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English Proficiency Exam
Student Instructions
Exam Overview
The English Proficiency Exam provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of English Composition and written communication skills. The exam consists of two sections: 1) 30-question quiz and 2) written essay. Students must complete both sections of the exam and score at least 60% on each in order to demonstrate proficiency.
Students are also required to meet attendance requirements by posting a message in the classroom on at least two separate days during the week. The attendance will be automatically tracked within the classroom. Students who do not meet the attendance requirements will not be eligible to receive a grade for the exam.
Getting Started
As a reminder, students are required to complete both sections of the exam. Carefully read the instructions for each component below.
Multiple Choice Questions
The multiple choice quiz component of the exam will be completed in the MyFoundationsLab.

  • Below is an image of the page you will land on when you click on the MyFoundationsLab link in your course.

  • Run the Browser Check to make sure your computer system has all the correct applications installed to start working on the Exam.

Multiple Choice Instructions

  • You have 30 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions.

Note: The timer displays while you answer the questions and it starts as soon as you click the button “Start Test.”

  • You have 1 attempt to answer the questions. You must answer the questions in one sitting.

  • Once you have started, Do Not click the “Back” or “Refresh” buttons on your browser. Use the assignment window navigation instead.

  • Follow the steps below to access the multiple choice questions.

Accessing the Writing and Grammar Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Click on the English Composition Proficiency Exam Part 1 of 2: Quiz link from your course page.

  2. Click the Exam tab.

  3. Click External Content Launch.

  1. Review the assignment information on the left of the screen.

  2. Click

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