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Course Preference:

LAWN-4057 - Accounting for Income Taxes: An Introduction for Lawyers

LAWB-4005 - Accounting for Lawyers

LAWM-4004 - Administrative Law

LAWG-4012 - Admiralty Law

LAWI-4028 - Advanced Children and the Law

LAWF-4041 - Advanced Copyright Law Seminar

LAWD-4023 - Advanced Criminal Law Seminar

LAWJ-4064 - Advanced Criminal Litigation Skills

LAWN-4056 - Advanced Federal Tax Research and Planning

LAWJ-4020 - Advanced Legal Research

LAWD-4031 - Advanced Prosecution Seminar

LAWJ-4082 - Advanced Topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAWD-4013 - Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice Seminar

LAWF-4039 - Advanced Topics in Patent Law Seminar

LAWJ-4048 - Advanced Trial Advocacy

LAWJ-4075 - Advanced Trial Advocacy Court (Civil-Toxic Torts)

LAWW-4034 - Advanced Writing and Revision Seminar

LAWJ-4097 - Advanced Writing in Criminal Justice

LAWF-4065 - Advertising Law

LAWI-4060 - Advocating for Vulnerable Children: From Foster Care to Juvenile Justice

LAWJ-4014 - Alternative Dispute Resolution

LAWJ-4089 - Alternative Dispute Resolution: Law & Practice

LAWH-4008 - American Legal History Survey

LAWJ-3002 - American Legal Research & Writing for Foreign Attorneys

LAWI-4049 - Animal Law

LAWA-4002 - Antitrust Law

LAWJ-4012 - Appellate Advocacy

LAWJ-4099 - Appellate Moot & Clerkship Clinic

LAWF-4016 - Art and the Law Seminar

LAWJ-4093 - Art of Jury Selection

LAWB-4007 - Bankruptcy

LAWA-4026 - Bankruptcy Law and Procedure Practicum

LAWB-4022 - Bankruptcy Reorganizations

LAWW-4030 - Bar Exam Essay Writing Skills Practicum

LAWJ-4081 - Basic Issues of Legal Philosophy

LAWI-4022 - Bioethics and the Law Survey

LAWH-4034 - Biological Foundations of Law

LAWA-4003 - Business Associations

LAWN-4055 - Business Entity Taxation - Intensive

LAWG-4059 - Business Immigration Law

LAWN-4034 - Business Planning I: Financing the Start-up Business and Venture Capital Financing

LAWN-4060 - Business Strategy for Lawyers

LAWN-4098 - Business Taxation Intensive

LAWO-7021 - Byrne Trial Advocacy Team

LAWD-4017 - California Business Torts

LAWJ-4015 - California Civil Procedure: Practice & Procedure

LAWM-4012 - California Initiatives & Referenda

LAWH-4019 - California Legal History

LAWW-4014 - California Legal Research

LAWN-4059 - California Property Tax

LAWI-4036 - Cancer Rights Law Seminar

LAWW-4007 - Case planning and Contract Drafting

LAWI-4019 - Children and the Law

LAWG-4004 - Chinese Law

LAWW-4018 - Choice of Business Entity

LAWJ-4011 - Civil Discovery

LAWJ-4084 - Civil Litigation & Legal Drafting in Federal Court

LAWI-4078 - Civil Litigation Practical Workshop: Litigating Child Sex Abuse Cases

LAWJ-4095 - Civil Litigation Skills Practicum I

LAWJ-4096 - Civil Litigation Skills Practicum II

LAWJ-1001 - Civil Procedure

LAWC-4003 - Civil Rights Litigation Practicum

LAWB-4003 - Civil Rights Litigation Seminar

LAWE-4015 - Climate Change and the Law

LAWC-4033 - Combating Corruption

LAWB-4023 - Commercial Law Drafting and Negotiation Skills Class

LAWL-4010 - Commercial Real Estate Property

LAWB-4030 - Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Finance

LAWB-4009 - Commerical Law

LAWP-4004 - Communications Law

LAWA-4017 - Comparative Antitrust

LAWI-4077 - Comparative Community Property

LAWC-4030 - Comparative Constitutional Law

LAWW-4009 - Comparative Constitutional Law

LAWF-4054 - Comparative Copyright

LAWD-4025 - Comparative Criminal Law

LAWG-4014 - Comparative Law

LAWG-4010 - Conflict of Laws

LAWC-2003 - Constitutional Law

LAWC-1001 - Constitutional Law I

LAWC-2002 - Constitutional Law II

LAWC-4037 - Constitutional Law in Action: Litigating Section 1983 Civil Rights Suits

LAWL-4020 - Construction Law and Sustainable Development

LAWL-4011 - Construction Law: Claims and Remedies

LAWB-4024 - Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic

LAWB-4006 - Consumer Law

LAWG-4032 - Contemporary Issues and Jewish Law

LAWB-1001 - Contracts

LAWW-4013 - Contracts in the Creative Fields

LAWB-4021 - Contracts of Adhesion Seminar

LAWF-4053 - Copyright and New Technologies

LAWF-4003 - Copyright Law

LAWO-7024 - Copyright Moot Court

LAWB-4025 - Corporate Bankruptcy Reorganizations

LAWA-4014 - Corporate Finance

LAWA-4022 - Corporate Governance Seminar

LAWI-4048 - Corporate Legal and Ethical Accountability

LAWN-4005 - Corporate Taxation I

LAWN-4036 - Corporate Taxation I & II

LAWN-4011 - Corporate Taxation II

LAWD-4020 - Crime and Social Justice

LAWD-4029 - Criminal Discovery

LAWD-1001 - Criminal Law

LAWD-4015 - Criminal Law Motion Practice

LAWD-4018 - Criminal Practice Seminar

LAWD-4007 - Criminal Procedure

LAWD-1010 - Criminal Procedure

LAWD-4030 - Criminal Procedure: The Adjudicatory Process

LAWN-4021 - Criminal Tax Practice and Procedure

LAWC-4034 - Critical Race Theory

LAWJ-4077 - Cross Examination Intensive Workshop

LAWW-4028 - Cross-Cultural Competency, Communicating Across Vulnerable Immigrant Populations

LAWI-4073 - Current Trends in Health Care Enforcement

LAWI-4083 - Custody Issues in Family and Probate Court

LAWF-4048 - Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes

LAWD-4005 - Death Penalty Law Seminar

LAWJ-4074 - Deposition Practice

LAWW-4003 - Deposition Skills Workshop

LAWW-4023 - Deposition Workshop

LAWJ-1041 - Development of Legal Thought

LAWF-4051 - Digital Media and the Law

LAWF-4036 - Digital Wars

LAWO-4091 - Directed Research

LAWI-4010 - Disability Rights Law

LAWO-9003 - District Attorney Seminar

LAWJ-4003 - District Attorney Seminar

LAWW-4012 - Drafting Civil Trial Documents

LAWW-4016 - Drafting Pretrial Documents

LAWJ-4070 - Education Advocacy Seminar

LAWI-4017 - Education Law

LAWI-4008 - Elder Law

LAWM-4001 - Election Law/Law of the Political Process

LAWP-4016 - Electronic Discovery

LAWE-4016 - Emerging Issues in Environmental and Energy Lawal and Energy Law

LAWJ-4080 - Empirical Legal Studies

LAWW-4027 - Empirical Methods in Law

LAWJ-4073 - Empirical Methods in the Law Seminar

LAWN-4032 - Employee Pensions and Benefits

LAWI-4021 - Employment Discrimination Law

LAWI-4024 - Employment Law

LAWI-4079 - Employment Rights Clinic Seminar

LAWF-4061 - Entertainment & Media Litigation

LAWF-4064 - Entertainment and Media Litigation

LAWF-4004 - Entertainment Law

LAWF-4013 - Entertainment Law Practicum

LAWO-6022 - Entertainment Law Review Editor

LAWO-6021 - Entertainment Law Review Staff

LAWO-7061 - Entertainment Moot Court

LAWJ-7061 - Entertainment Moot Court

LAWE-4003 - Environmental Law

LAWN-4003 - Estate and Gift Taxation I

LAWN-4012 - Estate and Gift Taxation II

LAWN-4058 - Estate and Probate Litigation

LAWN-4043 - Estate and Probate Planning Practice and Procedure

LAWN-4006 - Estate Planning

LAWJ-2004 - Ethical Lawyering

LAWW-4026 - Ethics in Tax Practice

LAWN-4050 - Ethics in Tax Practice

LAWG-4026 - European Union Law

LAWJ-2003 - Evidence

LAWJ-4087 - Evidence for Trial Lawyers

LAWW-4011 - Executive Compensation

LAWN-4048 - Executive Compensation

LAWF-4052 - Expert Witness Seminar

LAWD-4016 - Fact Investigation

LAWI-4025 - Family Law

LAWI-4080 - Family Law Practicum

LAWF-4056 - Fashion Law

LAWF-4059 - Fashion Law Business Transactions

LAWF-4057 - Fashion Law Clinic

LAWF-4058 - Fashion Modeling Law

LAWC-4012 - Federal Courts

LAWD-4024 - Federal Criminal Law Seminar

LAWH-4009 - Feminist Jurisprudence Seminar

LAWA-4019 - Financial Analysis

LAWW-4006 - Financial Basics for Lawyers

LAWA-4015 - Financial Institutions

LAWF-4032 - Financing Entertainment Industry Ventures

LAWC-4019 - First Amendment Seminar

LAWC-4022 - First Amendment Survey

LAWG-4052 - Foreign Relations Law

LAWJ-4094 - Forensic Science Evidence

LAWC-4032 - Fourteenth Amendment Seminar

LAWJ-4065 - Fundamentals of Bar Exam Writing

LAWJ-4092 - Fundamentals of Juvenile Post-Conviction and Sentencing Litigation

LAWW-4017 - Fundamentals of Opinion Writing

LAWI-4081 - Fundamentals of Public Interest Lawyering

LAWJ-4076 - Fundamentals of Solo Litigation

LAWW-4008 - Fundamentals of the Bar Exam: Multi-State Workshop

LAWJ-4098 - Fundamentals of the Bar Exam: Essay Writing

LAWW-4037 - Fundamentals of the Bar Exam: MBE Workshop

LAWO-7015 - Giles Sutherland Rich Patent Moot Court

LAWA-4020 - Global Antitrust Law and Policy

LAWC-4038 - Global Issues in Constitutional Law & Policy

LAWE-4013 - Green Energy Project Development and Finance

LAWC-4036 - Habeas Corpus Litigation Seminar

LAWA-4011 - Health Care Access: How Legal & Social Forces Shape Access in the U.S.

LAWA-4025 - Health Care Fraud Enforcement

LAWI-4052 - Health Care Organizations: Business Planning and Regulatory Compliance

LAWA-4027 - Health Insurance Regulation: Law, Policy, & Politics

LAWA-4023 - Health Law Survey: The Legal Regulation of Health Care Access, Quality, & Cost in the U.S.

LAWJ-4086 - High Credit Judicial Seminar

LAWO-7014 - Hispanic Moot Court

LAWI-4082 - HIV and the Law

LAWJ-4119 - Hobbs Trial Advocacy

LAWO-4093 - Honors Tax Research

LAWI-4003 - Housing Law

LAWI-4058 - Human Trafficking Seminar

LAWG-4067 - Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar I

LAWG-4071 - Immigrant Justice Clinic Seminar II

LAWG-4055 - Immigrant Justice Practicum: Lawyering Skills I

LAWG-4056 - Immigrant Justice Practicum: Lawyering Skills II

LAWG-4051 - Immigrant's Rights Seminar

LAWD-4028 - Immigration Consequences of Crimes

LAWG-4017 - Immigration Law

LAWN-4010 - Income Tax Timing Issues

LAWN-4038 - Income Tax Timing Issues/Property Transactions

LAWN-4054 - Income Taxation - Intensive

LAWN-4001 - Income Taxation I

LAWN-4099 - Income Taxation Intensive

LAWN-4013 - Income Taxation of Property Transactions

LAWN-4019 - Income Taxation of Trusts and Estates

LAWN-4033 - Income Taxation Planning of Real Estate Transactions

LAWB-4008 - Insurance Law

LAWF-4042 - Intellectual Property Honors Colloquium

LAWF-4030 - Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

LAWF-4055 - Intellectual Property Licensing Transactions

LAWF-4066 - Intellectual Property Seminar - Advanced Topics

LAWI-4063 - Intelligence, Testing and the Law

LAWO-7050 - Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition

LAWO-7051 - Inter-American Human Rights Moot Court Competition

LAWO-6032 - International and Comparative Law Review Editor

LAWO-6031 - International and Comparative Law Review Staff

LAWJ-4083 - International and Foreign Legal Research

LAWG-4063 - International Aviation and Space Law

LAWG-4018 - International Business Transactions

LAWG-4029 - International Commercial Arbitration

LAWO-7066 - International Commercial Arbitration Moot

LAWG-4062 - International Commercial Litigation

LAWG-4050 - International Conflict Resolution

LAWW-4024 - International Courts and Tribunals

LAWG-4068 - International Courts and Tribunals

LAWG-4054 - International Criminal Law & Policy

LAWG-4069 - International Entertainment Law

LAWE-4004 - International Environmental Law

LAWG-4020 - International Finance

LAWG-4023 - International Intellectual Property

LAWG-4064 - International Jurisprudence

LAWG-4046 - International Legal Theory

LAWJ-4058 - International Litigation Seminar

LAWG-4007 - International Protection of Human Rights

LAWN-4007 - International Taxation I

LAWN-4014 - International Taxation II

LAWG-4033 - International Trade

LAWP-4017 - Internet Law

LAWM-1011 - Introduction to Administrative Law

LAWJ-3003 - Introduction to American Law

LAWJ-1010 - Introduction to Class Actions

LAWJ-7050 - Introduction to Class Actions

LAWJ-4091 - Introduction to Class Actions

LAWJ-4088 - Introduction to Empirical Legal Studies

LAWM-1010 - Introduction to Immigration Law

LAWN-1010 - Introduction to Income Taxation

LAWF-1010 - Introduction to Intellectual Property

LAWF-4035 - Introduction to Intellectual Property

LAWG-1010 - Introduction to International Law

LAWG-4060 - Introduction to International Law

LAWJ-4008 - Introduction to Negotiations

LAWA-4021 - Introduction to Structured Finance

LAWG-4021 - Islamic Law Seminar

LAWG-4005 - Japanese Law

LAWO-7010 - Jessup International Moot Court

LAWG-4009 - Jewish Law

LAWH-4007 - Jurisprudence Seminar

LAWJ-4062 - Juvenile Delinquency Law and Procedure

LAWG-4002 - Korean Law

LAWI-4005 - Labor Law

LAWE-4006 - Land Use Controls

LAWL-4005 - Landlord/Tenant Law

LAWH-4004 - Language and the Law Seminar

LAWW-4004 - Law and Anthropology

LAWH-4022 - Law and Genocide

LAWW-4032 - Law and Holocaust Art: the Movement of Art in World War II

LAWH-4012 - Law and Literature

LAWH-4006 - Law and Medicine Seminar

LAWH-4016 - Law and Popular Culture

LAWH-4033 - Law and Popular Culture (Valdes)

LAWG-4057 - Law and Practice of the United Nations

LAWF-4033 - Law and Practice with the Hollywood Guilds

LAWJ-4085 - Law and Process: Privacy Torts

LAWJ-1005 - Law and Process: Privacy Torts

LAWI-4065 - Law and Sexuality

LAWH-4029 - Law and the Humanities: A Mulitdisciplinary Perspective

LAWG-4061 - Law and the Use of Force

LAWO-7041 - Law Asia Moot Court

LAWE-4011 - Law of Global Warming

LAWG-4053 - Law of Islamic Countries

LAWB-4002 - Law of Sales: Domestic and International

LAWG-4049 - Law of War Seminar

LAWJ-4043 - Law Practice Management Seminar

LAWO-6012 - Law Review Editor

LAWO-6011 - Law Review Staff

LAWI-4074 - Law, Medicine, and Ethics at the End of Life

LAWG-4065 - Laws of the Seas

LAWF-4031 - Laws of Video Games & Online Virtual Worlds

LAWW-4033 - Lawyers and Social Media: Do's and Don'ts

LAWJ-4026 - Legal Drafting

LAWJ-1044 - Legal Research Practicum

LAWM-4005 - Legislation and Statutory Interpretation

LAWB-4011 - Letters of Credit/Guarantee Seminar

LAWC-4024 - Libel, Slander, and the First Amendment

LAWI-4072 - Licensing in a Global Context

LAWF-4050 - Litigating a Copyright Case Seminar

LAWF-4038 - Litigating a Media Law Case

LAWG-4058 - Litigating Human Trafficking

LAWM-4010 - Local Government Law

LAWM-4013 - Local Government Law Practicum

LAWE-4014 - Local Governments and the Environment Seminar

LAWW-4025 - M&A Boot Camp for Junior Transactional Lawyers

LAWW-4021 - Major League Baseball Arbitration

LAWJ-4044 - Managing Client Assets: The Fiduciary Role of Lawyers

LAWI-4016 - Marital Property

LAWI-4059 - Markets, Morals, and the Law

LAWK-4006 - Mass Torts Seminar

LAWW-4020 - Media Advocacy for Lawyers

LAWJ-4059 - Mediation

LAWJ-4053 - Mediation Advocacy

LAWO-7019 - Mediation Advocacy Competition

LAWA-4018 - Medical Malpractice Litigation Seminar

LAWI-4020 - Mental Disabilities Law

LAWI-4066 - Mental Disability Law Seminar

LAWA-4001 - Mergers and Acquisitions

LAWM-4014 - Money and Politics: The Law of Political Campaigns

LAWM-4011 - Money, Politics, and the Supreme Court

LAWF-4011 - Motion Pictures: Finance and Production Seminar

LAWW-4022 - Municipal Law 101

LAWF-4001 - Music Law

LAWO-7017 - National Environmental Moot Court Competition

LAWE-4012 - Natural Resources Law Seminar

LAWJ-4090 - Negotiation Intensive Workshop

LAWN-4051 - Nonprofit Corporate Law, Governance and Management

LAWN-4020 - Nonprofit Organizations

LAWN-4047 - Nonprofit Tax and Transaction Clinic

LAWW-4015 - Opening and Closing seminar

LAWN-4008 - Partnership Taxation I

LAWN-4042 - Partnership Taxation I & II

LAWN-4015 - Partnership Taxation II

LAWF-4006 - Patent Law

LAWF-4017 - Patent Litigation

LAWF-4007 - Patent Prosecution

LAWW-4036 - Peak Performance: Using Theatre & Film-Acting Techniques to Maximize Your Courtroom Presence

LAWH-4021 - Philosophy of Private Law Seminar

LAWD-4021 - Police Practices Seminar

LAWC-4011 - Principles of Social Justice

LAWC-4035 - Prisoner Civil Rights Seminar

LAWI-4057 - Problems and Reforms in the Home Mortgage Market

LAWJ-4079 - Professional Liability

LAWJ-4071 - Professional Responsibility in Practice

LAWJ-3001 - Professional Responsibility in the United States

LAWL-1001 - Property

LAWL-4004 - Property II: Estates and Future Interests

LAWW-4029 - Psychology of Decision-Making

LAWI-4030 - Public Interest Law Practice Seminar

LAWJ-4069 - Public Speaking for Lawyers

LAWD-4026 - Punishment Seminar

LAWI-4070 - Race, Class, and Criminal Justice

LAWI-4009 - Race, Gender and the Law

LAWL-4016 - Real Estate Foreclosure Law

LAWL-4019 - Real Estate Transactions Practicum

LAWF-4037 - Reality TV and New Media Production and Distribution

LAWB-4026 - Regulatory Techniques in Consumer Law

LAWJ-4016 - Remedies

LAWI-4075 - Representing Human Trafficking Survey

LAWI-4076 - Representing Human Trafficking Survivors and Victims of Labor Exploitation

LAWH-4024 - Restorative Justice Practicum

LAWH-4023 - Restorative Justice Seminar

LAWF-4060 - Retail Law and Fashion

LAWF-4063 - Retail Law and Fashion

LAWC-4040 - Reverse Discrimination Law and Affirmative Action

LAWF-4034 - Right of Publicity Seminar

LAWO-7020 - Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition

LAWO-7011 - Scott Moot Court

LAWO-7013 - Scott Moot Court Competition

LAWO-7012 - Scott Moot Court Honors Board

LAWB-4004 - Secured Transactions in Personal Property

LAWL-4006 - Secured Transactions in Real Property

LAWA-4005 - Securities Regulation

LAWD-4006 - Sentencing and Post-Conviction: Problems and Remedies

LAWI-4012 - Sexual Orientation and the Law

LAWI-4054 - Spanish For Lawyers

LAWI-4053 - Special Education/Disability Rights Law

LAWF-4008 - Sports Law

LAWW-4019 - Starting Your Solo Practice

LAWO-4019 - Starting Your Solo Practice

LAWN-4016 - State and Local Taxation

LAWC-4027 - State Constitutional Law

LAWG-4070 - Strategic Human Rights Litigation in the U.S. Legal System

LAWC-4013 - Supreme Court Seminar

LAWN-4041 - Tax Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions

LAWN-4049 - Tax Law Practicum

LAWN-4052 - Tax Planning for Family Wealth

LAWN-4026 - Tax Planning for Troubled Borrowers

LAWN-4002 - Tax Policy

LAWN-4045 - Tax Policy Colloquium

LAWN-4017 - Tax Practice and Procedure

LAWN-4046 - Tax Strategies for the Digital Age

LAWP-4015 - Technology & Privacy

LAWF-4015 - Television Programming and Production Financing

LAWL-4018 - Tenant's Law Clinic

LAWW-4002 - The 21st Century Law Practice

LAWW-4035 - The Art of Effective Quotation & Other Tricks of the Trade

LAWC-4006 - The First Amendment and Hate Speech

LAWW-4031 - The Government Lawyer

LAWC-4031 - The Law and Literature of Crime

LAWC-4039 - The Law of Section 1983

LAWH-4031 - The Supreme Court in Historical Context

LAWO-7018 - Thurgood Marshall Trial Advocacy Competition

LAWW-4005 - Topics in Law and Economics

LAWK-1001 - Torts

LAWK-4002 - Torts II

LAWF-4040 - Trade Secret Law

LAWF-4005 - Trademark Law

LAWO-7022 - Transactional Negotiation Team

LAWJ-4019 - Trial Advocacy

LAWL-4007 - Trusts and Wills

LAWC-4028 - U.S. Constitutional History

LAWI-4069 - Veterans Benefits Practicum

LAWD-4008 - White Collar Crime

LAWD-4027 - White Collar Crime Seminar

LAWO-7033 - Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court

LAWO-7031 - Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court

LAWI-4062 - Wine Law Seminar

LAWH-4032 - Women and the Law

LAWI-4071 - Workers' Compensation Law and Procedure

Class Start Time Preference:

Morning (around 8 AM)

Mid-Morning (around 10 AM)

Early Afternoon (around 1 PM)

Late Afternoon (around 3 PM)

Early Evening (around 6 PM)

Late Evening (around 8 PM)

Room Preference:

Merrifield Hall (126)

Donovan Hall (113)

Hall of The 70's (98)

Hall of The 80's (90)

Courtroom of the 90's (66)

Robinson Courtroom (91)

Girardi G302 (36)

Girardi Jury Room (9)

Burns B210 (50)

Burns B220 (44)

Burns B240 (50)

Casassa C002 (13)

Casassa C003 (20)

Casassa C004 (26)

Casassa C401 (51)

Casassa C402 (34)

Casassa C403 (36)

Trial Advocacy Center (24)

Founders FH126 (15)

Founders FH236 (25)


Technology Preference:

Computer Projection and Smartboard

Advanced Setup (overhead, audio/video playback etc.)


Anticipated Enrollment:

Small (18 or fewer)

Medium (19 - 31)

Large (32 - 100)

Very Large (over 100)
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