Teaching Pacific Islands from

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Teaching Pacific Islands


Indigenous Perspectives

A Teacher’s Resource Guide

Pacific Worlds
Compiled by RDK Herman

Draft edition, 2004

Funding for this Guide

was provided by

PREL and the

Hawai‘iCouncil for the Humanities

Directory: homepage -> education
homepage -> Mini Project
homepage -> Tiger Leaps Progress Update from Tenafly High School November 4, 2011 English
homepage -> Chapter 14 Corruption and Development by John Mbaku
homepage -> Placement Tests: a tool for Community College Success
homepage -> Your essay. Development: Building Your Ideas with Support To develop your ideas means that you clearly explain and support your ideas and points. Essay vs. Paragraph An essay and a paragraph are not the same thing. The Essay
homepage -> Esl 21A: intermediate paragraph/essay composition and grammar fall 2011 section 2124 m w 9: 30 – 10: 50 a m. Room esl 125 instructor: sharon jaffe, Ph. D. Email
homepage -> Compare/Contrast a comparison-contrast paragraph Purpose/Function
homepage -> -
education -> Oral data collection protocal instructions: (1) Informing your Participant

Download 345.67 Kb.

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