The Organisers will reject papers which do not conform to the following requirements

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SPARC 12 - Submission Template for Papers

Correctly formatted papers will help to greatly reduce the work of the conference organizers in compiling the proceedings. The Organisers will reject papers which do not conform to the following requirements.

Authors are expected to follow the template and guidelines below using the formatting facilities within word found in the drop down box next to the font box to format their papers. Style names are found in brackets next to each section.

  • The font should be Calibri, size 11 pt.

  • Please note the paper is A4.

  • The paper should be produced as a word document, should not be in PDF format and should not be longer than 4000 words (excluding references).

  • All documents should be in Word 97-2003 format. (.doc)

  • As you overtype the text in each section in the template (below), formatting will automatically be correct. In addition, styles to be used are given in brackets beside each section.

  • Page numbers should not be inserted on the paper.

  • Header/footers/footnotes should not be used.

  • All figures in the paper must be within the stated margin allowance.

  • Ensure tables and figures fit on one page and are not split over two.

  • Ensure that there are no large gaps (please check the template bellow for details).

  • There must be a 2 line gap after tables.

The next two pages give precise details of how your paper should be set out; please ensure you adhere to these.

The Title of your Paper (Title)

A. Author1 and B. Author2 (Author)

1 Affiliation and full address of author A.

2 Affiliation and full address of author B. (Address)

Email: (Email)


The abstract should not exceed 250 words.


Up to five keywords in alphabetical order.

  1. First Level Heading (Heading 1)

First level headings are automatically 12pt bold fonts. The paper is formatted for the desired page size and margins. When formatted ‘Normal’, text is automatically in 12pt Calibri font. The first paragraph after a heading and all subsequent paragraphs begin at the left-hand margin.

All paragraphs are justified. One line space will be added automatically between paragraphs. Do not insert page numbers for your paper. Do not use headers or footers.

APA Harvard style references are to be used, i.e., Jones (1998) where author’s name appears in the text, or (Jones, 1998) where author’s name is not cited explicitly in the text. All references should be listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order. Please follow the pattern given for all references.

    1. Second Level Heading (Heading 2)

Second level headings are automatically in 12pt, Italic, and bold fonts and will be correctly numbered automatically.

Table 1: Table heading above the table (Table Title)










Please ensure that the table heading appears on the same page as the table. One blank line should be inserted after the table so that there are two spaces before the next paragraph. (One space will be inserted automatically).

Fig. 1. Figure text below the figure (Figure Caption)


Aaaa, A (2001). Book Title. Place of publication: Publisher

Aaaa, A., Bbbb, B. and Ccccc, C. (1998). Paper title. Journal Title, volume number (issue number), page range.

McKay, G. (2011). Radical gardening: politics, idealism & rebellion in the garden. London: Frances Lincoln

Parker, G., & Crawford, J. (2007). Chocolate craving when depressed: a personality marker. British Journal of Psychiatry 191 (10), pp. 351-2
For more information and examples of references, see the ‘Using the APA Harvard Referencing System: a quick guide’ on
Directory: data -> assets -> word doc -> 0005
0005 -> Title – This is an Example Only
0005 -> Developing High Performance: Performance Management in the Australian Public Service Prepared By
0005 -> Bibliography for The Future of Economics and Theology Research Paul Oslington October 2009
0005 -> Writing an Essay
0005 -> The Simpson Prize: a national History Competition for Years 9 and 10 students Intended Audience
0005 -> First-Year Students’ Appraisal of Assessment Tasks: Implications for efficacy, engagement and performance. Alf Lizzio and Keithia Wilson Griffith University
0005 -> School Curriculum and Standards Authority, 2017
0005 -> Handbook for t and a students of English
0005 -> Unit 1: Criminal Law in Action Area of Study 3: The criminal courtroom Rationale
0005 -> Sample Course Outline Music – Jazz atar year 11 Copyright

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