C. 82nd d. 83rd “To set the vision and policy of the ffa” is the primary purpose of National ffa foundation Trustees c. National ffa staff National ffa board of Directors

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Archie Ag Contest - 2012

FFA Knowledge Test

  1. The National FFA Constitution and Bylaws were last amended at which National Convention?

    1. 80th b. 81st c. 82nd d. 83rd

  1. “To set the vision and policy of the FFA” is the primary purpose of

    1. National FFA Foundation Trustees c. National FFA Staff

    2. National FFA Board of Directors d. National FFA Convention delegates

  1. This program is a competitive program dedicated to supporting and developing young people committed to a career in production agriculture

    1. NFC b. ILSSO c. I-CAL d. 360°

  1. FFA celebrated 40 years of women in the organization is what year?

    1. 1969 b. 1996 c. 2006 d. 2009

  1. Which of the following is not a National FFA Career Development Event?

    1. Dairy Cattle Handlers Activity c. Food Science & Technology

    2. Marketing Plan d. Entomology

  1. Which state is not in the Eastern Region of the National FFA Organization

    1. Illinois b. Tennessee c. West Virginia d. Kentucky

  1. Two components included in each type of SAE programs are:

    1. Improvement projects & Financial records c. Improvement projects & Supplemental skill development

    2. Financial records & Student development d. Financial records & Supplemental skill development

  1. Which program has students and advisors meeting with USDA officials and members of Congress in Washington DC, as well as being recognized at a special ceremony at USDA?

    1. WLC c. Models of Innovation

    2. Risk Management Essay Contest d. I-CAL

  1. By 1971, how many states had chartered state alumni associations?

    1. 45 b. 30 c. 19 d. 9

  1. Which division team is charged with relationships building with state associations and local chapters to expand opportunities for existing FFA programs?

    1. Local Program Success c. Program Development

    2. Program Operations d. Program Enhancement

  1. The National Board Policy on FFA Trademarks was adopted in

    1. November 1985 c. November 1998

    2. November 1995 d. October 1985

  1. How many subsidiary motions can be amended?

    1. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4

  1. How many Subsidiary motions are considered Main motions in specific circumstances?

    1. 0 b. 2 c. 4 d. 5

  1. When was the first state meeting for the New Farmers of Virginia?

    1. May 1927 b. May 1935 c. June 1927 d. June 1935

  1. The motion to Fix the Time to Which to Adjourn can be both of which classification of motions.

    1. Main and Subsidiary c. Main and Privileged

    2. Privileged and Subsidiary d. Privileged and Incidental

  1. Who reviews the American Degree applications and recommends the candidates to receive the degree?

    1. The National Delegate Body c. The National FFA Advisor

    2. The National FFA Officer team d. The National FFA Board of Directors

  1. In the officer installation ceremonies, which officer “has been placed is a position of trust”?

    1. President c. Reporter

    2. Treasurer d. Secretary

  1. What section of the constitution is read by the secretary in the Honorary Member Ceremony?

    1. Article 6, Section D c. Article 6, Section C

    2. Article 5, Section B d. Article 5, Section E

  1. Which program is focused on developing and applying leadership and classroom skills in the real world?

    1. Rural Youth Development Grant c. New Century Farmer

    2. National Days of Service d. National Chapter Activity

  1. The State Vice-President from Area 4 is from the ___________ FFA Chapter.

    1. Silex b. Knox County c. Fulton d. Malta Bend

  1. How many duties for the National Advisor are listed in the bylaws?

    1. 3 b. 4 c. 6 d. 7

  1. Who says “The FFA is a national organization of young men and women preparing for careers in agriculture.” in the Greenhand Degree Ceremony?

    1. President c. Secretary

    2. Vice President d. Treasurer

  1. The first National FFA Center was dedicated in ________ and located in ___________.

    1. 1939, Virginia c. 1959, Virginia

    2. 1998, Indiana d. 2006, Indiana

  1. The amendment to the constitution that adds the community service requirement to the American Degree minimum qualifications will go in effect on

    1. January 1, 2010 c. January 1, 2011

    2. January 1, 2012 d. January 1, 2015

  1. What region is the Virgin Islands located in?

    1. Western c. Southern

    2. Eastern d. Central

  1. Which United State President granted a Federal Charter to the FFA?

    1. Richard Nixon c. Dwight D. Eisenhower

    2. Harry S. Truman d. Jimmy Carter

  1. The first international exchange program began in _____

    1. 1945 c. 1951

    2. 1948 d. 1958

  1. How many members serve on the Governing Committee for the National organization?

    1. 3 b. 6 c. 9 d. 11

  1. Which department has the role to ensure that FFA has working relationships with other nonprofit organizations, governmental entities, youth and education and agricultural organizations?

    1. Strategic Partnerships c. Relationship Program Development

    2. Partnership Development d. Local Program Success

  1. How many states are in the Western Region?

    1. 9 b. 11 c. 12 d. 18

  1. Which activity is not available at National FFA Convention?

    1. National FFA Days of Service c. State President’s Conference

    2. Career Success Tours d. National Career Development Events

  1. What state is the president of the National FFA Foundation Board of Trustees?

    1. Tennessee c. Indiana

    2. Colorado d. Maryland

  1. The state with the largest number of FFA Chapters in 2009-2010 was:

    1. Oklahoma b. Texas c. California d. Missouri

  1. The FFA Code of Ethics was adopted by the delegates at the _____ National FFA Convention and revised by the delegates at the _____ National FFA Convention.

    1. 1950, 1995 c. 1955, 1995

    2. 1952, 1990 d. 1952, 1995

  1. Who should approve all news articles prior to submitting to the media?

    1. Chapter President c. Chapter Reporter

    2. Chapter Advisor d. All of the above

  1. What follows New Business in the suggested Order of Business?

    1. Unfinished Business c. Ceremonies

    2. Committee Reports d. Special Features

  1. All National officer candidates will be notified of their eligibility on or before

    1. August 15 c. September 1

    2. September 15 d. August 1

  1. What state was the first African-American National officer from?

    1. Washington b. Illinois

    2. Texas d. California

  1. Which officer in the Chapter FFA Degree ceremony talks about the medal of the Chapter Degree pin?

    1. President c. Advisor

    2. Sentinel d. Vice-President

  1. Which Chapter Officer’s responsibility is to take charge of candidates for degree ceremonies:

    1. Advisor c. President

    2. Sentinel d. Reporter

  1. What states are the past National FFA officers from that serve on the National FFA Alumni Council:

    1. Georgia and Montana c. Florida and Georgia

    2. Montana and California d. California and Florida

  1. Which Chapter Officer’s responsibility is to evaluate the progress of each division of the POA?

    1. President c. Secretary

    2. Vice President d. Advisor

  1. Which of the following is not guaranteed by using parliamentary procedure?

    1. One item at a time addressed c. Majority rules

    2. Minority rules d. Courtesy is extended to everyone

  1. How many states chartered in 1931?

    1. 29 b. 19 c. 5 d. 3

  1. Section 70904 of Public Law 105-225 covers

    1. Membership c. National officers

    2. Governing Body d. Organization

  1. The PALS program was launched in _______.

    1. 1990 b. 1997 c. 2005 d. 2008

  1. Which Chapter Officer’s responsibility is to publish a chapter website:

    1. Advisor c. Reporter

    2. President d. Historian

  1. The three divisions of a chapter Program of Activities are

    1. Chapter, Student, State c. Community, Student, National

    2. Student, Chapter, Community d. State, Community, Chapter

  1. One _____________ from each of the four regions serves on the National FFA Board of Directors.

    1. Agricultural Education Instructor b. State FFA Advisor

    2. State Supervisor of Ag Education c. USDE representative

  1. The theme for the 2012-2013 212° Leadership Conference is:

    1. Virtues c. Growth

    2. Influence d. Vision

  1. In the event a local department of agricultural education is discontinued, the chartered FFA Chapter may officially operate for a period not to exceed

    1. six months c. 12 months

    2. 24 months d. 36 months

  1. The Core catalog is used to market

    1. Official FFA clothing and gifts c. Educational resources

    2. Chapter paraphernalia d. Conference materials

  1. The motion to Raise a Question of Privilege requires what type of vote for passage?

    1. Majority b. Decision of Chair c. 2/3rds d. no vote

  1. What is the TV and Web video program called that showcases the talented FFA members, teachers and supporters who are changing the world through Ag Ed?

    1. FFA Today c. FFA Nation

    2. FFA Discovery d. RFD-TV

  1. The National FFA Board of Directors must submit to state associations it recommendations concerning dues how many days prior to the National FFA Convention?

    1. 30 days b. 45 days c. 90 days d. 120 days

  1. Minimum requirements for SAE earnings for the American FFA Degree change effective on what date?

    1. January 1, 2012 c. January 1, 2013

    2. January 1, 2014 d. January 1, 2015

  1. Delegates at the FFA National Convention established the alumni class of membership in what year?

    1. 1965 b. 1969 c. 1973 d. 1974

  1. Which officer in the Greenhand FFA Degree ceremony talks about the Greenhand pin and the qualities of a Greenhand member?

    1. President c. Sentinel

    2. Advisor d. Vice President

  1. Which symbol in the National FFA Emblem represents freedom and ability to explore new horizons for the future of agriculture?

    1. Rising Sun c. Plow

    2. Eagle d. Owl

  1. What year was the first live webcast of the national FFA Convention premiered?

    1. 2009 b. 2008 c. 2004 d. 2001

  1. In 2010, students traveled to what country for the FFA Global Outreach program?

    1. Japan b. Spain c. China d. Africa

  1. There are _______ areas in the Proficiency Award Program.

    1. 38 b. 48 c. 32 d. 42

  1. According to the FFA Alumni Membership Induction Ceremony, when was the National FFA Alumni Association established?

    1. 1965 b. 1969 c. 1971 d. 1991

  1. Which of the following is not a general duty expected of all chapter officers:

    1. A willingness to stand in front of a group

    2. A commitment to lead by example

    3. The ability to memorize official ceremonies

    4. Knowledge and understanding of the chapter, state and national FFA constitutions, bylaws and programs

  1. Which Chapter Officer’s responsibility is to prepare and submit the membership roster to the National FFA Organization through the state FFA association office?

    1. Advisor b. Treasurer c. President d. Secretary

  1. Which of the following organizations is not a member of the National Council for Agricultural Education?

    1. PAS b. MANRRS c. NAAAE d. ACTE

  1. Which SAE type requires a student to participate in a single agricultural event relevant to classroom learning?

    1. Improvement c. Supplemental

    2. Exploratory d. Agricultural Service Learning

  1. The authors of the Smith-Hughes Act in 1917 were both congressmen from what state?

    1. Georgia b. Illinois c. Virginia d. Kentucky

  1. Division II of the National FFA Agriscience Fair is open to

    1. Teams of 2 members in grades 7,8 & 9

    2. Members in grades 7, 8 & 9

    3. Teams of 2 members in grades 10, 11 & 12

    4. Members in grades 10, 11 & 12

  1. The Vice President’s part in the _____________ Ceremony starts with the line, “Planning and completing a task brings a certain satisfaction that is the reward of the industrious individual.”

    1. Discovery FFA Degree c. Chapter FFA Degree

    2. Greenhand FFA Degree d. State FFA Degree

  1. What is the minimum number of members that is needed in order for a state association to be chartered?

    1. 125 b. 225 c. 250 d. 25

  1. Missouri had a National FFA President elected in _____ and _______.

    1. 1931, 2007 b. 1930, 2008 c. 1930, 2007 d. 1929, 2008

  1. There are ____ members on the National FFA Board of Directors who are stakeholders

    1. 19 b. 15 c. 12 d. 10

  1. Which of the following motions may NOT be reconsidered?

    1. Previous Question c. Limit or extend debate

    2. Fix the time to adjourn d. Call for the Orders of the Day

  1. An amendment to the National FFA Constitution requires a _____ vote to pass and an amendment to the bylaws requires a _______ vote to pass.

    1. 2/3rds, 2/3rds c. Majority, 2/3rds

    2. Majority, Majority d. 2/3rds, Majority

  1. The first African-American was elected National FFA President in ______.

    1. 1994 b. 1982 c. 1976 d. 1974

  1. How many delegates attended the first National FFA Convention?

    1. 18 b. 33 c. 35 d. 41

  1. How many tips does the FFA Manual list for communicating with social media?

    1. 3 c. 6

    2. 9 d. 10

  1. What will add dignity to FFA Functions and instill pride in the members?

    1. A well planned Program of Activities

    2. A carefully planned FFA Chapter banquet program

    3. An organized FFA officer team

    4. A properly furnished meeting room

  1. Who says “The FFA needs counsel and guidance from recognized leaders.” In the Honorary Degree Ceremony?

    1. President c. Secretary

    2. Vice President d. Treasurer

  1. The “Three Circle Model” of Agricultural Education includes:

    1. Classroom, Knowledge, FFA

    2. Classroom, SAE, Leadership

    3. Classroom, Laboratory, FFA

    4. Classroom, SAE, FFA

  1. The National FFA Organziation Headquarters is located in____________.

    1. Washington, DC c. Alexandria, VA

    2. Indianapolis, IN d. Kansas City, MO

  1. The National FFA Alumni Association supports FFA members by providing scholarships to attend what conference?

    1. Washington Leadership Conference c. 360° Leadership Conference

    2. 212° Leadership Conference d. BLAST Off Conference

  1. The National FFA Convention has been approved by what organization, which allows students an opportunity to experience education-filled programs outside of school.


  1. Which is not a component of the State FFA Officer Leadership Training Continuum?

    1. NLCSO b. SPC c. ILSSO d. I-CAL

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