Student and Parent College Information Night

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Student and Parent College Information Night

  • A warm welcome to the members of the Class of 2016 and their parents!

Important People, Places and Numbers

  • Counselor Email Address
    • Mrs. Lee (A-D)
    • Mrs. Lyndon (E-K)
    • Mrs. Rogers (L-R)
    • Mrs. Cox-Smith (S-Z)
    • Ms. Taylor Price, College Counselor:
    • Jean Hall, Career Development:
    • Mailing Address
      • 500 Harrison Drive, Wilson, NC 27893
      • School Code 344368
  • Phone Number
    • (252) 399-7905
  • Fax Number
    • (252) 399-1185

Be in the know! Fike Counseling Web and Social Media Links.


Senior year is here…. what do I do now?!?

  • Consider whether you are college, career or military bound.
  • If you are college bound, now is the time to put your best foot forward and get a game plan together.
  • Do not procrastinate! Meet the Early Decision deadline unless you are hoping for a stronger set of test scores
    • Your application is the most important part
    • SAT scores, teacher recommendations, and transcripts are supplemental documents

Deciding Where to Apply

  • Web search and know the admitted student profile for your colleges of interest
  • Visit campuses of interest
    • Tour during Open Houses scheduled by the College, or call and schedule a tour.
    • Fike allows 2 College Days
      • You must bring a note/letter signed by a College official

Components of the application

  • Application
  • Test scores
    • There are a few test optional schools.
    • Some schools may require SAT subject tests.
  • Recommendation Letters (not always required)
  • Transcript (Fike and WCC, if applicable)
  • Other items depending upon specific school including interview, nomination, peer recommendation, CSS profile and writing supplement

Early Decision VS. Early Action

  • Early Decision
    • Is Binding
    • and you must
    • attest to an understanding of this.
    • Earlier notification of college’s decision
    • If you are accepted, you agree to withdraw pending applications.
  • Early Action
    • The school will act early on your application and you will receive earlier notification from the school.
    • Is not Binding
    • May increase the likelihood of being offered Honors programs
  • YES! Apply Early!!!! Students who submit their applications by the first deadline are more often admitted than those students who wait until a final deadline. You will also know sooner if you need to take action on a plan B.

Completing a College Application CFNC vs. Common App

  • CFNC
  • All NC schools are represented
  • You can send your transcript through their transcript manager feature
  • Scholarship search tool
  • Common App
  • Counselor uploads transcript
  • Teacher rec. emailed
  • NC State, UNC-A, UNC-CH, UNC-W are the NC University System schools which use Common APP

CFNC College Application Week

  • November 2-November 6
  • We will have Admissions Counselors, CFNC and your Counselors in the Media Center to assist you with completing online applications.
  • Many Private Colleges will waive their application fee during this week. Take advantage of this opportunity.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Should be from someone who can speak about your specific skills and attributes.
  • Provide the person with a resume highlighting your accolades for which you are most proud.
  • Give the person at LEAST one week to write the letter.
  • Be sure to enter the correct contact info for your recommender
  • Write a thank you note to your recommender, just as a matter of professional etiquette


  • This is a very important component of your application.
  • This is your opportunity to speak directly to the admissions staff and explain why you are a good fit for their institution.
  • Spell check, grammar check and have someone review your essay before submitting.

Scores, scores, scores….

  • ACT/SAT scores may be sent directly to the college of your choice by logging into your testing account.
    • SAT:
    • $11.25 per score sent, can include multiple test dates
    • ACT:
    • $12 per score sent, separate score reports sent for each test date
  • Remember! You can send your scores to 4 colleges for free when you are completing your registration. You have a few days after you take the test to make changes.
  • If you tested with a fee waiver, you can also send a certain number of score reports at no cost.

How do I register for the ACT or SAT Test? How do I send scores?



  • Average score for the SAT:
    • Math: 500
    • Critical Reading: 500
    • Writing: 488
    • Essay is scored on a scale between 2-12
    • You should check if an SAT II test is required.
  • Average ACT Score:
    • Composite: 22
    • English: 21
    • Math: 22
    • Reading: 22
    • Science: 21
  • SAT
  • Test Date Registration Deadline
  • Oct. 3 Sept. 3
  • Nov. 7 Oct. 9
  • Dec. 5 Nov. 5
  • Jan. 23 Dec. 28
  • March 5 Feb. 5
  • May 7 April 8
  • June 4 May 5
  • ACT
  • Test Date Registration Deadline
  • Oct. 24 Sept. 18
  • Dec. 12 Nov. 6
  • Feb. 6 Jan. 8
  • April 9 March 4
  • June 11 May 6

Which scores should I send?

Superscore, Get it!

  • When you apply to Colleges or for Scholarships, include all test scores; unless you scored lower in all sections of 1 exam session
  • Scores are not averaged
  • Your best score is calculated by adding the highest score from each section from any testing session.
    • This is your Superscore!
  • Superscore
  • =1770

NC Public College/University Options

Minimum UNC System Admission Standards

  • Check out admitted student profile information for any college in the nation at . Students attending competitive colleges do typically have a higher overall GPA and Test scores than the UNC minimum admission standards.

Student Athletes

  • You should register with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you have not done so already.
  • $65 fee (waivers are available)

Senior Conferences

  • Senior conferences will begin next week and will continue until approximately the end of October.
    • Topics Covered
      • Current GPA, Class Rank, College Application Process, students plans for after graduation; college, work, military, SAT/ACT scores, scholarships, FAFSA, College Fair, and all other questions.
    • Recommended to follow up with your counselor, Ms. Price and Mrs. Hall for additional questions.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

  • Scholarship Searches
    • Local scholarship applications are available in the Counseling Center
    • Churches, Civic groups, organizations in the community, activities in which you participate, or illnesses you have suffered may all offer an opportunity for scholarship.
  • Financial Aid
  • FAFSA –
    • Scholarships
    • Grants
    • Work Study
    • Loans
  • Information is gathered from your parent’s taxes. .
  • Contact the colleges you are interested in to find out about Financial Aid that is offered at that institution.


  • February 20, 2016
  • This is a FREE service to help students and their families complete Financial Aid Application
  • Locations are available in every NC County
  • To participate, register at
    • You must register to reserve a spot

Protect Your Digital Profile

  • Your email address
    • Is it professional?
  • Schools research your status on social media
    • What pictures have you posted or been tagged in on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other Social Media platforms?
    • Be careful what you share, this information can be used by colleges against you when it comes to a decision about your college application.

Congratulations! You’ve been Accepted, now what?

  • Send an enrollment deposit by May 1st
  • Keep your grades up and your record clean
  • LET YOUR COUNSELOR KNOW! We love to hear your good news. If you aren’t too shy, we would love to share the good news with our Fike community as well.

Deferred decision…. What do I do?

  • If you receive a decision from a college that you do not understand, call them. The college may be able to offer advice or give you specific guidance on your next steps.
  • Do you have special circumstances that you did not make anyone aware of at the time of application?
  • Send a letter to the director of admissions (you personally)
  • Have a great plan B that you are willing to live with.
  • No one school is the end all be all. You have options.
  • Look into transfer programs or other colleges that offer the major you are most interested.
  • Keep your grades strong and send your mid-year transcript and any additional test scores.
  • A deferral means that the school wants to look at their entire pool of applicants or at your fall semester grades before making a decision.


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