Application Questions 2004/2005 Instructions

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Resident Assistant (RA) & College Assistant (CA)

Application Questions 2004/2005

Instructions: You will be generating your final application from the Web site. In addition to the basic information you enter into your applicant profile on the Web site, you will be entering your essays onto the Web site as well. From the Web site you will print out both the cover page of your application and your essay responses.
We advise you to write out your essays on your word processor first and save them on disk as a backup. You may then cut and paste your essay responses into the Web site application form when you are ready to do so.
Application Questions:
1. List your time commitments for each quarter next year if you are chosen to be an RA/CA. (Include such things as academics, job searches, graduate school applications/interviews and other extra-curricular activities.):
2. List experiences, activities, and jobs which have prepared you to be an RA/CA, including activities you have planned and leadership roles you have assumed in and out of the residences. Also list personal interests that you might use as a basis for educational and community building activities in your house. CAs should consider that part of their role will be the function of a HPAC. Think about what in your experience has prepared you to supervise a staff of PAAs, coordinate Advisor/Advisee events, and organize academic programming.
3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced at Stanford? How did you meet the challenge?
4. Tell us about a book, movie, or piece of music/art/writing that you were so excited about that you wanted to share it with others. What was the book, movie or piece of music/art/writing, and why was it exciting to you?
5. Some of the best learning experiences on campus come when students share their intellectual (not necessarily academic) interests with each other. Describe something you are intellectually excited/passionate about and give some concrete ideas for how you will engage the residents in this interest.
6. Ask a question you wish was on this application (other than why you want to be an RA/CA). Answer the question.
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