You will write a four paragraph paper, worth 25 points

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“Supersize Me” Essay Assignment

You will write a four paragraph paper, worth 25 points

In the movie, Mr. Spurlock embarks on a month long experiment.

First paragraph – What was the purpose of Mr. Spurlocks experiment?

Second paragraph – What guidelines did he follow in the experiment?

Third paragraph – What kinds of physical and emotional effects did the McDonalds diet have on Mr. Spurlock?

Extremely thorough and complete

5 points

Very good effort, but missing some key elements

3 points

Lacking in information and key points

1 points

Paragraph One

Paragraph Two

Paragraph Three

Paragraph Four

Thoughts and ideas are well conveyed to the reader

Total points

Fourth paragraph – Would you do what Mr. Spurlock did? Will watching this movie change the way you eat? If so, what specifically do you plan to do?

Grading Key for “Supersize Me” Essay Assignment

Paragraph One:

Morgan Spurlock embarked on this experiment due to the increasing spread of obesity throughout the U.S. society which the Surgeon General has declared “epidemic”, and the corresponding lawsuit brought against McDonald’s. He contends that McDonald’s and the fast food industry does have an influence on this obesity issue and they promote poor nutrition for their own profit.

Paragraph Two:

  • must eat three McDonald’s meals a day

  • must sample every item on the McDonald’s menu at least once

  • cannot purchase anything not on the menu including aspirin; Bottle water is on the menu, so he may drink it

  • must “Super Size” his meal whenever the option is specifically verbally offered (and only then)

  • will not exercise during this experiment

Paragraph Three:

After thirty days, he gained 24.5 lb, and increase of 13% of his body mass.

After five days, he found himself with an inexplicable feeling of depression, and not much longer until he finds his bouts of depression, lethargy and headaches are relieved by a McDonald’s meal. One doctor describes him as “addicted.”

He experienced mood swings, sexual dysfunction, and nearly catastrophic liver damage. It took several months to lose the weight he gained and return to normal.

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