach your unofficial transcripts from the U of M, the APAS is sufficient.

Submit six (6) copies of all completed application components (application form, essay, transcripts/APAS).

Tips for Success
Start early! It takes time to properly and thoroughly complete the application materials. Write your essay as carefully as possible. Avoid jargon in your essay; the selection committee will not necessarily be experts in your field.
Meet early with the Grant Coordinator if you have questions, require assistance, or would like feedback on your essay draft. To make an appointment, please call CLA Career Services at 612-624-7577.
Proofread! Review your complete application materials carefully before submission. Check for spelling and grammatical errors (the committee will expect your essay to be of the same high quality as an academic final paper). Make certain you have completed all of the requirements and that you have obtained the necessary signatures, including the signature of your internship supervisor. Please note: it is acceptable to make and submit copies of the application page where you and your internship supervisor have signed.
If you are doing an internship out of state or abroad it is important to plan ahead and complete your application materials in advance of the deadline. Work with the Grant Coordinator! It is strongly recommended that students who are completing an internship outside of Minnesota call the CLA Career Services office at 612-624-7577 to confirm that all of their materials have been completed properly and received in full.

Submit six (6) copies of all completed application components (application form, essay, transcripts/APAS).
Good Luck!
See Application Form on next page....

APPLICATION FORM: CLA Undergraduate Internship Grant

page 1 of 2

Please type directly on this document (your answers should be unbolded text). Text will adjust up and down as you type.

1. Name:
2. Year in School:
3. Student ID:
4. Mailing address (street, city, state, zip):
5. Daytime Phone:
6. E-mail address:
7. Major:
8. Minor:
9. Your title at the internship site:
10. Your internship site (name of company/organization):
11. Address of your site:
12. Internship supervisor’s name and title:
13. Internship supervisor’s phone and e-mail address:
14. Beginning and ending dates of your internship:
15. Compensation and other financial benefits of the internship (if any):

List here any kind of compensation, remuneration, or financial privileges you expect to receive in connection with your internship, even if these are small. These may include, for example, salary, stipend, associated scholarship or other financial award (please specify amount), and the listing of other “perks” such as free food, parking, tickets, and so on. Please note: financial compensation of greater than $100.00 renders applicants ineligible for the grant.
16. How did you learn of the CLA Undergraduate Internship Grant?
17. If you will be taking classes during the semester of your internship, please list those here:

18. Internship responsibilities. In 1 or 2 brief paragraphs, describe here your duties at your internship site:

List tasks and projects, and, in general, provide information/context to help the committee understand what you do at the internship in terms of tasks, and how your work relates to the work of the company or organization. Please limit this discussion to 1-2 paragraphs( it should NOT be a repeat of your essay). It is okay to extend to a supplemental page, if necessary.
APPLICATION FORM: CLA Undergraduate Internship Grant

page 2 of 2
Please write your essay (600 to 700 word range) on 2 separate pages and attach this to end of application form. See the instructions on pages 1-4 of the instructions for essay guidelines.

Please attach to the end of this document. Attach an unofficial copy of your University of Minnesota transcript. Please also include unofficial transcripts from all other institutions you have attended for more than one semester. If you have attended an institution other than the University of Minnesota, and do not have easy access to an unofficial transcript from that institution, a current U of M APAS is also acceptable. Please note: if you are submitting an APAS, you do not need to also attach your unofficial transcripts from the U of M.


The information that I have provided above and in my essay is, to the best of my knowledge, truthful and accurate. If I am awarded a grant, I give the CLA Career Services office permission to release information about me and the receipt of this internship grant to other University offices, departments, publications, and non-University media. I also understand that my award is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the internship, completing a learning contract, and giving an oral presentation on my internship experience and my learning.
Applicant’s signature: _______ Date: _____


Please note that internship supervisor does not need to sign all six applications; one application with original signatures, and five photocopied applications is acceptable.

I certify that the applicant is in an internship or is about to begin an internship as described in questions 10-16 and item 18 above. I agree to accept responsibility for supervising the student’s work at the internship site and agree to verify to the CLA Career Services office that the student has completed a minimum of 120 hours of work at the internship site.

Supervisor’s signature: _________ Date: ______

If you have any questions/concerns regarding the statement above, contact CLA Career Services at 612-624-7577.
CLA Career Services, 135 Johnston Hall, 612-624-7577,

See "Applicant Check List" on next page. Do not submit Check List with this 2-page application form.
The checklist below is for your personal use. Please do not submit this checklist with your application materials.
Did you:

  • Thoroughly read the grant instructions before beginning?

  • Complete the entire two-page application?

  • Sign the application in the Applicant Signature section?

  • Remember to have your supervisor sign your application also?

  • Checked with the Financial Aid office to determine how winning an internship grant could affect your financial aid package?

  • Meet with the grant coordinator to get feedback on your application essay? This step is optional, not required.

  • Attach your 2 page essay to the application form?

  • Attach unofficial transcripts from all institutions or a current APAS?



If you have questions about the CLA Internship Grant or the application instructions above,

contact CLA Career Services:
135 Johnston Hall * 612-624-7577 *
(CLA Career Services was formerly called Career and Community Learning Center)

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer. This publication is available in alternative formats upon request.

Please contact CLA Career Services: 135 Johnston Hall, 612-624-7577

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