Take Home 13 Complete the following on your own paper. Do not write the questions… just the answers

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Take Home 13

Complete the following on your own paper. Do not write the questions… just the answers.

1) What is the principle cause of the Coriolis Effect?

A. isolation

B. winds

C. ocean currents

D. Earth's rotation

2) Why does the Pacific Ocean current along the west coast of the United States influence the weather in Utah?

A. It brings cool water coming from the north, which cools the air

B. It brings cool water coming from the south, which cools the air

C. It brings warm water coming from the north, which warms the air

D. It brings warm water coming from the south, which warms the air

3) A low-pressure system entering an area means:

A. clear, sunny weather

B. much warmer weather

C. no real changes in weather

D. cloudy sky, may precipitate

4) Which of the following statements most accurately describes the role of science in predicting weather?

A. Scientists can control weather

B. Scientists can predict whether or not it is likely to rain next week

C. Scientists can determine whether or not it will rain on next year's Fourth of July parade

D. Scientists can predict the exact location of tornadoes

E. Scientists can determine how weather affects human relationships
5) How has technology changed scientists' ability to predict the weather?

A. Satellites produce images that allow scientists to track weather systems

B. Scientists better understand the relationship between warm air fronts and thunderstorms

C. Doppler radar enables scientists to communicate with each other

D. The invention of television makes it possible to broadcast weather predictions to the public

E. A rising barometer indicates a storm is approaching

6) You call a psychic hotline and are told that if you wash your car it will rain. You test the prediction by washing your car in the morning. It rains in the afternoon. Was the psychic's prediction scientifically accurate?

A. Yes, washing cars will cause it to rain

B. Yes, the psychic's prediction was tested and proven correct

C. No, psychics are not scientists

D. No, the test would have to be done for many more days to assess its scientific validity

E. No, the scientific method is used appropriately only on science things like rocks, plants, and animals. It is not for use on car washing

7) Worldwide weather forecasting has been made more accurate by the use of:

A. thermometers

B. satellites

C. sling psychromoter

D. rockets

8) The barometric pressure increases from 28.4 inches to 31 inches the night before your wedding reception that is to be held outside. What happens to your plans?

A. You move all plans to inside due to fog

B. Your plans are the same, all is well

C. You need to order raincoats

D. Barometric pressure has no effect on weather

9) In the late 1980s the Governor of Utah spent millions of tax dollars to build pumps to lower the level of the Great Salt Lake to protect surrounding property and roads. However the pumps were not greatly used because the lake receded by drought conditions. Understanding droughts is part of which discipline?

A. weather

B. meteorology

C. astronomy

D. climatology

E. engineering

10) Why do we experience winter in the months of November through March in Utah?

A. The sun is farther from the earth

B. The sun is closer to the earth

C. The movement of warm maritime air masses from the pacific

D. The calendar is on an equinox

E. The angle of incidence of the sun's rays is more indirect

Use the following diagram for #11-12:

11) According to this diagram, what causes air movement?

A. The hotter air above water rises

B. The hotter air above land rises

C. The hotter air above water descends

D. The hotter air above land descends

E. The air does not move

12) Given the weather conditions illustrated, in which direction will the wind blow?

A. toward land

B. toward water

C. upward from lake

D. downward towards land

E. there is no wind

Use the following diagram for #13-14:

13) What might best explain the results in the graph?

A. when it is cloudy, the clouds trap the heat and temperature increases

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