The Case for (Gay) Marriage

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In “The Case for (Gay) Marriage” with gathered information from the internet and an anthropology course, A.J. Chavez makes his claims to why our country should legalize same sex marriage. In the article, Chavez analyzes four reasons to why this action should take place. First, he claims that if we legalize same sex marriage, this will ensure equal rights to all Americans because currently “sexual minorities receive no explicit protections from federal anti-discrimination acts” (2). Second, Chavez argues that marriage needs to be defined through a specific term that has nothing to do with religious reasons. This brings out great pathos arguments with begging an emotional question. Third, he shows that there is money that could be saved in the U.S. financial budget if this law passes. He is clearly organized and brings logos into the situation, making clear facts about gay marriage. Finally, Chavez states that same sex marriage and unions have been known all throughout history, and that we must preserve these historic actions. Chavez concludes is stating that “Gay” marriage is not perverted but has existed in many cultures all throughout time. He states that this will confirm both the “’Liberal’ ideal of equality and the “conservative” value of community stability and individual rights” (5). It gives all of mankind a piece of dignity.

In the article by A.J. Chavez, some great points are made about the legalization of gay marriage. Chavez’s strategy for drawing in the reader was beginning with a great grabber, using straight forward facts, and finally staying quite out of the emotion part of the belief. His beginning paragraph was a story about what would happen if being gay was the norm. He starts with “What if it was a gay world? And you were straight?” asking the question and making everyone consider it (p. 1). This story was an excellent way to bring in the reader’s attention and pull them into them essay. The best aspect Chavez held of his essay was the fact that his facts were to the point and difficult to argue. For example, he states that for “public policy, like all other things, [gay marriage] needs to be defined through a non-religious, secular framework” (p. 3). Now how can anyone argue this fact? According to the constitution, which we have all agreed to ably to, there must be a separation between church and state. I especially like how Chavez keeps his own feelings out of the essay and focuses mainly on strict facts and perfect conventional writing. This essay is definitely on a college level, with a high vocabulary and sentence fluency. They layout is very clear, showing exactly which paragraph talks about which topic. His topic sentence follows throughout the whole essay, keeping great organization. His voice reaches out to those who believe strongly in gay marriage, and begs the question to those who don’t. He claims this will “affirm the dignity of all mankind” showing that everyone needs equal rights and making his tone harsh but informative (p.5).

Could you imagine living in a world that most people discriminated against you and you were not accepted for yourself? This is the situation that homosexuals face everyday. There needs to be and end to the suffering and heartache. Most accept many other people for their choices, good and bad, why should this situation be any different? The way marriage is set up messes with religion and equal rights. Those who discriminate against gays need to look at both sides of the spectrum and realize that they are people too and need to be brought into the game. Gay rights means equality for all, more money coming from taxes, and especially better homes for children who would otherwise go without.

There are many points of gay marriage that are agreeable. To start, what is the big deal if gays get married? According to Kathy Belge, “if two people love each other, shouldn’t they be allowed the same rights, privileges and responsibilities, no matter their genders” (p.1)? Why are people making such a big deal about this issue? Because they don’t agree with it? Some don’t agree with church mixed with school, but in Utah we have it. Just like this, it doesn’t affect those who do not participate in the least, and they are able to go about their own business. So if straight people are still allowed to marry and go about their business, why are they making such a big deal? The next issue of children needs more consideration. If that sacred union of a mother and a father raising children is that important, divorce, teen pregnancy, and single moms, and any pregnancy coming from drug addicts should be outlawed. Unfortunately, no one can make this a law. The fact is that “gay and lesbian couple are having children already without the benefit of marriage” (Kathy Belge p.1). If a gay or lesbian couple are in a stable financial environment with a stable home, and already have children, why are they not allowed to raise their children properly?

Some personal beliefs do not go along with this article. It is true that procreation is between a man and a woman, in which case this cannot happen between a homosexual couple. Every child has the right to have both a male and a female influence, as this is important to growing up. Again, it is not being said that a person cannot have a great life with homosexual parents, but having a mother and a father is how this process was created. If gay marriage becomes legal, “the prospect of fatherless and motherless children will not be considered in the evaluation of eligibility” (gay marriage: p. 3). Another point that is highly disagreeable within the process of making gay marriage legal is that fact that it could lead to polygamy. The judges will have a broader interpretation of rights, and “given that unstable legal climate, it is certain that some self-possessed judge, somewhere, will rule that three men and one woman can marry” (gay marriage: p.3). Many are greatly against polygamy, and feel that there can only be true and loyal love to one person. One must feel the entirety of love from their spouse, this can’t be shared. Marriage might begin to get out of hand, and people will blow it out of proportion, “how about marriage between a man and his donkey” (gay marriage: p.3)? Now this is a far out example, but it shows the point that if gay marriage is legal, it has the potential to become more than we had ever intended.

The article written by A.J. Chavez has great points, although there might be a way to have a happy medium. Many people are worried about the fact that gay couples can’t make a true bond, and that they can’t correctly bring up children. What if, in order to get married, there was a test that a couple had to pass. The fact that we are saying gay couple can’t raise children properly and not acknowledging that fact that there are many other unsuited situations that we could prevent: i.e. divorce, single moms, and drug related pregnancies. This is pointed out by Kathy Belge saying that “preventing a loving same sex couple from making a legal commitment to each other can only hurt their children” (p.1). This is true, because this is a much more suitable situation than many other situations children are allowed to be in. The government should set up a test that a couple looking to get married should take, making sure that they are suitable to be parents. Just like when we a kids receive adoption, if some are so worried about where our children are being raised, then there should be stricter rules that apply to all children. With this new development, there is no reason gay couple shouldn't get married and raise children.

Gay marriage is blown out of proportion and most do not realize the true facts behind the act. People need to accept others for how they are, and find a compromise in which case both parties are satisfied. Whether it is stricter rules on who can get married, or just the fact that everyone can get married, there must be a happy medium. It is understandable why one would see it as a perversion, but if it is who they love and care for, why are they denying the right to marry for a couple to be together? The fact that this could lead to polygamy and other weird marriages is understood, but the fact is there can easily be laws set in place that will prevent a ”man from marrying his goat,” whoever said this needs to realize how far-fetched their statement is (Michael Mandahl). Separation between church and state needs to be enforced, it only says in the bible that marriage is between a man and a women. Simply say marriage is a union between two people and call it a day. Stop wasting time on such a pointless topic and worry about the kids living on the streets instead of the ones being raised by two very loving homosexual parents who provide a great life for the child. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of happiness, why is it being denied to some?

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Gay Marriage: What is the big deal?

Report by Alysha Scheeler

Mrs. Christensen

Period: 2


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