Chemistry Syllabus and Classroom Guidelines

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Chemistry Syllabus and Classroom Guidelines

Victoria West High School

2018 – 2019

Mrs. Crystal Moeller

Email: School Phone: 361-788-2830 ext. 39321

Room Number: B301 Conference Period: 3rd period

School Website:

Instructional Goals

In Chemistry, students conduct laboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods during investigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking and scientific problem solving. Students study a variety of topics that include characteristics of matter, use of the Periodic Table, development of atomic theory and chemical bonding, chemical stoichiometry, gas laws, solution chemistry, thermochemistry, and nuclear chemistry. Students will investigate how chemistry is an integral part of our daily lives.

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Upon completion of the Chemistry course, the student….

  • knows the characteristics of matter and can analyze the relationships between chemical and physical changes and properties.

  • understands the historical development of the Periodic Table and can apply its predictive power.

  • knows and understands the historical development of atomic theory.

  • knows how atoms form ionic, metallic, and covalent bonds.

  • can quantify the changes that occur during chemical reactions.

  • understands the principles of ideal gas behavior, kinetic molecular theory, and the conditions that influence the behavior of gases.

  • understands and can apply the factors that influence the behavior of solutions.

  • understands the energy changes that occur in chemical reactions.

  • understands the basic processes of nuclear chemistry.

Supply List

To successfully complete this class, you will need the following individual supplies:

  • 1 -3 subject spiral notebook

  • Pens/ pencils

  • 1 package of note book paper

The following classes are requested to bring the following supplies:

1st period-1 roll of paper towels

5th period- 1 pkg. of blue or black ink pens

3rd period-1 pkg. index cards

4th period- 1 gallon of distilled water

Course Schedule

1st 9 Weeks

  • Safety

  • Measurement and Conversions

  • Matter

  • Atomic Structure

  • Periodic Table

  • Chemical bonding

3rd 9 Weeks

2nd 9 Weeks

  • Chemical bonding

  • Chemical Formulas

  • Chemical Equations and Reactions

  • Semester Exam

4th 9 Weeks

  • Solutions

  • Reactivity

  • Thermochemistry

  • Nuclear Chemistry

  • Final Exam

Victoria West Student Guidelines for Success

Classroom Rules

  • Be Prepared

  • Be Responsible

  • Be Respectful

  • Follow all VISD and VWHS rules!

Positive Consequences

If you choose to follow the rules, participate in class, and treat others with respect, you can earn rewards!

  • Praise and recognition

  • Positive call home

Negative Consequences

If you choose to break a rule, you will have an appropriate consequence.

  • Verbal Warning

  • Time Owed

*** Severe misbehavior or class disruption will result in an immediate referral or removal from the classroom. Parents will be notified.

Victoria West High School Science Department Grading Policies

Department Grading Categories:

The following Grading Guidelines will apply to all Science Courses at Victoria West High School.

Course averages will be computed according to the following weights and categories:

  • 50% Summative: Tests, Projects

  • 30% Formative: Laboratory Experiments, Quizzes, Notebook Grades

  • 20% Daily: Classwork, Homework

A minimum of one grade will be recorded each of the weeks of the 9 weeks. Teachers have been given the responsibility of recording all grades into the Parent Grade book within one week of the assignment’s due date. Summative assessments may be given administrative approval to allow a few more days for grading reasons. Information about course work and grades is available online through the VISD home page by accessing the Parent Grade book.

Failure Is Not An Option!

Our goal is for all students to be successful. In order to take advantage of every learning opportunity, students should actively participate in all class activities and discussions and complete all assignments in the time prescribed. In the event students are not successful the first time they complete an assessment or assignment, opportunities exist for them to demonstrate mastery of essential knowledge and skills.

District Wide Re-teaching and Reassessing Policy:

Students who meet the criteria detailed in these guidelines will be provided a reasonable opportunity to redo an assignment or retake a test for which the student earns a failing grade.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Each student will be allowed to redo a particular summative assignment or retake a particular test one time.

  2. In order for a student to redo an assignment, the student must complete all missing assignments within the current grading period.

  3. In order for a student to retake a test, the student must have all the assignments related to that test completed and turned in to the teacher and attend the required tutorial session(s). The amount of required tutorial time will be based on the individual student’s understanding of the objectives not mastered.

  4. The teacher will provide a different test or format for the student based on the course objectives and essential knowledge and skills which were assessed on the original test. The retest must have the same level of rigor as the original test.

  5. A student must utilize the redo or retest opportunity within two weeks of the initial assignment or test.

  6. The average of the two grades earned for a particular summative assignment or test will be used to calculate the student’s new grade, if it benefits the student.

  7. A student will not be able to retake a mid-term exam, benchmark or a final exam.

Teachers may assign a late penalty to any project, final draft or assignment turned in after the due date if the guidelines have been previously established in a rubric and approved by administration. The rubric will be disseminated to students when the assignment is introduced.

Test Corrections and Retest

A student earning a passing grade on an initial test will be allowed to make corrections to improve his or her grade. The student will complete test corrections in the format assigned by his or her teacher and then receive ½ credit back for the corrections that are right.

A student earning a failing grade, below 70%, will need to complete the retesting procedures. Students will have 1 week to complete test correction and take a retest. After 1 week, the failing test grade will remain.

1. The student will complete test corrections according to teacher format.

2. The student will turn in completed test corrections. The test, answer document and test correction will be stapled together. No points are awarded for test corrections.

3. The student will schedule a time to take a retest. Student will have the opportunity to take their retest in the homework center after school.

4. The retest score and original test score will be averaged and the new score will be entered into the grade book.

Semester and Final Exams

All students will take a semester exam at the end of the 1st semester and a final exam at the end of the second semester.

The exams will cover all material in that semester. The exam are 15% of the student’s semester grade.


I will not be available for tutorial after school this year due to my coaching responsibilities. Morning tutorial will only be available by appointment.

Classroom Procedures:

Beginning of Class

1. Once you enter class the work begins. Pick up your any copies or papers from the back table, your interactive notebook and sit in assigned seat and begin work.

2. Personal belongings will be placed under your chair. Your electronic device will be places inside of your backpack or purse and on silent.

3. Bring your binder and a writing instrument to class everyday (a bin will be provided if you would like to leave your interactive notebook in the classroom).

5. Check the board for the day’s agenda, new assignments and important dates


1. Assignments, homework and due dates will be written on the white board.

2. Your assignments will be due at the beginning of class and will be turned into the correct period bin. The bin is located next to your binder crate.

3. If your assignment is late and not ready on the due date the grade records as a zero and follows district policy stated in the Late Work Policy section above.

4. Grades will be posted as quickly as possible following district guidelines and when applicable returned to you.

Lab Experiments

1. It is essential that the instructions for a lab be read entirely before you may begin a procedure in the lab. The may require a written Pre-Lab to be completed in your lab book and signed off by me before you may enter the lab. This pre lab would be out on your desk at the beginning of class so I can sign off while you are working on the warm-up. If a formal lab report is required, this must be completed prior to the lab. No formal write up=no lab.

2. Follow all safety protocols: Shoes, Hair, apron, goggles etc..

3. Lab groups are chosen by the teacher and every member is expected to participate AND turn in lab papers or questions with common data and INDIVIDUAL essay type answers. Identical sentences for answers is CHEATING=ZERO.

4. You may stand by, work and talk with your group only.

5. We do NOT sit on the lab tables or lie underneath. DO NOT cram your trash inside and around the lab areas, stick gum under tables, or tag the tops of the lab tables. Violations will have a disciplinary action.

6. You may only work on the lab assigned. Off task vandalism, loitering or other violations results in discipline action.

7. Labs with no pre-lab completed, improper safety, missed or redone for failing must be scheduled with Mrs. Moeller before or after school in most cases. It is not my responsibility to schedule this time, it is yours.


1. Remain in your assigned seat and NO talking during the test until ALL tests are complete. You may read or work on something not being tested when you finish.

2. You may go to the restroom before you arrive in this class period or after you have finished your test NO EXCUSES.

3. There is NO TOLERANCE for ANY form of cheating!!

4. One re-test will be scheduled and mandatory tutoring with me may be required. See grading policy for other criteria.

8. Make-up tests must be scheduled by the student before or after school.

9. Student will be allowed to have an index card to use on the exam. They may write notes on the index card. It must be made prior to the test. The index card will be stapled to the test and turned in when the student completes the test.

End of Class

1. You are expected to work until the end of the period. I will dismiss you and not the bell. There is no packing early and stalking the door.

2. Leave your table just as you found it. (Supplies placed back in their appropriate place). Check the area around your desk for trash and papers even if it isn't yours. If they are not your papers place in lost and found. One person from each table will need to empty the trash bucket on your table.

3. You will complete the closing task independently in your interactive notebook.

The Victoria Independent School District and its career and technology education program do not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, age or national origin in its education programs, activities, or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and Title VI.

El distrito escolar independiente de Victoria y su programa educacional de carrera y tecnologia no discriminan a base de genero, incapacidad, raza, color, edad u origen nacional en sus programas educativos, actividades, o empleo como lo requiere el Titulo IX, Seccion 504 Titulo VI.

We have read Mrs. Moeller’s syllabus and understand what is expected to successfully complete this course. Please sign and return to Mrs. Moeller by August 24, 2018.

Student name (print)_____________________________________________

Student Signature:________________________________________________ Date: ________

Parent Signature:_________________________________________________ Date:_________

Parent email:____________________________________________________________________

Parent phone number_________________________________________________________

Second phone number________________________________________________________
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