The Career Passport Portfolio The Career Narrative

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The Career Passport Portfolio

The Career Narrative

Why Write the Career Narrative?

  • To reinforce the writing of the five paragraph essay

  • To reinforce the writing process

  • To assist students in compiling the PEP (Personal Education Plan) documents

When Would You Use The Career Narrative?

  • Students can use the career narrative essay when:

  • Completing college admission applications

  • Completing scholarship applications

  • Completing job applications

  • Completing various club membership applications

Selecting the Career

  • The career narrative typically allows the writer to address inquiry questions about a career field the writer would like to pursue.

  • The writer should select a career that interests him/her.

Setting Up The Essay

  • Follow the five-paragraph format.

  • Introductory Paragraph should include the topic worded into a thesis (i.e. what you plan to investigate in your essay about the topic.)

  • “A career in the field of nursing is of great interest to me.”

  • Use The Occupational Outlook Handbook to find information. You can find it on the Internet at

Introduction of Career Narrative

  • Next you should mention the three main supportive points you will use to explain your thesis.

  • Possible areas would be:

  • Personality and competency strengths needed in this career

  • Preparation for this career

  • Advantages of this career

Body Paragraphs

  • In each body paragraph thoroughly address each point being made.

  • Consider descriptive writing, grammatical structure, and vocabulary. This is a way to show the reader something about you, as well as something about your writing ability.

  • Discuss important information about the specific career.


  • Education needed

  • Duties of this job

  • Salary and benefits of this job

  • Job Availability

  • Personality and competencies needed

Concluding Paragraph

  • Review your thesis statement and the three areas/topics you discussed within the essay.

  • Close with a statement about how you will train for this career field and your willingness to prepare for such a career.

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