Welcome to hpe 1000 100 Wellness Online

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Welcome to HPE 1000 – 100

Wellness Online


Welcome to Wellness offered online through Illinois Valley Community College Distance Learning.  I am your instructor, Julie Sherbeyn, and am very excited for this opportunity to increase your health awareness through this innovative medium.  The goal of this course is to encourage you to consider your personal health behaviors relative to current health information.  You will have the opportunity to evaluate your current lifestyle and identify alternative options to improve your overall wellness.  This is a fast-paced eight week course with no classroom meetings; therefore, it is imperative you are aware of the course requirements and corresponding timeline.  This course is totally asynchronous (on your own) to allow for flexibility in your personal schedule while earning college credit.


The course consists of utilizing the text, Fundamental Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, 2nd ed., taking chapter quizzes and unit exams and completing assigned labs.  (Please see the Course Timeline for an outline of course content and corresponding deadlines.) You are required to contact the instructor at the beginning of the course to confirm course expectations (please refer to Instructor Contact Information). You must include your full name and course number (HPE 1000-100) in the subject line of all email contact with your instructor. You will not receive any response and your concerns will NOT be addressed if the appropriate format is not followed. Contact the instructor with a valid email account after you:

1.      register for the class

2.      obtain your class materials

3.      self-enroll in the course within Blackboard (see instructions below)


Required Materials

The textbook is required for this course and is available in the IVCC bookstore.

·    TextCorbin, C., Welk, G., Corbin, W., and Welk, K.  Fundamental Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, 2nd ed.  New York, NY:  McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2006.

·    Internet:  Access to Blackboard (http://blackboard.ivcc.edu) for all assignments, to take all quizzes and tests, and to access your grades.


Blackboard Usage Instructions

           You will first need to self-enroll in this course in Blackboard. Logging into Blackboard is not sufficient. You must seek out the appropriate course and enroll.  Go to www.ivcc.edu/blackboard for detailed instructions or use the following:

1. Log-in to the Blackboard system.

·        Your user name is the first three letters of your last name and the last four digits of your

social security number.

·        Your password is the first three digits of your social security number.

2. Click on the Courses tab.

3. Click on the Browse Course Catalog link.

4. You can either search for your course or scroll down and look for the title.  Your course is

HPE 1000 – 100 Wellness Online Spring 2009.

5. When you find the class you need to enroll in, click the Enroll button.

6. If you are requested to enter an access code, enter the one your instructor gave to you.  The access code is case sensitive.  This means 'SecretCode' is not the same as 'Secretcode'.  Click the Submit button to Enroll in the class.

7. If you successfully enroll you will get a screen telling you so.  You are now enrolled in HPE 1000 – 100 Wellness Online.



After comprehensive study of each chapter, you will complete a ten-point multiple choice quiz.  The quizzes are located in Blackboard under Course Documents and are available beginning Thursday, January 15.  There are deadlines for completing each quiz, therefore you will not be awarded a grade if you fail to follow the mandatory timeline (see the Course Timeline). There will be absolutely no make-ups allowed on quizzes.  You can work ahead, so plan according to your schedule to complete assessments before deadlines and avoid receiving zeros.  You will have fifteen minutes to complete each quiz; after which, it will be scored and your results posted immediately.  I have allowed for multiple opportunities to take the quizzes for Chapters 1 through 5 to enable you to get used to testing online and to maximize your points for those quizzes.  However, you will have only one opportunity to complete the quizzes for Chapters 6 through 15.  It is imperative that you have a thorough grasp of the information prior to taking each quiz as the fifteen-minute time restriction will not allow time to look up answers during the quiz. Once you open a quiz or test online, you must complete the assessment in its entirety or a grade will not be scored for the attempt.  No extensions or make-ups will be allowed for quizzes, however, two of your lowest quiz scores will be dropped at the end of the course.



There are four, forty-point tests consisting of multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions.  The tests cover the textbook material from the designated chapters; therefore, I suggest taking notes while thoroughly reading the material.  Each test is of equal weight in determining your final grade.  The tests are moderately difficult college-level exams.

            There are deadlines for completing each exam, therefore you will not be awarded a grade if you fail to meet the mandatory timeline (see Course Timeline).  There will be absolutely no make-ups allowed on exams.  You can work ahead, so plan according to your schedule to complete assessments before deadlines and avoid receiving zeros.  You will have forty-five minutes to complete each exam. Your score will be available after the instructor has had adequate opportunity to review your exam.  Again, tests must be taken according to the deadlines listed in the Course Timeline to avoid receiving a zero for the exam


Lab Assignments   

You have three assigned labs whose instructions are included in Blackboard under Course Documents.  All labs are due in the instructors office no later than Friday, March 6.  Labs not turned in by March 6 will not be awarded a grade.

  • BMI and Physical Activity Lab

  • Nutrition Lab

  • Stress Lab


Your grade will be determined according to the total number of points you receive on the required assignments, quizzes, and exams.  There is a maximum of 340 points.

Grading/Potential Points:                                               Total Points/Grade Scale

                        Quizzes (13 @ 10 pts. ea.)            130 pts 320 - 287/(100-90%)  = A

                        Class labs (3 @ 10 pts. ea.)             30 pts   286 - 255/(89-80%) = B

                        Exams (4 @ 40 pts. ea.)                 160 pts     254 - 223/(79-70%) = C

                                                            Total pts    320 pts    222 - 191/(69-60%) = D

                                                                                                190 -    0/(59-0%)    = F


Course Policies

Class Attendance:

This course is totally online; therefore, when you log into the class you are in attendance.  No grades will be awarded for late assignments, so you may want to turn in assignments early to avoid last minute emergencies including possible technology failures.  

Withdrawal Policy:

·  Students will be expected to initiate all withdrawals.

·  If you find you are unable to continue this class, YOU must contact the instructor to complete the necessary paper work.

·  If you stop participating in class, and don't officially withdraw, you may receive an "F" at the end of the semester.

Last Day for Withdrawal :  2/26/09

·  The instructor reserves the right to withdraw students who are not making progress in the course.  This will include students who are not meeting time requirements for the course.

Academic Concerns:

If you are a student with a documented cognitive, physical or psychiatric disability you may be eligible for academic support services such as extended test time, texts on disc, notetaking services, etc... If you are interested in learning if you can receive these academic support services, please contact either Tina Hardy (tina_hardy@ivcc.edu, or 224-0284) or Judy Mika (224-0350), or stop by the Disability Services Office in B-204.

Academic Dishonesty:

Any student caught cheating will receive a zero for the activity in question and may be subject to the student code of conduct for further disciplinary action.


Ensuring Success

       Success in this course depends, primarily, on a disciplined schedule of studying the text and completing the required assignments, quizzes and tests according to the designated timeline.  You will need to be active in the class frequently to keep up with all required timelines and grading opportunities as approximately one chapter will be assigned each week.  Again, if any assigned deadline is missed, no points will be awarded for that grading opportunity.
Course Timeline

Textbook Concepts                           Assignments               Time Requirements

1- Health, Wellness, Fitness and Healthy Lifestyles: An Introduction

Chapter 1 Quiz

by Tuesday, January 20

2- Using Self-Management Skills to Adhere to Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors

Chapter 2 Quiz

by Friday, January 23

3- Preparing for Physical Activity

Chapter 3 Quiz

Unit Exam 1 – Chapter 1-3

by Tuesday, January 27

by Tuesday, January 27

4- The Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Chapter 4 Quiz

by Friday, January 30

5- How Much Physical Activity Is Enough?

Chapter 5 Quiz

by Tuesday, February 3

6- Learning Self-Planning Skills For Lifetime Physical Activity

Chapter 6 Quiz


by Friday, February 6


7- Lifestyle Physical Activity

Chapter 7 Quiz

Unit Exam 2 – Chapter 4-7

by Tuesday, February 10

by Tuesday, February 10

8- Cardiovascular Fitness

Chapter 8 Quiz

by Friday, February 13

9- Active Aerobics, Sports and Recreational Activities

Chapter 9 Quiz


by Tuesday, February 17

10- Flexibility and Stretching

Chapter 10 Quiz

by Friday, February 20

11- Muscle Fitness

Chapter 11 Quiz

Last Day for Withdrawal

by Tuesday, February 24

Thursday, February 26

12- Body Composition

Chapter 12 Quiz

Unit Exam 3 – Chapter 8-12

by Friday, February 27

by Friday, February 27

13- Nutrition

Chapter 13 Quiz

by Tuesday, March 3

14- Stress and Health

Chapter 14 Quiz

by Friday, March 6

15- Toward Optimal Health and Wellness: Planning for Healthy Lifestyle Change

Chapter 15 Quiz

Unit Exam 4 – Chapter 13-15

by Tuesday, March 10

by Tuesday, March 10


Course Assistance

        Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding the course material or if you have concerns regarding the course requirements. 

                INSTRUCTOR:  Julie Sherbeyn


                                                815 N. Orlando Smith Av.

                                                Oglesby, IL  61348

OFFICE:  G-206

OFFICE HOURS:  See http://ivcc.edu/sherbeyn for current hours.

PHONE:  (815) 224 – 0475

Email:  julie_sherbeyn@ivcc.edu


Important Dates

January 15 – HPE 1000 - 100 Begins                                           

February 26 – LAST DAY FOR STUDENT WITHDRAWAL - HPE 1000-100       

March 10 – Last day of HPE 1000-100 Wellness Online

Book Buyback Information

Textbooks may only be returned during buyback at the end of each term.  Call the bookstore at 224-0311 for more buyback information.


Instructor’s Note

     Thank you for choosing to participate in Wellness.  Again, please feel free to contact me with any concerns.  Good luck in the course, and may your personal wellness be positively affected by the knowledge you gain!


                                                                                                                                     Julie Sherbeyn 


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