To start a new job To advise sb on st

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Video 1

Video 1.3.1

  1. It depends.

  2. To start a new job

  3. To advise SB on ST

  4. …,that kind of thing

  5. Right about now

  6. To send SB a text

  7. To be stuck in traffic

Video 1.3.2

  1. (be) basically a native

  2. What do you think about ST/doing ST

  3. (be) a nightmare

  4. It can be like ST

  5. It takes SB (time) to do ST

  6. Not as A/Adv as ST

  7. To miss ST

  8. (but) that’s nothing compared to ST

  9. A few years back

  10. Did I ever V + O?

  11. To lose ST (lose-lost-lost)

  12. I (can) tell you, S + V + O

  13. To fly with….airline

Video 1.3.3

  1. (be) born in SW

  2. To go back (to SW) quite often to see SB

  3. (be) supposed to do ST

Video 1.3.4

  1. Let SB do ST

  2. To choose ST carefully

  3. Don’t be too + A

  4. (be) prepared to do ST

  5. To show interest in ST

  6. To move ST forward (a little)

  7. To start to do ST

  8. To look + A

  9. To create a bond

  10. To dominate ST (the conversation)

  11. To follow ST

  12. To ask SB ST (a question)

  13. To run smoothly

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