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IHBC Affiliate Application Form MASTER
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The Institute of Historic

Building Conservation

Application Form
IHBC Affiliate
Demonstrate awareness of built and
Historic environment conservation practice
Apply now for formal recognition from April 2022
Registered & Business Office: Jubilee House, High Street, Tisbury, Wiltshire SP3 6HA
Registered as a Charity in England: No. 1061593
Registered as a Charity in Scotland: No. SC041945
Company Limited by Guarantee; registered in England: No.3333780

IHBC Affiliate Application Form - v241121

1. Introduction to your IHBC Affiliate application

The Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) is the professional body and charity that supports all aspects of the conservation, care and management of historic and other places and fabric valued as resources, including cultural areas, buildings, interiors and landscapes.

  • This form should be used to apply to become an Affiliate of the IHBC as a category that will operate from April 2022, when an Affiliate of the IHBC will be formally registered as being ‘aware’ of built and historic environment conservation practice in line with the IHBC’s conservation models, discussed below, and is bound by the IHBC’s Code of Conduct.

  • An IHBC Affiliate is described by the IHBC as an applicant: ‘Confirmed by the IHBC as having demonstrated awareness of built and historic environment conservation practice’.

  • No post-nominals are associated with this category of IHBC membership

  • From 2022 Affiliate membership must be renewed every five years, based on the submission and approval of the appropriate application form.

  • When completed, submit your form and supporting information using the link HERE


  • Please read carefully the guidance below BEFORE completing this form.

  • Please use our on-line guidance to ensure that this category of membership is the most appropriate for you.

  • Please make sure that you have your registration reference and that your subscription fee is up to date before applying. You can check your details in advance by emailing If you do not yet have a membership reference number you can register online.

  • You are encouraged to include a current and full CV or comparable statement of experience to supplement your application. You can add this as an attachment to your digital submission of this form.

  • Note that you will need a suitable person willing and able to endorse the completed form as early as possible in this process.

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