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The rate of road accident in Malaysia is in an increasing number,seems like do not have solutions and arise simultaneously with the rapid growth in population,economic in development,industrialisation and motorisation encountered by our country.It was stated that Malaysia is the leading country that has highest road fatility risk among the ASEAN countries and half of the road accident fatalities involved motorcyclists.An increasing in number of accident has to be solve properly.It was identified that the main reasons for the increasing rate of road accident in Malaysia are due to behaviour of drivers and road condition that leads to death and economic losses.

The main causes that contribute to increase in road accident are the behaviour of drivers on the roads and uneven road condition itself.Lot of Malaysian drivers are driving over limited speed and careless due to inadequate sleep.Many cases of fatal accident were reported due to speeding over limited speed then cause failure in emergency break and direct crash onto another vehicles or road barriers.In a case-control study in road crashes,it was found that driving when sleepy,driving after five hours or less of sleep especially driving between 2 am and 5 am increase the risk of a car crash.They lost their focus on driving because of sleepy and may fall asleep while driving.

The uneven road condition also contribute to a lot of accident cases.Past few weeks,the media reported more than twice fatal accident that were occurred on the Lebuhrayapantaitimur 2(LPT2).Everybody keep talking about the road condition,that is not in a good condition and bumpy,to be the main causes of the accident that were occurred frequently.Netizen urges the government to upgrade the road safety in order to avoid these kind of accident from repeated.

These causes,which are drivers behaviour and uneven road are the main reasons of increasing rate in road accident in Malaysia.It leads to several effects such as death and economic losses for several individual and parties.

The rate of road accident increases should to be solved quickly because off the bad effects following the accident such as death and economic losses to the individu involved and government.Based on the statistics by Institut Penyelidikan Keselamatan Jalan Raya Malaysia, in 2014,the number of fatal accident that were recorded are 30300,such a big number that killed drivers and passenger.The major causes of death in road accident is severe head injury.The authorities especially the government has to be more competent on solving the problem to avoid loss of more lives that are priceless.

The road accident also impact on economic losses of individual and other parties that are involved in the accident.The damage on individual’s vehicle need to be repaired or sometimes totally loss that burden the owner to find the new one especially the poor.In most cases,it is hard to claim the insurance,and has to face complicated process in order to have our right.The authorities also have to replace any damage on public use such as road barriers.

An increasing on the rate of road accident due to driving behaviour of Malaysian and drive over the speed limit need to meet the solution in order to decreased or totally diminished this problem to save lives.Everyone are able to solve this problem,as long as we change our driving behaviour and driving with proper speed in order to avoid more lives in danger and to maintain economic status.The authorities especially the government include police need to improve the law and road safety.


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