The Simpson Prize: a national History Competition for Years 9 and 10 students Intended Audience

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The Simpson Prize: A National History Competition for Years 9 and 10 students

Intended Audience: History teachers of Years 9 and 10 students

Closing Date: 11 November 2016

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Years 9 and 10 students. The competition encourages participants to focus on the significance of Anzac Day and to consider what Anzac Day means to them and to Australia.

2017 Simpson Prize Question:

The experience of Australian soldiers on the Western Front in 1916 has been largely overlooked in accounts of World War One.” To what extent would you argue that battles such as Fromelles and Pozières should feature more prominently in accounts of World War One?

The Simpson Prize requires students to respond to the question using both the Simpson Prize Australian War Memorial Source Selection and their own research. It is expected that students will make effective use of a minimum of 3 of the sources. It is also expected that up to half of their response will make use of information drawn from their own knowledge and research.

The Prize: The student winners, runners-up and teacher chaperones enjoy a two-day trip to Canberra where they visit several of the capital’s museums and institutions, attend the presentation ceremony at Parliament House, and enjoy a formal dinner at the Royal Military College, Duntroon. Students who submit winning entries for this year’s Simpson Prize question will travel in 2017.

Tasmanian Results 2016:

Winner: Sarah Pilgrim - Rose Bay High School

Runner-up: Sophia Bellears - Rose Bay High School

Information about the 2016 Simpson Prize: Essays produced by the state and territory winners and runners-up of the 2016 Simpson Prize (and past results), along with relevant information regarding source materials, word or time limits, the closing date, entry forms and judging can be found on the following websites:

Contact Details:

Tasmanian History Teachers’ Association

c/o Rose Bay High School
Kaoota Rd,
Lindisfarne TAS 7015
Contact: Suzanne Pattinson

tel: 03 6244 2544
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0005 -> Title – This is an Example Only
0005 -> Developing High Performance: Performance Management in the Australian Public Service Prepared By
0005 -> Bibliography for The Future of Economics and Theology Research Paul Oslington October 2009
0005 -> Writing an Essay
0005 -> First-Year Students’ Appraisal of Assessment Tasks: Implications for efficacy, engagement and performance. Alf Lizzio and Keithia Wilson Griffith University
0005 -> School Curriculum and Standards Authority, 2017
0005 -> Handbook for t and a students of English
0005 -> The Organisers will reject papers which do not conform to the following requirements
0005 -> Unit 1: Criminal Law in Action Area of Study 3: The criminal courtroom Rationale
0005 -> Sample Course Outline Music – Jazz atar year 11 Copyright

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