Young people have different ideas and attitudes with their parents and grandparents

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  • Young people have different ideas and attitudes with their parents and grandparents.

  • What are the differences?

  • What problems may be caused?

  • What are the solutions to it?

  • The generation gap is the difference between people of different generations. This is due to lack of efforts and understanding from both sides. The distinction is generally witnessed in the beliefs, politics, values, clothing, and several other things.

  • The generation gap prevails all across the globe. This universal issue has become rigid and leads to negative consequences. We can often see younger and elder generations end up in silly arguments. They frequently enter into conflicts where in the seniors feel insulted and get depressed. Moreover, the youngsters generally avoid discussing their problems with their elders and this puts them in a difficult situation. In addition, the concept of nuclear families is quite common these days as the elders feel that in spite of daily conflicts it is better to stay away and maintain distance in relationship. This outcome is, many retirement homes are coming up.

  • There are various ways to combat this problem. Realization and high level of understanding is a must to curb this issue. To reduce the generation gap it is essential to communicate. The youngsters need to respect the values and principles of elders and on the other hand, elders need to be a little flexible and must give space to their children. Both generations need to understand that they are dependant on each other. There should be get together activities that can bring the two generations closer.

  • To core out, it is not the sole responsibility of any one generation. Both need to work hand-in-hand to maintain peace and harmony. There should be sensitivity and emotions in relationship. Youngsters need to be tolerant and elders need to be forgiving in nature. With a little sacrifice and compromise the generation gap can be minimized and people will be able to live a good and fruitful life.

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