The narrator says that his wife’s blind friend, whose wife had just died, is going to spend the night at their house. The narrator is not pleased or comfortable letting a stranger, blind man into his home

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Amy Flores

WRI 10-05

February 09, 2014

Spring 2014

Essay #1 Draft

The narrator says that his wife’s blind friend, whose wife had just died, is going to spend the night at their house. The narrator is not pleased or comfortable letting a stranger, blind man into his home.

Around ten years ago, the wife met the blind man when she worked for him as a reader during the summer. Within those ten years, the blind man and the wife had kept in touch; they mailed each other tapes back and forth. The wife and the blind man knew each other extremely well. The wife told her personal life to the blind man including her military ex-husband.

On the last day of the wife’s job, the blind man asked for permission to touch her face. Later, the wife attempted to write a poem about the experience; she only wrote poem twice a year—only when something important had occurred to her. (Include husband’s feeling).

The narrator begins to ask background questions about the blind man. For example, the husband asked whether his dead wife was a Negro due to her name Beulah. The husband has mere curiosity, and he might to know a bit of information prior to the blind man’s arrival. The wife immediately tells the husband to make the guest feel welcome. The husband comments on the blind man’s wife; the husband thinks it was awful for Beulah because her husband was not able to see the physical beauty. In fact, the husband felt sorry for Beulah; the husband would not be able to marry someone without knowing how they look like.

As the wife left to pick up the blind man, the husband waited for their arrival. The husband noticed that the wife was laughing, and the husband could not comprehend why. The blind man might not be able to see her reaction or appearance. Furthermore, the husband is stunned by the appearance of the blind man because he has a full beard. The husband did not expect the blind man to be groomed with a beard because he assumed that he would not be able to take care of it. In fact, the blind man expected the blind man to wear dark sunglasses and owning a guiding dog. The husband has seen films where they portrayed the blind men as being helpless and vulnerable. On the contrary, the wife’s blind friend is quite the opposite. The blind man has the ability to smoke a cigarette without any help, and he does this task very appropriate. (Comment about the dinner they had—they ate like animals and they did not talk as they ate.) (shows rude gesture, check notes.)

The wife decides to change into comfortable clothes; therefore she goes to her bedroom. Now, the husband must create conversation with the blind man and he does not want to keep the blind man company. The husband wants to please his wife by welcoming the blind man into his home. In fact, the husband attempts to communicate with the blind man with short and abrupt answers; in result, this action causes the wife to expresses angry facial expression towards the husband. The husband does not want to associate with someone who he does not know. The blind man knows the couple’s entire life. The husband feels jealous of the relationship between the wife and the blind man. In addition, the husband is not fond of knowing someone who knows absolutely everything about him; meanwhile the husband knows nothing about the blind man.

They began to grow a small bond when the blind man asks the husband to describe to him what a cathedral looks like. In the beginning, the husband did a poor description and implied that he does not care much for cathedrals. He does not see any importance to them and is later asked if he is religious. The blind man requests a paper and pen in order to help the husband draw a cathedral. The blind man was able to show the husband the world.elaborate why and how.

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