The Title of Your Manuscript Here: The Chicago Style Template

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The Title of Your Manuscript Here: The Chicago Style Template

(1/4 page down from top)

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EDFS 309: Scholarly Personal Narrative Writing

Dr. Robert Nash & Sydnee Viray

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(All double-spaced)

(Insert a Page Break here to maintain a separation between your title page and page one)1

The main section of your manuscript will begin on page two note that your last name

and the page number is in a header, at the upper right corner. There is no page number on

the title page. If you are writing a thesis then your thesis statement should appear in the first paragraph at this point, and you will use raised Arabic numerals to cite your sources in footnotes2 at the bottom of the page. This is the Chicago Style. Your word processor will insert these footnotes and format them for you.

There are more than fifteen styles extant for various disciplines, but the MLA, the APA, and the Chicago Style are the most widely used. Most of the English-speaking world uses a variant of the Chicago style because it maintains cleaner text and allows more flexible access to both sources and ancillary material, thus promoting a more critical and interactive reading of the text.3

For this class, include the word count at the bottom of the final page of the manuscript

body. You may finish your manuscript with an optional separate page for the Works Cited if

you wish, where you can list the sources you used in writing the manuscript.4

Use the symbol “ibid.” in your footnotes when you are referring to the same

source as the previous citation, and add the page number if different. This, too, is optional,

but can be a short cut. You may also simply quote the author’s name and page number in

this case.

A solid, thorough handbook such as the Chicago Manual of Style Online5

tool. Shorter versions are incomplete and while you may choose any handbook to your

liking, when in doubt, consult a full edition in the library or online.

1 Title Page Format: When using a title page, insert a page break at the bottom of the page, and then go to the “Page Layout” preferences and check the “Different First Page” option this will remove the top page number and header box from the title page. Learn how to use your word processor’s page layout features. Please use Times and 12 pt. font and 1” margins all around.

2 These footnotes indicate citations – direct quotes, paraphrases, and indirect references – as well as allow you the chance to add information of your own that might not be a direct part of your manuscript but is still of interest.

3 In other words, it serves not only as a reference tool, but as a writing tool as well, and this is why we’ll

use it: it is economical and flexible.

4 This page is optional when you use the Chicago Style because all the information has already been listed in your footnotes.

5 Chicago Manual of Style Online. 2012. “Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide.” Accessed September 19.

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