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Victoria Wang

Final Blog Portfolio

Freshman Program




In contrast to my essay writing style, my blogging style is quite personal and specific. I related to a lot of personal experiences in my posts, for example, the video chat with my grandma and the car accident when I was young. My language was more casual. My peers sometimes reflected to me that my blogs were easier to read than my essays were. I used more “I” and less complicated expressions (mostly excess and unnecessary) in my blogs. When I wrote essays, I wanted to avoid too many easy structure sentences, but sometimes I made the sentences unclear and the opinions ambiguous. However, in my blogs, those situations rarely occurred. In some sense, I could say that the clearer and shorter sentences and expressions made these post strong. Still, I need more description of details. My story would be more interesting if I introduce the background before I tell the story. My readers would have a better understanding of the content of blogs and the idea that I want to show. For example, in my post: Are they really Amish? I jumped right into my reflection and thoughts on the relation of technology and life style. I stated that the controlled and limited use of technology helped Amish people stay away from external temptations that distracting them from their religions. I did not clarify that Amish people’s faith is to live rural life and be close to god. Therefore, people who are not familiar with the term “Amish” might be confused, because religion and technology are not directly related together in non-Amish culture.

These posts indicate my progress as a writer. At first, I used to come up with my own opinion, and found clues and evidences in the reading of the topics that we discussed in class to support my arguments. Gradually, I started to peruse the reading materials and external sources before I wrote my argument down. I found that in this way, my point is stronger. It was unnecessary to make the blog corresponding to the reading. I understood that the blog should conclude the writer’s own thought, even though the thought might differ from that in the reading. In general, I was not bounded with the rigid “five paragraph” standards. My language was quite casual and conversational. I sometimes ask my readers questions and ask for their thoughts. At the same time, I found it really hard to evoke reader’s interest in my blog. I was always worrying if they would reply.

The blog assignment itself is a good way for us to learn a new way to communicate using technology. With internet, my writing is open to more readers that have different backgrounds. Regular writing is mostly private, but blogs are public. My reader circle enlarges to the scale of the whole class. I thus am able to hear more suggestions and advices from various perspectives.
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